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  Sep 19 Scarlett
Liam Hunter

At times she was the fierceness of a storm
but when need be
She could hold the tears of a generation
on her fingertips

and separate
love, from sadness,
pull pain, from dreams,

and sew them together

into a life.
Scarlett Aug 25
I am spiralling down a dark well
mortar and stone grazing my knuckles and fingers
in their desperate plea to find a crack
a divet
anything to stop the spiral
but I continue to fall
black upon black
grey upon grey
deeper and deeper
the water is at my ankles
sinking now
into putrid sludge of what I do not want to remember
swept into the dark ocean cave
of my mind
  Aug 15 Scarlett
Anonymous Freak
I’m actually not okay.
I’m saying I am,
But I’m really not.
Scarlett Aug 15
I have gained five  kilograms

My brain is buzzing

I need it to go

I just want to disappear

Make myself small

Find me in the space between strength and frailty

Strong yet weak
  Aug 15 Scarlett
Your lies are so sweet
I put them in iced tea
And drank your false honesty
Scarlett Aug 15
I dream of gold skies

A heart that is full of light

Lost in life's messy events
Scarlett Aug 15
Let us go into the field
where peonies bloom and the dappled sun hits our skin

Let us go into the field
where kisses are akin to blossoms in spring

Let us go into the field
where the apples of our relationship lay untouched and protected

Let us go into the field
where even on the slate grey rain kind of days we can lie together

Let us go into the field
where our story began and our complication began

Let us go into the field
where we can repair the torn seams in the fabric that was us

Let us go into the field...
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