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Feb 2019 · 1.9k
you dont know what love is
Sehar Feb 2019
i know what love is
love is pain.

love is handing them the knife to slash at your chains
but hoping they
don't stab you in
the back.

love is disappointment

it is waiting up for messages never sent
hoping someone remembers
to remember you.

Love is a word over spent
very seldom meant
its the arrow of Cupid that kills you.
its an emotion that disappears
after it catches you unaware
its the want not the need that fills you
both elixir and poison
the apocalypse in the horizon
the fear of the loss that thrills you.
the walls not the bridges
the cuts not the stitches
the fire and the thirst that wills you.
love just is.
Jan 2019 · 1.8k
Love, an Enigma
Sehar Jan 2019
If love were a flower, would she bloom wild from the recesses of my soul?
If love were a jigsaw, would she craft the shards to heal me whole?

If love were a sapling, would she root, in soil and rain to be a mighty tree?
If love were a cloud, would her invigorating elixir breathe new life into me?
If love were fire, would she char my insides and from the ashes birth a phoenix?
If love were a tsunami, would plunging headfirst be worth the risk?

If love were a Volcano, would it erupt violently, then subside into dormancy?
If love were a Desert, would it’s heat drive away travelers, but staying reward sanctuary?

If love were a River, would it harbor my life towards another direction?
If love were the sun, would it pull me closer just to watch me burn?
My second collab with Austin Draper
It was a wonderful experience and im looking forward to more in the future!
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