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Sehar Sep 2018
This is the sound of
A thousand breaking hearts and
Each of them is mine.
Sehar Nov 2018
she's dying from inside
trying to hide
her heart away

she's aching from within
isnt taking it all in
by the day

she's healing ever so slowly
feeling oh so lonely
would it have killed you
to stay?
god how I miss him.
Sehar Oct 2018
"but hey,why don't you
ever look back?" "Because then
I would never Leave."
I want you to remember that even though you never look back, I'm always watching you go.
Sehar Sep 2018
From -
“you’re a girl, you cant play.”

- To -

- Now -
“you play like a girl”

From orders to insults.
From bonds to bullying.

Did we ever really evolve?
musing over sexism on the basketball court.
Sehar Nov 2018
"You'll never be like them."
what does this mean to you?
Sehar Sep 2018
looking right and left
but there is nothing left to write

is light the absence of darkness or
darkness the absence
of light?
empty head.
Sehar Dec 2018
love's a distant relative
dropping in uninvited
murmuring condolences for a girl I thought I buried away
eons ago.
love strikes when you least expect it.
Sehar Aug 2018
As your tapestries collapse and crumble inside

Watch the bloodied paint flake off your heart

Don’t brush away the ink pooling in your eyes

Stand aside as they applaud your art
a million thoughts inside my head
I feel things I'll never show
a thousand things I never said
a thousand things you'll never know.
Sehar Jul 2018
Stardust in her blood,

A fire burns in her eyes.

Child of the Cosmos,

She's a Ruler of the Skies.
Sehar Sep 2018
but hey, havent you
see enough **** in this world
to stop Believing ?
sometimes I wonder if space is really just all vacuum
Sehar Jul 2018
The Rose is under the jar,
A fungus lurks within.
The Beast is corroding slowly,
No magic can help him.

Beauty is locked in prison,
The key to Happiness lost.
The castle lies forgotten,
The memories left to rot.

Yes, no magic will save him.
His destiny writ in stone.
The Beauty lies within him,
Imprisoned and Forlorn.
Inspired from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Though it's a simple piece of work, I do believe it's quite implicit in a profound way. I hope you like it.
Sehar Aug 2018
there lives a little white boy across the street,
i swear the chaps' got wings on his feet.
but he grovels around in charcoal and mud,
cos they say he hasn't got athletics in his blood.
he breaks British records, doesnt seem to stop,
but the Jamaican colours flutter from his rooftop.
Olympics the dream,but more than that,
little master Owens just wants to be Black.

there lives a little black girl just next door,
i can hear her tap dance on the linoleum floor.
she sings the opera from dusk to dawn,
she prances and twirls on the family's front lawn.
"your dancings' awkward, your voice baritone,"
it's not in your blood, leave the dreams alone.
she smears fairness creams day and night,
little miss Britney just wants to be White.
racism and stereotyping lives on
Sehar Oct 2018
I planted a box of lies in the patch yonder,
From upon my porch I watched it grow.
My flourishing heart barren no longer,
As tendrils snake upward,beginning to show.

Mushrooming out,it eclipsed the Sun,
Shadowing my roses under an ebony halo.
Resolving to salvage both essence and Elysium,
I uprooted the ****, nice and slow.
Sehar Sep 2018
Oh mon amour,
Can't break
A broken
Sehar Sep 2018
butterfly flits by
as winds blow; miles away, a
hurricane is born.
Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. 'Chaos' is an interdisciplinary theory stating that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns. The butterfly effect describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state, e.g. a butterfly flapping its wings in China can cause a hurricane in Texas.
Sehar Dec 2018
flickering screens, decoded dreams

and I ;

loving an enigma
he was a mystery to me.
(and a programmer too)
Sehar Dec 2018
childhood was                                                      teenage is
empty schoolbags                                          suitcases full of textbooks
full tummies                                                   empty stomachs
empty heads                                                   overstuffed brains
board games                                                   board exams
hours of tic-tac-toe                                         hours of texting
2 minute fights                                               2 minute friendships
too many questions                                       too many answers
wanting to grow up                                       wanting to go back
look where ive come
Sehar Dec 2018
you were
a learning curve
I tripped over
on my way.
Sehar Dec 2018
c  r  u  m  b  l  I  n  g
breaking for all the things
she couldn't bear to lose.
cant think of a world without you
Sehar Dec 2018
how many times
must one
before they remember
how to
merry Christmas
Sehar Nov 2018
ensnared in embrace; a
fear you'll never know; who isnt
afraid of letting go
ive come to realize that the purest form of love is being able to let people go ,though i hope i never have to do it.
Sehar Dec 2018
Even permanent markers aren't permanent.
You'll forget someday
Sehar Oct 2018
an ant
will get up
so many times.....
Sehar Aug 2018
always lonely
am I the only one?
Sehar Sep 2018
poster kisses, an
impossible wish; isn't it
hard being fangirls ?
how is it though, to live in imaginary universes?
Sehar Jul 2018
You win. She's not fearless.
It's true.

She's scared. Plain terrified.
of losing You.
Sehar Oct 2018
By forgiving
one begets peace
by forgetting
one gives it .
We all make mistakes
Sehar Sep 2018
And when you feel I’m slipping lightyears away
i will remind you how my world still
revolves around you.
i will brush out your dark holes with
constellation kisses as we lay counting stars.

And when you feel lonely
i will traverse galaxies to be by your side
as i share the secrets of my universe with yours.
i will hold you closer than my gravity will permit me
and I will crush all the space debris that dare look your way fragment by fragment
as I heal your craters with moondust.

in the darkness of your eclipses,
I will wait in the shadows to watch
You rise again.
We will waltz under meteor showers
and wish upon shooting stars as we dwarf Jupiter
With our amorous infinitudes.

when you feel vacuum within you
I will carve you a supernova heart
giftwrapped in spaceflowers
To fill the void.

I'll love you to Eris and back
As you reinvent a Big Bang for me
Where I started with nothing and suddenly have everything.
a universe too small for my love
Sehar Sep 2018
buy gumboots because
rain will wash away every-


if you let it
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