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 Sep 6 Molly Sea
As the sky melted its day-colours into the air,
I watched my fingers press call, barely aware
And in the craving silence, I thought I understood
These walls, drawn to mark the distance for good.
Instead, our walls watched the weeping sunset,
Your words cooking stories on my burning upset
And in your laughter, my tears dried into tales
For a while, pain and shame became foggy details.
Cold ground, but still soaking in the sun’s descent
I don’t know our path but then, you were my friend.
 Sep 6 Molly Sea
When you sang, the world stopped to listen
And the sun covered you in all its grace
The pavement pulsed with your heartbeat
As if to prove, your lifelines are everywhere

I can give you nothing but the audience
Of me and a million adoring goosebumps
I think I have forgotten about magic, so
I am grateful you brought it back with you
 Sep 2 Molly Sea
I have daydreamed
love-drunk off foreign tongues
and felt that heat off hands which held fast
and unfamiliar.

I have waded in that.
A dizzying, dissimilar daze,
and I have been ashamed
to love a world and want to leave it
all in one kiss. One kiss
that is and wasn't and can't be

but someone roams the wisteria laden halls
and daydreams drunk in periwinkle
and she—is me.

And while I wile away my sleeping days
under golden archways, I think of you
...and you too.
 Sep 2 Molly Sea
warmth & laughter friend
my heart feels safe, together
we undo the storm
I think about
all of the things
(good and terrible,
big and small)
in my life
that led me
to you

this was my story

and I think
about all of the things
(good and terrible,
big and small)
in your life that led
you to me

this was your story

when we met
and fell in love,
our lives
two stories,

and we began
a new story,
our story

and now,
our story
has brought us here
today, where I stand
before you
and loved ones
to dedicate myself

to our story

to promise
that no matter
what each chapter
what the words
on each page
I'll always
see it through

I hope
my fate
is never
from you
 Sep 1 Molly Sea
You were fresh out of September
Dewdrops touching my face

a bright day
A sunny smile
the star lighting me up

A patch of pink and blue

but with rainy nights
and windy breezy evenings

The sweaters of November
will suit you too
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