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Jun 4 · 132
My List
Words' Worth Jun 4
Nite owls on fragile twigs
A sparrow on the edge of a flowering branch
A crimson rose bush in full bloom
You notice this

Your laugh
Your hair
Your kiss
I will remember this
A short poem for lovers.
Jun 4 · 58
Way of The Stars II
Words' Worth Jun 4
I'd like to believe that our bodies
Are made of stardust
But, when I'm without you
My love is lost in the vastness of space

It will take lightyears of searching
And the cosmos shall bid our lonely planet
Being apart in body and soul.
Jun 4 · 32
A Child
Words' Worth Jun 4
It is the process of revealing oneself through which one can understand their infirmities and their powerless nature. Successful people will always build their lives around others. Because they are people who want to hear what they want to hear. But, being rich doesn't mean you automatically subjugate yourselves to the weaker philosophy and opinion of the crowd.

But, when we realize that we are different from the rest, therein lies our uniformity. In that clarity, you can see that your life is a search for individual truth. What is being unique?

Instead of a truth that is of cosmic proportions, we find ourselves in an abyss.

A child akin to his parents will think of how he can model himself. Notwithstanding, the parentage of a child becomes a vital factor in the moral upbringing of children. But, a child should be allowed to lead a life among the forests, oceans, and leaves rustling languidly. Thus, pursuing an education in the caprice of the divine and the grace of Earth.

That grace is not available in strictness of the cane, but it flows in the wings of birds.

Instead of forcing conformity on an infant, the perfect mother should propose that a child chose a path. They will react to the stimuli present in schoolyards, playgrounds, social gatherings. Later, a child explores a form of conscious intelligence. Here are places where children feel pressured to excel and become self-aware. But, that self-awareness comes from how close a child is to his parents. A child will never model his behavior to his parents unless he loves one of them more than the other. In other words, he respects one parent the more. It is enough for his subconscious to devise a manner in which he finds a partner similar to the parent he loves. But, the sole burden of pleasing the parent he respects forces him to model himself to the parent he respects.

In some ways, the partner a man chooses is someone he can never be. Free in the ways of the world, one with nature. In short, a child at heart.

This individual is made up of his prejudices, influences, and his little world of interests. Yet, instead of following the footsteps of the kinder parent, he replicates the behavior of the domineering figure of the house. A child's mind is made up from the moment he is born.
Small essay on the psychoanalysis of Freudian complexes and how they govern a person's future relationships as well as ****** endeavors.
May 28 · 124
So Far Yet So Close
Words' Worth May 28
If we lay in a field of grass
I will still love you
As I look at the stars
And you'll be up there

I on Earth far away
Writing this poem
So, distant from you
You will be so close too

In the crevice of my heart
In the lines of this poem
I shall grant you a space
In songs, books, and art

You flee like a rainbow after showers
And I still remember you in those little things
Even though my poem won't feel the same
But, in our memories we are still in that field

In the grass, carefree and restless
Youngsters looking at the sparrows so far apart
That the clouds can almost fit into the picture
Ah yes, the cloudy sky, the rusted leaves, and that old shack

But, I am uncertain of my memory
You are no longer there to correct me
There must have been a tire swing, my heart knows
I may not remember much, my mind is old

But, the puddles on this sunlit street
Have they gotten bigger or I older?
Unable to jump over them
Like an agile fox

And as I part my hair like you once did affectionately
I keep saying old habits die hard
But, why do
People always leave?
I posted this poem on Facebook and asked people to suggest a title.
One alternative I used for another poem. And I have one in reserve.
Seems like random friends are better at coming up with attractive titles than I am. Like what?
May 28 · 74
Lost Fish
Words' Worth May 28
Let me take you to a world
A world without words
Where the fish daydream of sunlight
And have nightmares too

It is here where we find love and the lonely touch
Being so far yet so close
Lost in the embrace of the past
That lets us go every day into the welcoming arms

Of the future, away from hunger
I just saw what I did to someone.
And I realized change is worse than realization.
May 22 · 152
Words' Worth May 22
Love will come into your life
As sure as the stars in the night sky
Just don't become crestfallen
When you lose sight of them at dawn
A tomorrow of promise is better than a commitment
At times
May 22 · 65
Put Yourself Together
Words' Worth May 22
It is amazing how
Distance can separate two people
In heart and soul, only to heal them
May 22 · 183
From Grass To Clouds
Words' Worth May 22
The stars wanted to take me
The night sky wanted to cover me in black
The grass wanted to absorb me
The clouds wanted to rain on me
Why couldn't it be in your nature
To accept me for what I lack
A title suggested by a friend. This is I repeat, is not a poem on nature.
May 22 · 148
Words' Worth May 22
Our inner demons hide behind
The cracks that face forward
Seasoned by dungeons and darkness
They fill in the holes and cover up the crevices

Soon, my soul will be completely shattered
As your powerful glare becomes the last water drop
This ocean can take
And when the vessel of emotion breaks, it breaks
A poem inspired by Collin, the artist:
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of melding the areas of breakage of broken pottery with lacquer dusted with powdered precious metals. It is similar to the maki-e technique.
May 22 · 183
Delicate Stem
Words' Worth May 22
She is beautiful
Like a tulip in a garden
If you water her
She will grow from bud to blossom

If you nurture her
She will let out a scent
That is both characteristic of her
And distinctly sweet

If you pluck it
Only to put her in a vase
She will still make you feel special
As she bleeds in the water
I had a friend who used to cut himself out of guilt. But, what it does is enhance the cycle of feeling guilty. You cut out of guilt, but feel guilty that you cut because you shouldn't like it. But, it feels "so good." I understand why people feel so bad, but cutting is never the answer. Neither is heartbreak an excuse for it.

The last line refers to something similar that happens.
May 22 · 55
Haiku on kindness
Words' Worth May 22
Sunflowers lead us
Toward the direction
Of light, please don't pluck
May 22 · 33
Arms Wide Open
Words' Worth May 22
Is it only I that sits alone
Waiting for the coming of the next bus
On a desolate stretch of road with no one
Among us, with only my thoughts to keep
Me company

Is it only my life that serves as a reminder
That I am truly at peace when I have no one
Beside me, in my arms, to talk to at
Midnight under the blankets at 3 am
In a haze of agony and bitterness

Maybe, it is only me
And I am with myself knowingly
Waiting for the road to end, and the bus will never
Arrive for a bystander like me, but the doors
Of a better life are open to the man looking for acceptance

I'm God's lonely man. And I need redemption.
May 19 · 28
Make Your Flesh A Poem
Words' Worth May 19
Make your life an eloquent love letter that touches hearts
Your flesh a surreal metaphor that knows a loving touch
Your blood the persistent rhyme that cradles a generation
What flows through verse after verse are your lines

Make the verse as powerful as you can in your mind
Touch it with sensation and imagination
It is your poem after all, your celebration
Pour rain on the final line with a hint of persimmon

You shall live on in the hearts of men and women
With a kind of climactic end, that makes lovers sigh
It is your lines that makes the poem a powerful autumn
And your creative struggle relevant to the current generation

Make your flesh a love poem.
Words' Worth May 19
In a forest of blue lakes and green shrubs
Finding a rose is simple
And we don't mind getting stung by a bee
Such is the beauty of an ecosystem that has little lilies

If you like flowers, you will love the green leaves
On the trees that are in ample amounts
As long as you don't mind getting kicked by a deer
Such is the magnificence of the rainforest

Imagine that forest offered flowers for your hair
Would you mind if she cried once in a while
As long as you don't have to wipe her tears, right?
Such is the innocence of human nature, let us appreciate it
Words' Worth May 19
For those who are waiting to pay the price
For pursuing excellence
There is a special place in heaven
With a special sign that says

"You don't belong here, my friend."
Stay with us, your family will miss you
Be happy and safe
You matter to us in many ways
May 19 · 32
Fear of the Bold Risks
Words' Worth May 19
The broken soul is rough around the edges
The broken mind is chained to the past
But, a broken heart is the worst
It avoids the future out of fear

But, how can one truly be happy
Without taking a risk
Or leaping without a safety net
Then, we have to be content with what we have

A broken heart, a broken soul, a broken mind makes a person bold enough
They at least tried
May 19 · 20
Selfless Magic
Words' Worth May 19
The magic of innocence
Lies in absolute deception
Those who are really guileless
Can never deceive the deceiver
And give themselves

But, they are able to love them
It depends on them if they pretend
To care for such people wholeheartedly!
May 19 · 35
Words' Worth May 19
Love is so beautiful
That it can fill you
And take shape in those imperfections
But, it is also powerful like an ocean

Too powerful for a broken cup...
May 8 · 312
Only you
Words' Worth May 8
When the sun sets on
A concrete horizon
Full of skyscrapers and promise
I think of you
And all of it turns to stardust
In the clear night sky
Only you can do that
I'm not sure whom I thought of when I wrote this. I guess need a connection in my life.
May 7 · 34
Young Gun
Words' Worth May 7
Does anyone wonder
If living right and true
Is better than making the most of youth
Than having dignity in death in spite of what we don't know

Might we both live as one soul
In the green grass and swim among the moles
That dig out their noses out into the sun
Looking for love on quiet day
When the heat seeks their foreheads

In a backyard.
May 7 · 36
Dinner At Eight
Words' Worth May 7
Cheese sandwiches at McSorley's
With cheese strings hanging
With Kenneth Roxroth
On my broken shoulder
And Dylan Thomas
The four ales and the book of poems
Gave me an appetite at eight
May 5 · 35
Women In Love
Words' Worth May 5
Women are afraid of love
Because it is like
A knife twisting in your abdomen
Deep inside

And they cannot handle
The anguish of seeing men
Under such pain
For the love they cannot give
May 2 · 25
My Silence, My Reason
Words' Worth May 2
The endless sea seems
Vacant and empty without
You holding my arms in a silent embrace
The sun kissing my acquiescent face
And touching the crescendoing waves

Many years had gone by in random places
It is a feeling as much as a ship sailing by
Looking for a stretch of land full of people
The ship is unable to anchor to any shore
It is still searching for a reason to stop

But, the birds swoop through valleys
Mount the curves of crescent lakes
That once meandered through rainforests
And stay in the clear skies away from the rush
They bask in that beautiful hush
May 2 · 51
Experience Of Time
Words' Worth May 2
From down there
We know you can't climb out
The Lord won't hear you
He thinks nothing is wrong

She knows that you're wailing for love
She knows that you're waiting for her
The moment's gone, time's passed
The past is gone, all there is is now on
Apr 30 · 38
Oxygen Crisis
Words' Worth Apr 30
I kept looking for you in the people, helplessly
Hoping this clear night could have just a little less empty
Life had other plans set aside for you and me
I dreamed of having kids and something more for free

I'm selling souls by the quick dime for a moment of paradise
You're selling prescriptions for people in a convincing disguise
Trying to pay for my vices, I'm not the only one
Can you picture this and I've got it all done

Mondays were the best days
Tuesdays and Wednesdays passed away in the worst way
We could spend Thursday night, instead we'd lose sight of Sunday
I wonder how we even made it this far into the night

Those colored dreams turned into nightmares
And troubled time conjured up more pain, hopelessly ensnared
I wish I could brought it in with my hard-earned pay
To the table, but we spent it on cheap stuff anyway

I wonder how you're gonna resist this
If I leave, you won't even follow me
To the depths of hell, can you picture this
Now we need a fix for this oxygen crisis
In a quarantine that has got us all feeling useless
Apr 30 · 42
Words' Worth Apr 30
I've been waiting for you all my life
Just to rest in your arms
Now you're on my mind
See if I give a **** tonight

If I kick myself for loving you
Will you be there to save me
Because I know you won't care
As long as you've vanished without a trace
Apr 20 · 33
An Ode To Your Self
Words' Worth Apr 20
In opportunity and benefit
Honest lovers are passionate
So, they share the moonlight and stumble forth
Onto endless opportunity and mirth

Truth shows after a while, so does nature
Turns after a while, ripe and mature
Then, what once was a peaceful affair
Becomes a burden, that's your love's future

For the world is only so beautiful
That another woman will deserve your youth
And the universe will not offer the love
You thought yourself entitled to once

Find what makes you gleeful and cherish it
For the day when you no longer are rich
The shared sunset you wished for will be lost soon
And regret of waiting on the dawn will leave you
Apr 20 · 163
Words' Worth Apr 20
Is it better to love or to die
To be free or drown in the light
I am okay with being kind

Time slips and we get ******
And the sand slips away
From underneath my broken legs

I know the waters take me
My love will grow old
And no one will notice my emaciated body

The sun will set on me
And I will finally be hungry for living
I have dissolved into the sea
Apr 20 · 626
Moving on
Words' Worth Apr 20
Why won't you answer my calls?
Does the phone ring off the wall
Are you thinking of him
Why do you rock my world...

I know love's a word away
You just need to say you love me
In a letter posted to the heavens
You shake my earth...

Do you think of me with each season
They'll keep changing
And we won't meet
But, I know we will have changed.

So, move on.
A poem on being single and alone.
Apr 18 · 35
Words' Worth Apr 18
Nothing is louder than silence
No sound is more pure than
The soundless meditation of souls
And the beating of innocent hearts

Yet, I look for beauty
In an hourglass figure
Behind the reflection of a mirror
The condensed dew of a morning sapling

I know I will never find someone
To complete me in the ways you do
Hell and heaven oppose each other
While silence and emptiness are the closest of friends
This is a poem to mark over 4 years of being single. And I no longer can honor my silence. I hate being alone. So, I will reserve myself to my loneliness.
Apr 14 · 137
Fire and Fury
Words' Worth Apr 14
I wish
To set myself on fire
But, people will talk
Of how I lost the courage to live on

Because that is what they do
In their solitary spaces behind
Church pews and library desks
They remember the few

Some remember them by words
And others keep their ashes
Visit their tombs years later
But, I know my books will be made of the regret that's left

Women will swoon over those coy lines
Their children will hear the tales
That I had concocted on a lonely night
When I gave you my everything
Till then, remember me.
Mar 22 · 270
Words' Worth Mar 22
Literature takes a special place in the mind.
Where you can keep practicing reliving mysteries.
Celebrating adventure.
And preserve the childish imagination.

In the form of an enigma.
Where experience meets experience.
Where reality and dreams can coexist.
And there is a thin veneer that separates us all.

Opinion and fact are the same in a work of fiction.
Such is the nature of our perception.
Different from one another.
Existing in all in individual form, immersed in words.

The essence of literature is to rebuild the soul.
And tear the intellectual apart.
By introducing.
Love, peace, and spiritual communion.
Mar 22 · 59
The Perfect Breakup
Words' Worth Mar 22
Don't let me fall
Don't let me die in your arms
I'll fall asleep tonight
Is that okay?
I thought of us.

And I wake up on the homeless bench
With cold feet in torn socks
All I do is think of you
And I hate that I've done this to you
Our love had lost its romance and charm anyway.

With one, two, and three seconds to morning light
I punched out a new tune in the howling night
When the wind blows, the heaven gates bring the shine
Your way or mine
Let us take flight and some time.

Now don't feel poor
They'll break you down anyway
Don't play with the knife, let me hold you
Do you feel special too?
Being away, it's so cruel I could die.
Mar 13 · 61
Cracked Actress
Words' Worth Mar 13
Oh, don't lose that beautiful, true flame
Of the ravenous blues, comes the sickly light
It flickers and rustles, untamed instead

Watch as the orange core of your robust fire
Reflects your life and love, walks here and there
It shall rattle your soul till it dims

Love hath captured, ensnared and cracked!
The yellow eye of the King Cobra peers
But, it does not let you leave in case you die

You will slip out of people's empty lives
Quench your thirst from their ample wine cellars
And slither into their beds and **** them

In complete reverie, unknowingly in love
You will know the meaning of being mad
I have seen victims of a disease
They were not patients
Only ceasing to be free
Words' Worth Mar 13
Keep writing poetry because the liberation of the mind is the only way to celebrating freedom and overcoming adversity through your writing.
Mar 13 · 62
Words' Worth Mar 13
My heart is open
My mind is truly free
My body closes in on my soul
That's the tragedy
Mar 13 · 54
Words' Worth Mar 13
Let's write of simple feelings
Simple times and simple flings
Why complicate it with an open dictionary
Let your words flow, you are the true visionary

Let's open our hearts
And see the clockwork that spins
And spins so lovingly
Until it stops on seeing beauty

Let's free our minds
And see what liberates it
Its love, my friend
And our heart understands it
Mar 13 · 65
Walking On Ice (Exile)
Words' Worth Mar 13
Walking on ice
In the cold, foggy lights
With the dogs
It feels nice

Walking in my boots
My shoes have water in 'em
And I can't stop counting each step
I know the ice will break in the amber lights
Mar 13 · 37
The Sad Witch
Words' Worth Mar 13
When they saw the fire in veins
They watched in awe
As the cold in her heart thawed
And started beating again

The flies once buzzed around her face
Busily they went about
Turning every corner as they flew away
When her eyes became diamonds

But, no one believed
They felt the fire had consumed her
Her heart was once made of ice
She just needed to feel some warmth
Mar 13 · 633
Being Alone
Words' Worth Mar 13
It's nice
But, I don't know
Are my friends
Mar 8 · 379
Double Standards
Words' Worth Mar 8
What is this life?
Where beauty is judged by false eyes
What is the purpose of this unrequited love?
When the most beautiful thing
Is you and you cannot treasure it
Because society doesn't see it
The eye of the beholder is truly blind to the light
Feb 26 · 42
Out of The Silhouettes
Words' Worth Feb 26
Willows may hide behind the shadows
Stuffed together, leaning against the window
When the sun dies, they curl inside the dark
Never to be found again in the song of the rain

The rivers may pour with youth and exuberance
That darling bud that resists the morning light
Just like a little bluebird that prefers the cage
And the heart that prefers the chase

The sky may break as they soar higher
Higher in the azure skies without respite
And it will: tirelessly following Death
Where the light plays and the shadows rest

Sometimes the thousand books lay asleep
The lamp shines their light on them
As if an old man is reading
That's just a justification for living

Endless possibilities arise when there is mindfulness
There is a sense of calm to defeat the usurious
And pleasure forms the thin veneer of love
When will we come of out of the silhouettes

The fire that rests in your electric body
I have never seen it
I have only heard
But, I know I want it to take me

I know that I have a tomb in me
Without promise of eternity
To keep in my doubts
Of whether you love me or not

I believe the beauteous places we visit
They belong in palaces in our imagination
I know my love is real, but yours is not
I'm coming out of the dark into your arms
Feb 23 · 48
Two-Way Street
Words' Worth Feb 23
As another shot fired in the dark
After dusk, the churchgoers found God
They said show me your heart through that veil
God resides in the kindness of strangers

Kisses on the burning lake, the cold ice of the stars
We look at the skies, the comets fall our way
Show me yourself through the heart of darkness
I will show you mine, I promise I will come closer with the moonlight

Take off your disguise and don't let out a sigh
Curl yourself next to me as tendrils clasp a shack in the woods
And show me your heart
And I promise I would if I could
Feb 23 · 60
Words' Worth Feb 23
The bitter words push you away
The kindest ones are kept for a bad day
The sweetest sentences are said in a bad fight
The truest words are reserved for your eyes

My love can push you away
My affection can save us from a bad end
Your kiss can stop a terrible quarrel
But, the truth will end this relationship
Feb 23 · 39
Love Needs Trust
Words' Worth Feb 23
Let's take a little time
Before we assume what we know
And decide that what we believe
Is right

We need to read between lines
In case we need be together
In the future
When we get older

We must scale these mountains
And hold the hands of the sun
But, we can't climb
Without trusting ourselves
Feb 23 · 39
Thousand Eyes
Words' Worth Feb 23
Follow me through the waters
The ocean's cold and deep
Broken hearts seek excitement too
Time still moves on through

You fill my eyes with light of a thousand suns
Many days have passed and I've searched for you
In the skies and oceans
But, time still moves on too

I don't believe you will remember me
When you say the sunset is beautiful
I know I am tip-toing along the reflected starlight
And a thousand iridescent eyes of the skies follow us
Feb 23 · 55
C'est La Amour
Words' Worth Feb 23
If you haven't felt the soul crushing joy of being adored
Your arms are yet to be filled with the body of someone
You cherish and adore
It is like adorning a warm sweater in autumn

If you haven't felt the vibrations of the universe when in love
You need to give yourself to her hugs
And she will surrender herself to your charms
With every word and kiss, you shall feel disarmed

If you haven't felt truly complete frisson
You haven't found the right person
Who can level you with her eyes
And disguise
Feb 23 · 55
Amber Eyes
Words' Worth Feb 23
I know I think things the wrong way
But, I don't want to be right
Just like the fire that burns bright
I want to be lost in your eyes

The far away stars are dead
From your love
I get no comfort
But, here I want you once again

If I am lost in your memory
I am found in your touch
You're only human
After all, as dead as a calm lake

I need to be alive
In your arms
But, your embrace
Takes away my smile, leaving only pain
Feb 23 · 17
Methodical Madness
Words' Worth Feb 23
Few get through life
Without spiralling
Out of control
And losing their grip
R ea li ty
Feb 14 · 98
My Reason
Words' Worth Feb 14
If you haven't felt joy and love
And your arms long to be touched
Wrap your head around me
Breathe in the air that surrounds me

If you haven't seen my face
As you need to every morning
Imagine giving yourself to my warmth
And let the sun touch your skin

If you aren't excited by love anymore
Remember I am always with you
In soul and in the leaves of trees
And in the rustling twigs, you snap under your feet

If you miss my embrace
And are looking for a love in the stars
Remember that I dance in the light of your sweetness
You are the reason I am alive and my grace

I think this is more beautiful
Than a passionate kiss and a shallow promise
More profound than a fleeting glimpse of the future
You are my reason for living as of this moment
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