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The simplest words
Make the best explanations
And the toughest paths
Lead to surreal destinations

While good things comes when you wait
Life rewards the greats
Seizing the fire, defying logic
It is a numbers game, you helped me hear the music
At first glance a dove
Though not love from the start
It took some time
to get the key to my heart

I heard her voice
whispering in my ear today
I turned to the noise
The fly on my shoulder flew away

I can feel her
But we're torn at the seams
I no longer love her
Or see her in my dreams

I put up a wall of darkness
Though every now and again
Light comes through
With anguish and pain

I recall when the demon laughed
And played music only I could hear
I knew it was the forces of hell
Drawing near

I saw an angel
Being treaded under feet
The feet of his own comrades
And the same fate befalls me

My love was too strong
I deserve no applause
I don't expect love
I chose love over God

There's a time to beg and a time to lend
A season for peace and a season for war
No choice but to endure to the end
Who knows what else is in store?
Toasted nuts, marshmallows roasted and half-eaten
Half-smoked cigarettes, edges of burnt letters
All notions romantic are consumed by fire
The embers of a fireplace have enveloped it

Yet, the sweetness of your lips
Alerts my innermost desires
Every time- like sunsets in a solitary sky
Your light luminesces the cold caves of time
Words' Worth Jul 31
Such I have left of the twilight hours
Many nights gently preserved in moonbeams
Now observed in the silence of the trees
It's true, the deception lies in our stars

Yet, the heart needs constant warmth like flowers
Until spring arrives, the petals are sealed
As the elements stir the leaves on the streets
To gaily blossom we need sun and soft showers

Long I have waited for the brief rain
As remnants of summer ebb like waves
The ruby reds of roses shall stay

Such beauty emerges when seasons will change
That a single swoop of fate's hand will save
Some time for those about to bloom in the day
"The paths of glory lead but to the grave."
Thomas Gray
The lily has a smooth stalk,
  Will never hurt your hand;
But the rose upon her brier
  Is lady of the land.

There's sweetness in an apple tree,
  And profit in the corn;
But lady of all beauty
  Is a rose upon a thorn.

When with moss and honey
  She tips her bending brier,
And half unfolds her glowing heart,
  She sets the world on fire.
Brown and furry
Caterpillar in a hurry,
Take your walk
To the shady leaf, or stalk,
Or what not,
Which may be the chosen spot.
No toad spy you,
Hovering bird of prey pass by you;
Spin and die,
To live again a butterfly.
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