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Let et Scar Apr 28
You didn’t break the girl
Just nearly cracked her
She spun around so fast
She’s out of sight now

You didn’t break the girl
Just barely scratched her
Covers the damage you have done
It’s all despite you

Got close enough that you could touch her
you ****** that up, but how?
She’s miles from you now

She fills the cracks,
same way you fill the pavement when it has a crack or two

Cosmetic fix,
****** mix,
It’s in her blood too,
Beneath the makeup there’s a scar or two,

You didn’t break the girl....
Just left her cracked against the sidewalk,
You can fix a broken mirror but....
You’ll ALWAYS see the crack in it,
It stares right at you,

And with two glass eyes she’ll stare you down too.
Let et Scar Apr 25
We’re women.
Men have it easy....
Home is not the house you stand upon nor is it the land it’s sitting on,
We are the neck in which ever direction I turn, turns your head,
This house is a house of paper cards,
It crumbles in a fire,
It rots in water,
The backbone, the care & the shelter you call HOME,
Without ME...
you are just a man standing, children crying, lost and pouting,
I am a WOMAN,
Bringer of life,
Maker of Home & Love,
I am NEVER allowed to be seen crying,
To show emotion or have feelings,
We are “meant to look pretty” smile with grace thru the grit of my teeth,
I must remain a WOMAN.
Taker of all that’s impossible,
Splitting myself into so many others to...
Warm up your HOME, soften your heart when it’s too cold and rigid,
I am a WOMAN,
Always expected to be strong,
Full proof SMILE thru the ache and weakness,
So your house is not your HOME.
It is I WOMAN birthing of life,maker of husbands and home,
It is I WOMAN that rules the earth that makes your happy place
Let et Scar Apr 9
I wear my ❤️ upon my sleeve
For all of you to SEE
Incase you thought I couldn’t feel...
Let et Scar Apr 9
I Press the cigarette against my skin until it bubbles and pops,
Like water does when you over boil it,
I pick the scab until it bleeds
In the same way that you left me,
I hurt myself to rid the pain,
But I don’t feel a thing,
I blur the lines between the versions of myself,
You call the monster within me because the girl is nowhere to be seen,
I drown my sorrows by the sea,
I let you in but you never see me,
But then again I don’t know the reflection that stand before me,
I hope with time the wound would heal, but that is just a myth,
I split myself into pieces so small you can’t ever collect,
They say I’ll go to heaven if only I repent,
But it’s too late I’ve become the serpent you regret,
I’ll wrap myself around you til your very last breath,
I’ll take you down below the ground to hell and you will never tell,
Scream and cry all that you want but no one will hear you here,
you thought that I was through with you,
And all I can say is “oh well”!
Let et Scar Apr 5
She’s a ghost in a shell
Ghost of her former self
From the outside she seems so in tack
But she uses life hacks
To reflect the appearance that she is alright
She’s far from all that
Her and her demons are wined up real tight
She’s a ghost of a girl
Didn’t you know?
A Decoy
A hologram
A dead woman walking
Let et Scar Apr 5
I've got a great big hole inside of me,
It’s eating up the rest of me,
I got a nasty case of the empty,
I stuff it with my vices but it never fills,
I don’t recognize the girl before me,
I let you take the rest of her,
I made my vow,
I’ll never love anyone again,
I’ll never open,
Never smile,
Never sing another song again,
I’ve a great big hole inside of me,
Killing all that used to be,
I wear a shell,
You couldn’t tell,
I fake it very well,
**** it to hell,
I’ve worn this disguise since I fell.
Let et Scar Apr 1
Don’t fall in love with me,
We know I’m not the one,
Don’t set your sights on me,
You know she’s just far gone,
Don’t try to buy my love,
Get clingy then I run,
I don’t believe in summer fun,
With summer love I’m DONE.
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