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Sehar 3d
this is for all the jokes i'll make a mental
reminder to tell you

and then remember i wont see you
next day.
i realized I've never written a poem
for you
it was only ever you reading my work
and doing a critical analysis while i nodded
understandingly (not)

the sad part is, we only ever understand
how important someone is to us when they're


in the loving memory of catwoman
and batwoman
and their daily gossip sessions in the 4th floor


sitting on the table in class jamming to Boulevard
of Broken Dreams,
how can i not cry each time i play the
guitar when it so reminds me of you?


i have your mock II ict question paper.
i was gonna give it back.
now i think i'll cling onto it.


i hope our weird '**** i was just thinking
of you and you messaged!' continues.
basically i just want you to
think of us, even if you dont message.


man we were too good at roasting Vansh( both of them)
but the best at dissing the **** outta each other.




i remember you meowing
so realistically
in empty corridors
just us laughing till our stomachs hurt.


fantasizing about having
each others hair.

why would you want straight hair

also you deeming my basketball outfits
on a scale of presentable to hot.

i told you about him for an year
didn't i ?
you really should try listening to me more often -.-

"Isnt it weird that my best friend is dating
my boyfriend's best friend?"
nice little mess we had there.

i see what you did there ( the signature 'call me' sign)


basically aash, im going to miss you like **** man
heck i miss you already
(no i dont know how that works)
you were the best (love)coach and extra mom i could've had
lol kidding kidding
though you'll look amazing in their white till-your-ankle skirts

and then you complain about our clan uniform.
bish i love you
  3d Sehar
you sit with me in my silence.
and that means more to me
roses and chocolate.
written by d.f.
  3d Sehar
I really love you
I lied when I said
I never cared about you

I had no idea what I was saying
You mean the world to me
When I made the statement that
You should get away from me
I didn't know what I was thinking

This is the honest truth
I'm opening my heart to you
I strongly hope you believe me

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