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With time comes acceptance
With acceptance comes peace
With peace come happiness
but what if my happiness was you?
and you are still gone?
then does it still work that way ?
Scott Willers Feb 29
beautiful days, months even.
all spent with you
and sadly the time has come again.
for you to aboard the plane.
to set off in that orange sunset with the red tint,
the white marshmallow clouds,
all for some time we’ll be apart in the physical
but never at the heart.
for our souls will be intertwined
and our hearts seem to touch with every word we speak to one another.
Distance is tough but once you emotionally attach, it makes it all worth it.
Scott Willers Aug 2019
our love was real
fun while it lasted
but when you saw me you didn't like it
because i was not the one at the party
the one late-night rendezvous
who you gave your all to
enjoy the mystery man for i'm on my way
welcoming the heartache
still hurts...
  Aug 2019 Scott Willers
just looking at her
she is as she's always been
eternal beauty
Scott Willers Aug 2019
the fancy fountain in the northern of town by the theater,
that one restaurant we went to our first date because we got lost,
that taco bell we ate at when we got hungry at 1 am,
the late night pizza runs to your house because you're hungry,
the streets we ran together along with the school halls,
the mall where we got your favorite pair of pants,
the fields and lights you watched me play soccer under,
the remaining jackets in my closet,
the shirts in my drawers and socks you wore when yours got wet,
the bed we would make love on so passionately,
my computer,phone and iPad included,
my lips
all imprisoned by what we used to have
imprisoned by you
imprisoned forever
  Jul 2019 Scott Willers
I wouldn't praise our love today,
I won't dedicate you any song.
Not because something's not right
But because I'm afraid.
So I will admire us and let it live on.
Scott Willers Jul 2019
you sleep so close
but you feel so far
you sleep on your side
with me to your back
no more conversations being exchanged
just a cold shoulder when you sleep
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