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Jasmine Jul 2022
I'm the strength in your subtlety
A fiery, burst of energy
And childish ideas.

And I needed your quiet composure
A patience, touch
Like no other

I had forgotten you
And you had forgotten me
At some place in time we had given our friendship away
Not to be mistaken by the true affection we did display

Take me back
To those days we first met
When you reminded me of
Someone I'd never stop loving,
And laughing with.
Jasmine Jul 2022
I had forgotten how fast paced
And out of sync, I was becoming.
I had led myself to toxic thoughts
And broken sentiments

But I found myself here
After a while of trying to find
or fall into place with the hoards

What I once thought were tall structures
And happy, unpained faces
Were a reflection on the lonely
And blinded people
Amidst me.

I think I have found out
Even if just the slightest bit
Where my shelter is.
Jasmine Jul 2022
The radiating circles of thoughts... patterns... songs
Trapped in an alert state of chatter
To oneself
Matters do not matter.
I imagine the peaceful oasis...
But it doesn’t silence my mind.
I feel it...
I realise.
But I was never told why.
Jasmine Jul 2022
I was simply shuffling my feet through life
Trying to figure out my left from my right
It took me only a moment and a glimpse
Into your eyes ...
I'd seen your face before,
And your smile.
It wasnt love at first sight,
It was loving my first sight.
And I loved it so much
I stayed the night.
Jasmine Jul 2022
I was totally depressed
In a slump on my bed
Listening to music, but
Hurting my neck.
Straining my eyes, yet
Too tired to rest.
Picking skin
Murdering my soul
From within....
Maybe next time
I'll win
Jasmine Jun 2018
Burning faster than a haltering train
Shattering farther than falling glass
Colliding harder than a bulls force
Screeching louder than a feral cat
Seeping slower than a leaky roof
Speaking softer than a breath of air...
Slowly disappearing...
Jasmine Jun 2018
the way you touched my skin
Like the shape of it was so **** to you
The curves, softness & tasteful imperfections
Tantalising me as you’d gently squeeze, rub
And smooth your hand over my body...
I will remember how we made it seem
Like the love we made was the best there had ever been.
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