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May 2019 · 470
Ode to Tear Drops
Sabian T Warren May 2019
Legends be told, and written in tomes of a creature which roams the residence of the family: Lee-
Through shrubs and trees, though silent and unseen, it seeks seeds-
Ones of fire. Ones of sweet.
The creature seen only when: upon them, it feeds, simultaneously.
Its form of a boar with a tongue of alchemy, ignites in a spectrum of brilliancy. Hovering eyes remain but for a moment and weep vehement tears; crystallizing with the essence of harvest.
This poem is a story about a certain fiery candy called "Tear Drops;" lovingly produced by an online vendor: CaliforniaBlazingChilieFarm. Please Check them out and enjoy, fellow Pepperheads
May 2019 · 254
Sabian T Warren May 2019
If gloom descends; Capsicum appends:
Removing dooms in plumes of red lumens.
Biological conversion from stagnation to movement.
Shaman, brother, lover, friend.
Bold holistic resolute.
Unequivocally coalesced in this; a magnificent fruit.
Pepperheads Unite!
May 2019 · 238
Sabian T Warren May 2019
Eye in the sky screams "dreams are not reality;" yet it flies impossibly on whirling bionic wings. "the force is a fantasy," laughs the big screen; yet it motions this ironically through ionic streams. "No power in an evergreen," shrills the factory; cutting from the same cloth that had allowed us to breathe. "That vision? A symptom of insanity;" suggests the PHD, and recommends fixing something so deeply rooted by consuming toxins repeatedly; denying this notion is the very definition of what you suppose we carry. "But don't you want to bee with everybody?" Whisper the walls and empty streets. Could it be that everything is simultaneously, as stone lock and river key? Would it seem that all we need to coax the dread of uncertainty, is to each weave threads of teachings, unique? Bound with an understanding sure as gravity, until we are warm in the cold of infinity, in a quilt of minds set free. ~by Sabian T Warren; AKA ScovilleNova.

— The End —