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Jasmine Jun 2018
Her matted grotesque hair
Stuck together by old spiderwebs
And wet and sticky from the swamp
Her mouth agape with gunk trapped teeth
She untwines her hand and arm from beneath
Revealing a protruding wrist bone as she points
towards you before retreating back to the murky depths
Jasmine Jun 2018
My heart told me it was love
.....But my gut told me to run
My head told me to forgive,
And give you a chance
......But my self respect
Bore the consequence.
My body told me it was lust
But my gut told me again
....To run,
And leave your mistakes
with you
And leave without taking a second glance.
Jasmine Jan 2018
Is the worst feeling
For I can feel the tension
The gripping in my skin
The heaviness behind my head
The calmness in my voice
Lack of enthusiasm,
Dull set eyes
Twinkling in the light
Wanting to stay moving... doing... being
So that it doesn’t settle as it is now
So that it doesn’t creep all over my body
Toxins wanting to escape my entirety
Toxins that you left within me
And if I wasn’t numb
You would’ve killed me.
Jasmine Nov 2017
Turbulent winds carrying me
I am bouncing through the air
Hurling trying to escape
Roll and fall down
Scraping my knees
It hurts me and I
Can’t seem to find you
But we
Were almost there
Why did your page close over mine
Why did I lose my self respect
I give up...
And I try again.
Jasmine Dec 2017
His prey alert yet unaware
A mix of scent and fear
Unwavering stare
The advantage he has is unfair
And as he draws near
Only a slight stifle in the air
Saves the life of the deer.
Jasmine Nov 2017
Of you
And you’re gone
Tell me
What were you hoping
When you lured me?
But you don’t respond.
Now I’m gone...
No remnants
Of what never was.
Jasmine Oct 2017
I repulse, myself
And want to start over.
Second thoughts,
Issues arising,
from a simple dose
of self-doubt.
And putting words
in one’s mouth.
All in my head;
an endless
merry go round.
Madness struck again,
tears flowing down
and I tell me; myself
for my sake,
“leave me alone”
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