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Scarlett Nov 2019
the white noise of drowning
the never ending buzz
and yet, somehow it's comforting
hearing their consistent hum
indicating the new season
the welcome of summer
An old draft that I'm posting now instead of studying
Scarlett Aug 2019
when she collapsed for the last time
it was in a beautiful field
flowers engulfed her
as she faded away
when she breathed in for the last time
inhaled the perfume of the daisies
she shut her eyes for the last time
and closed them to dancing clouds and blue skies
and when she said goodbye to the world
it was for the last time
Scarlett Aug 2019
it started off gentle
a small shower of raindrops
but then it became a devastating storm
i thought that was the worst of it
but you made it a hurricane
I haven't been on here i ages so I'm just publishing some of my old drafts. i don't necessarily like these but i don't want them to go to waste.
Scarlett May 2019
a wave of dusty pink engulfs the golden glow of heaven
that the dainty clouds bestow upon the magical Earth at sundown
Scarlett May 2019
its 5 am and I'm staring out the window into the never ending dark.
the sun begins to rise above the horizon,
broken by trees that glow from the dusty colours behind them.
Scarlett Apr 2019
I'm not heartless
I'm just listening to my heart less
Scarlett Apr 2019
your flower has died
and now i'm just holding on to thorns that pierce my skin
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