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Lauren 12h
By. Lauren

5th Avenue.
Where I first met you.
Where your eyes met mine.
Where our lips first locked.
5th Avenue where I knew I loved you.
Lauren 1d
By. Lauren

Is this really real?
Are you really here right now?
I heard the knock of a door.
Just my mind deceives me.
Are you really in my bed right now?
Or do I just want you.
Do you actually know my name right now?
Or am I dreaming?
I'm afraid I'm dreaming.
Pinch me if this is real.
Am I even writing this or are my thoughts just racing?
Am I just playing a game
Or are you here in my room?
In my bed next to me.
My heart is racing.
Is yours too?
Lauren 4d
By. Lauren

There once was a time I could look into your eyes and actually see life.
Now it's just a fantasy.
No glimmer of hope not even of chance.
All I can see is death.
You are not gone from this world yet.
Where has your fun gone?
Once upon a time you enjoyed time.
Now all you see is black and white.
The minute hand never seems to move to you.
You do not hear the ticking.
Everything is frozen to you.
You do not see the play button.
Can I help you?
Just this once.
Lauren 5d
By. Lauren

I don't know what to say to you.
You took my friend,
But where will it end?
It seems like every time it comes to a close
You take her again.
Do you enjoy this game?
A spiraling loop of she's mine.
Will you just let her win?
I don't know what to say to you.
Just know this game will end.
Lauren 6d
By. Lauren

You asked me how the weather was but how was I supposed to answer?
Did you want the weather outside
The weather in my mind?
Either way there was a storm brewing.
The water about to fall.
So I guess I'll say
The weather is muy mal.
Lauren 6d
By. Lauren

For the longest time I feared death itself.
I wasn't afraid all those times to take my life.
Yet today I think in fear.
I do not know in which I believe.
A heaven or ****.
An eternity with him.
All that I come back to is fear.
The world is my happy place.
A *** brimming with just the right amount perfection yet the proportional pinch of imperfection to top it all off.
I guess what I'm saying is I'm afraid to believe in heavens perfection.
It's just the preacher always said **** was no party either.
Only a scorching arena of loneliness.
Do I believe in either?
My religion was forced upon me to the point I snapped.
I do not know in which I believe.
Maybe the world just simply ends.
No heaven or ****.
Only a simple lights out.
When it all ends will we just be floating?
Souls in the obis of outer space drifting along never to see one another again.
Still alive but not truly there.
Not truly human.
Just weary travelers who will never lock eyes again.
Is this how it all ends?
Lauren May 17
By. Lauren

From the age of ten I learned to swallow a pill.
A pill to numb the pain.
A pill to make a change.
I listened to the instructions the doctors gave me.
It's only,
day by day I felt more pain.
No more change.
Only an increase in range.
An increase in pain.
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