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Erin Asuncion Sep 19
Why do I keep this all in,
like an immoral sin,
walking like their's nothing wrong,
how do I let this all go,
somebody please call home,

Crying through the rain,
yelling at the sky,
when I'm not alright,
with this empty space I call home,
It's been a month and it still hurts
Erin Asuncion Sep 16
Together for almost 3 years,
And always crazy with fierce,
Friendship like Glue,
Can I trust you?,

Working for 1 year,
Like sisters we cheer,
But silence appeared,
Now I fear,

You kept your distance,
And so did I,
A secret you cant keep,
Had broken me from inside,

I can't say a word,
Not even a "hello",
I can't trust you no more,
Cause I can't seem to find a reason anymore,
I wrote this in the van on my way to work, something for a friend I thought I could trust but not
Erin Asuncion Sep 15
I have to go,
But don't be sad,
I only left because time is all I have,

I have to go,
I'm not being rude,
I did what was best for me and you,

I have to go,
I can't wait to long,
Maybe because you hindered me to strong,
I wrote this in my room, when I finally got the chance to speak my mind again.
Erin Asuncion Jul 30
For a woman like me,
Who is single and free,
Feels so lonely to be,
When its only time and me,

Longing for love so wide,
Hoping to speed up the time,
Waiting seems so hard,
Yet scared to break my heart,
Erin Asuncion Jun 14
I felt happy I didn't deserve,
because I know I'll get hurt,
Their's always a limit to this,
like I'm standing on a cliff,

I just want to smile,
like holding your hand for awhile,
how can I smile?,
without you by my side,
why can't you stay?
Before we part ways,
just let me say "I love you",
I know it sounds sudden,
but I really mean it,

I wanted to tell you that long ago,
just right we're we left off,

but I was too late,
and you were gone,
I wasn't able to tell him.
Every part of me
means something
and it meant
nothing to you,

like every piece
didn't seem to fit you,
yet here I am
holding a piece of you,
Important parts of us
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