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2d · 43
A piece of paradise
Window sill plants
I thought you'd like this.
4d · 36
Poetry is not tough
It cannot be taught
The outpouring of your heart
Feelings put into metaphor
Mingling a need into an art
Requires passion and courage

Poetry is a release
If you need to express your hurt
In many ways using less lines
Like a street full of people
Looking for their dreams in rush hour
Yet, you will never find it there

Because poetry is not tough
As it needs a quiet place
To talk about it's problems
And open his soul to you
Not self-conscious of the truth.
Your song rejuvenates my heart
Your melody reminds me of the past
All of which have turned cold and dry
Like two worlds apart
When you sing to my soul
It really soothes it tonight
The withering flower inside
Grows a little higher and the petals a little longer
Please, stay with me at twilight
When you leave me for her
It is like we are
In one universe
Too close to ignore our love
So we forget about what is love
I hope you stay with me, tonight.
5d · 52
Why are your eyes full of
When your heart is as cold as
Originally titled as "The Virtue of Melancholy and other-related perks of being sad so that this highly suspect feeling can be called love"
5d · 18
A Thousand Wings
I walked into a field
Full of dragonflies
The trees seemed to stand with purpose
As well as drooping in the heat

It was time, when the pleasant skies were grey
As the sounds of the wind mingled
With the noiseless wings of a thousand airplanes
Flying without care or a destination

When I looked into my memories
I was reminded of how small the sphere of life was
Then, I reminisced those leaves in the haze
Of a thousand dragonflies fluttering in the breeze

Life seemed worth living again
With my dog right by my knees
The rain now pours outside
It is a pity I cannot be with those angels.
It is a poem on staying inside during quarantine.
Twice we ignored
This charming pink house
Where we carried out experiments
In and out came the visitors

Slowly cob webs formed inside the rooms
As gossamer threads
Cloaking over the windows as a tippet does
In and out came the visitors

The charm was gone
Pink turned to red
Little did we know, the house would not be welcome
In and out came the prisoners
6d · 40
Cosmic Blanket
When my heartbeat stills as a sky lifts its visage
My lugubrious walk turns into a stride, into the spraying sea
Fishes in the deep, kelp on the beach
All of them following God's message of worldly solace
A human being is not in sight, it is my painful existence that accompanies me
It is the presage of love, there the sky tilts as well as titillates
My eyes glimmer with a raucousness only found at the edge of tomorrow
Almost bordering on an inimitable future, too esoteric for us to measure
On this infinitesimally small plain of lost consciousness
The sky settles into the rainy dawn, where splores turn into bright spurges
All of them full of color, yellowy-eyed like a sea monster tamed by Poseidon
The trident of destiny hurls a thunderous clap, where is that crystal beauty at
Wandering beneath the lake, looking for God's sign of help
Providence comes to those wait behind the curtains of reality
I dream and dream the same thing again, this time my heart is singing
The birds know the atmosphere is placid as a frozen lake
Icy as the bottom of an unprecedented depth of cold blue water
Such is the hue of watching the sea rise and sleep
With my eyes in a hazy dream looking for more reasons to love myself
I fall in the cosmic romance, never falling out of this pleasant feeling
6d · 397
Indian river
Some days on a summer turf
I remind myself that the leaves
Will blow into effervescence as a sudden freeze
As flowers do under the grey sky of winter

Bushes will rustle in the wind
The heat will turn into sorrow and sadness
As the rain pours and pours into a drenched blemish
Like there is no tomorrow for us to furnish our existence on

Like an Indian river that flows
Till there is an end to freedom
Waiting for God to conquer it, everyday
As it tows the sand and rests in the bay
I hope you guys like my journey.
6d · 52
Cool Beach Sand
On the blue ocean
I see wondrous light
In the yellow sun
Under the red sky
When all the colors come
Together, it is the perfect warmth
Like salt water cool against my skin
And warm in the sand
I, often, see famous people
Stuck inside a job like a grave
In a cemetery, like an empty notebook
That ought to be rife with full verses
With you, I am always empty
Being hungry is better
It's a nice kind of emptiness
When everything seems to make no sense
We suffer from a similar indignation
Romance is a solitary expression
Of great affection and beauty
What have I heard in July
It is a month and the rain still pours like crazy
I know I will tumble into the grey mud
Like a rolling stone that aims too high

Rock into dust, dust into wind lot like a lazy sun
Comets turn into stardust, dragonflies lose their wings
There are steady grasshoppers on the path to redemption
As I am letting out my frustration and anger

Like whirling into a vortex of wrath and presentation
Thunders will roll into thunder
Boxcars, boxcars and boxcars will flood the snowy streets
I have will have no possessions, all drenched in a sad life

Just my life, the sun shines on me
The moon has always been the backbone
I wander and search for the stars on the famous skies
Looked at by commoners and burning in iciness
I am hanging from the inches.
In the beginning God created heaven and the earth
With a weak hint of life
Of a dozen untold stories, holding us close to his chest
Hidden behind the light, as if half-asleep in the cold night

A creature without form, simply a void
With a strong dose of arrogance
Many people avoid you on the empty streets
And forget you on Sunday nights like a medieval castle

If you do not see the sun
Signifying the warm haze and sultry light from above
Turning itself into electric heat, visible from the bottom of a sea
Remember, the tide waits for none

Just come ashore
That's how you come to see
That you have survived.
6d · 27
On the eve of twilight, all was silent
As my soul paced, so did its expressive face
I promised to be simply present
As the cloudy skies brought forth pink and hues of pensive

With the river of heights untouched, hollower than life
Yet larger than it, for it is lonesome in its stride
Some words often follow a solitary remark
I pray you appreciate the docile look the heavens bring

As its beauty shines, and its pallor looks brighter
Emanating with a summer stream, as well as a young branch
If my life were empty, and love were made of cloudy chance
I would look into twilight’s haze as I fulfill my life
That is when I am reminded of our time
And how brief it is to be truly alive like a sky lit up in twilight
I hope you guys like this sonnet.
It is composed of a little unicorn juice
Jul 29 · 22
Fade Away
Words' Worth Jul 29
Hey, we could be old together
If you could sleep with me on an ocean
Till I start sinking and the record stops playing
All those precious tunes, when I barely could breathe

You stay with me in my mind
None of my pictures come back in time
So I picture them, as they fade away
They skip and step away just like a rock

Though, it is really goodbye this time
I know that all those memories remain
All I am saying is that this is my final curtain call
My friends are no longer my friends, but, a distant memory

Hey, we could be old together
If you loved my havoc-ridden mouth
Or my panic-stricken heart
With all your selfless love, without misgiving
Jul 29 · 92
Wicked Illusion
Words' Worth Jul 29
Can you?
Is actually
You can.
Jul 29 · 22
Need you
Words' Worth Jul 29
What is it like?
To be shy?
Or not to be bright.

I am not sure
I am never certain
Of what words to say

So, I'll ask you
If you love my breathless whisper
Without those stupendous words

I am certain of a few things
Not me or you
Only that I.
"Need you."

How would you like me
To hold you in my arms
I am sure, I'd be complete

Yet, they say two and two
Make five when you are bad at math
Or if you are in love with someone else
How do you like this?
Jul 29 · 41
Dreary Sunshine
Words' Worth Jul 29
It is real
It is springtime
Or we shall call it quits
The time for a lovely disease
Do we still rhyme in affection and amorous touch
Or do we masquerade as intertwining winds
Let it be, or let us make love
As the bees bring honey
From an auburn leaf
Right underneath
A blushing rose
These flowers need your sunshine
My dreary love
You make the trees green
Every time you kiss my two eyes
When my face is near your shameless hair
As I touch your naked hand
And excited soul
What is it like to truly love someone?
I've forgotten.
Words' Worth Jul 29
When winter comes
I'll be home
I promise myself
Then, I remind the children
Sitting near the fireplace
That papa won't die
He will just be gone for a long time
When summer is gone
Our house will know the sun
And I will see the beauty in your feminine eyes
As the rigid frame shatters everyday
You look into the mirror of everlasting youth
When autumn comes
The leaves will drown in the wind
As will my spirit follow the gust of earthly zephyr
May, my love, our love will turn sepia
As red, rusted and golden leaves that will burst
In hot profusion
When spring comes
We will relive our incomplete love
You will mourn my loss
And I will yours
When winter comes
I'll be home
For now, I have been gone a long time
So, put my children to sleep with a lullaby
Jul 28 · 60
My Escape
Words' Worth Jul 28
Some day I will be an artist who writes
To express himself
In a universe
Where the unexpressed
And unspoken
Escape the eye of someone else
Who has always been unloved
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."- Albert Einstein
Jul 26 · 152
Sending Letters
Words' Worth Jul 26
You ever feel bad about
writing me
A little late

Remember that
i am
Still thinking of your old messages
Just a bit of me.
Words' Worth Jul 26
You know why it is beautiful being pretty lucky
You get to wake up next to the face that resembles the sun
Instead, your stomach cramps and you're lonely

the guy thinks he found a lost soul
when you were with him, you knew
you had Found it All

Little did you know you were
Wrong, wrong, wrong
When the phone rings, those memories came rushing

Like some old lover's kiss
And a school crush's whisper
Maybe, you made these things in your head
Like that phone call, which will take you away from
your issues

"You are beautiful" says the average kisser
"You are beautiful" says the hallow, lush whisper
"You are beautiful" says the wrong number too

I wonder if he thinks I am worth it
Is all you contemplate and constantly dissect
Like a clarinet playing notes around scales
All a derivative of one another
Producing a new melody
With every symphony
In the moment of sudden epiphany
Jul 26 · 23
The Horizon Fades
Words' Worth Jul 26
The birds overhead nurture
Can you feel the unyielding nature
As we conspire under the covers
No light enters our intermingled love

Throwing light on the transparent waters
Going down south around the iridescent mouth
Here we slide, down we go!
Our first love, then you escape my touch

Lest the children cry
These restless eagles will circle death's decomposed hide
You can run, but, no one can save you from life's pleasure
Neither Aphrodite nor the god of poetry

If a phantom ushers in the wind
As the gust of torment tingles your body
The people will keep living
And we will still be friends

All in a pile of ash
We all seem like elemental poets
Except we are mortal
This is all you the time in an hourglass of sand

As the horizon fades
Like a highway on lonely valley
So do I
Behind the loveless sun
Words' Worth Jul 26
Don't get hooked
On the past, and let the fun
Ruin you

People can be pretty
Or pretty despicable
At least it's pretty
Jul 26 · 28
The Way I See It
Words' Worth Jul 26
The way I look at it
You can either
Accept your fate
Learn from destiny

If it is difficult
To find the two
In the long run
Then, life is a long stretch

Look at the present
Instead of the past and
Predicting the future
Expecting everything will be new
Jul 24 · 58
Words' Worth Jul 24
Blue pain
Silver rain
Window stains
Near the wolfs bane

We are part
Of the same game
Sprouting like flowers
Numbed by desire
Jul 20 · 51
Poems are like friends
Words' Worth Jul 20
I'm glad you erased
My poems from your mind
They weren't comfortable anyway
Jul 20 · 34
Burning Lake
Words' Worth Jul 20
We shall walk by the lake
Through slow places
Awash in the pace of the cloud
In scenery by trace of some wind
Disguised by greenery ushering in a new breath
That stays today, as you sigh
And leave tomorrow, as you die
When we talk about our favorite things
The birds and bees will live in immutable space
Where we cannot communicate
With them in this avidly churned phantasmagoria of emotion
Swooning to the melody of the obstinate composer
Waltzes that shall never stop
Breezing amidst the land that never dries as dying hearts do
In our distress, we shall find peace and the truth
The heat will rise like the sun will on black, thick ice
And the eyes of my lover will have green
Or blue, it is no grey matter like the skies
As the extent of her love will have purified me
As absolution and freedom does
When the trees die in the future
Today and tomorrow will coalesce
Into one small debt
We have to pay nature
On the burning lake, much to my surprise
Jul 20 · 66
Words' Worth Jul 20
You asked
And asked
Where was the candle
In the dark and the utter delight
Of enjoying jazz and some fancy veal
To share the weal and woe of our life
Grand is a big word
You asked
And asked
Then, turned to look at the past
Shall we be friends?
Jul 20 · 20
Power and love .
Words' Worth Jul 20
If someone gives in the frayed expression
Assists the homeless scrounging for more power
Add to the five bucks
Found in a beggar's tin can
Ask him, will he believe in love after all this ****
He will say, 'yes.'
Even if he doesn't know what is power
Jul 20 · 59
Let's live on
Words' Worth Jul 20
In a hurling of sudden expression
My trauma ushered in instantly
Mindless, numbed, hysterical
Stuck on the empty highway
With nothing, but, my hands in pocket
No possessions
Just a sign saying, there's a road ahead
Jul 20 · 39
When 2+2=5
Words' Worth Jul 20
Is tomorrow another beginning
Or the end of the beginning
When does the perfect ending come
If it does arrive, what prescribes the reason
To precedent can we hold it to be worrisome
For us, tomorrow is just an anomaly
A wordless remark on the fruit of today
If it does have some patterned conscience, how do we stop hurting
Like birds without flight or wings
Grasping the sky, without purpose
Always singing the caged bird's song
Forever, even when tomorrow comes
Bolted doors will be removed and empty as windows
Opening of loading docks for homeless ships
To return, without knowing they ever left
Abandoning the captain of this vessel
Who believes in patience
And living in the present
Jul 20 · 38
Coming Together
Words' Worth Jul 20
We came from different places
It was the words that tied
Our minds like ropes
Except, you were learning the walk to heaven
As I descended into hell
Or maybe it was love.
Jul 20 · 46
Words' Worth Jul 20
Let us stride
On clouds that sway
As the sun slips away

When I think of you
The clouds come back
And it starts raining again

I am not sure if the rain
Is romantic or just the pain
That pours over my face

Sometimes, I remember
What you said, and how
You put two words together and made me feel

Special as a rainbow
In a grey sky
Without violet or blue

However, the tears
Still come and go
Like figments of imagination

The pain also comes back
Goes too, like that love
Between us, which was simply unexpected

That's when I feel worth nothing
Jul 20 · 31
I love my friends
Words' Worth Jul 20
I love the way
Your voice crackles
With the breaking pain
That shatters your heart
Completing you again

I love the way
Your stories sound
Like tales told from some
Fantasy I never have known
Or a poem passed down from tomes

Most of all, I love how you write so well
Even when you are hurt
A tribute to the Ghost of Jupiter. I hope she doesn't mind my approach. Although, I do not know her so well.
Jul 17 · 44
Words' Worth Jul 17
How your words were short
Raw and immersed in emotion
If you cannot bring that

It is okay
Those words were short
Because you said something worthwhile

Before even knowing it.
Jul 17 · 48
Trees Are My Friends
Words' Worth Jul 17
A gust of wind brushes over the cold
My face as the sky hovers over my mold
Someday, when the earth wilts as flowers do
Flowers wilt on land as death looms

Huddled lovers in the smoky air filling
Many strangers in sight, sitting together
Where sullen earth finds nowhere to bloom
Falls ebbing into a stream of innocence
Jul 17 · 234
Someone's Had It
Words' Worth Jul 17
I can't sit
With you
On my mind
Words' Worth Jul 17
She runs to school
Every morning
Comes back with her friends
In the afternoon
Washing the dishes
When the moon comes out too
How does she live on the bucks
Of waiting tables all her life
Should living be a gust of wind
Or a rough strife
Jul 17 · 32
Words' Worth Jul 17
I felt truly
When I knew I could be heard
Even with a smile on
Jul 17 · 48
20 masks
Words' Worth Jul 17
She has a mask
For every day
When she loves me
She can't kiss me
As she's got 20 masks
But, the one she has on
Is the one that protects me
From the years of struggle
And destiny
With her I know I am a real person
But, when I cough
She thinks I've got the pandemic
I wonder if love's a serious disease
Jul 17 · 46
Words' Worth Jul 17
You asked for my poems
I had none
Because all of the colors
My soul had been given without
Such is the beauty
Of inspiration
Jul 15 · 136
Words' Worth Jul 15
I love how
You fall into
The doorway
Crawling into
My arms
Into a shape of a
It hurts now
Being misheard
Jul 14 · 41
Our smallest life
Words' Worth Jul 14
Pleasure and pain
Are two sides of the same coin
One needs the other
To bring you wealth and happiness
Yet, when you are nearby
I feel neither
Just a longing
Hurting me
Like sticks entangled
In a thick forest
Unable to get out
Of the darkness
It is your smile
That all the pain seems
Worth that small pleasure
Of life
Jul 14 · 44
I'd love you still
Words' Worth Jul 14
The way we look at each other
The road is home to strangers
Lights flicker together like a scripted picture
There's no danger of losing me, forever

The purple leaves flutter
As our hear beats palpitate
As if recognizing an unknown color
In sensual bliss our lips quiver

If you are a desolate landscape
Where a highway runs free
I'd love you still and know all your curves
As riders on a storm do on immaculate forests of azure
Jul 13 · 181
Learning To Fly
Words' Worth Jul 13
When I fell into depression
It felt as if I was being dragged
By a stone tied to my feet
Into an endless ocean
I guess I never learned to swim
Everyone got far ahead of me
At least I learned to float
To stay alive
Words' Worth Jul 11
I sat on a bench
Praying for rain
I was sure the sun
Was for me
Sunshine isn't for losers
So, I wait to fade
Into the night
I am sure
The moon gives back.
A poem of false opportunism.
Jul 10 · 46
A Low Land
Words' Worth Jul 10
The sun is beautiful
If you hear the
The whisper of the wind
With it.
Such are memories
That remind me
Of the heartache.
An old clock
Brings me no peace
As it clicks like the years
As they pass by.
Jul 10 · 290
Where the shadows hide
Words' Worth Jul 10
A natural order was seen
Living in the forests of time
Where wild men run free
As mothers keep providing

The mother hides in the shadows
Unaware of the crime of her children
Letting the life cycle move as clouds do
As the race for time will never find an end

When we live in the city
The cars live on the roads
Now and then, is a lot like
A forest of the day, hiding in the darkness of night

Under a canopy
Where the bright places are absent
The snails will move as clouds
Letting the clouds run free

Under a canopy
Where the shadows hide
The brightness of a tiger
A quest for life leads us to our destiny
Jul 10 · 18
Village Idiot
Words' Worth Jul 10
You cast a spell on me
Put me in space
Where I am the center of the universe

How did you know
So much love
My friend

If you wanted to wake up
Why did you wake me up
Did you love someone?

I love our world
I think it shouldn't be hurt
Or destroyed

It must be reborn.
Jul 10 · 33
The More You Love
Words' Worth Jul 10
I know you love
The grass as it whispers
I know you hate me
Because I make you cry

I think you hurt me
Because I made life perfect
But you needed
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