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AW Gray Jan 2021
This feeling,
A million tonnes pinning down my chest,
A heavy heart sagging lower
                                                    and lower and for what?
You owe me Nothing yet my clairvoyance crafts unconscionable debts,
like a parasite, it eats me alive from inside to out.
car left parked and a lie l o o s e l y laid
but the knot was not as strong ro save me from such crushing weight.
Heavier and HEAVIER as lights start to spark,
with waves crashing harder and HARDER against the busting barrier,
I lose
and all hell breaks loose,
and I crawl back unto the dark...
AW Gray Mar 2019
Dearest daughter.
Seed planted at twelve,
spiralling, sprawling.
Fourteen's springtime; sprouting,
while toiled and soiled,
till twenty's plenty.

The precious peers arrive,
cans in one, fertiliser in the other.
You plead, you beg,
nothing but stilted silence
Expansion you cannot take.
Not for this inner tree of black,
where nothing but anguish falls.
AW Gray Feb 2019
Wistfully Melancholic, Brown Overtones.
It's that ****** day again -
never stopping or skipping a second,
nor letting stillness be.
Is it future or is it past?
Never mind,
you'll never heed this
That painting on the wall,
a time long lost - desolate,
and left to longing,
with the romantic bliss that was,
and is nevermore
AW Gray Oct 2018
A fresh rising sun, grass glazed in dew
thhe sweet sweet sound of the robins tune,
Sounds of the storm begin to brew
humming along to thhe robins tune;
inside the palace,
        -the guilt,
        -the shame,
it grumbles and growls
but you're not the same.
Slaughtering deafening silence
in you,
continue to follow the robins tune.
AW Gray Aug 2018
Crimson tears crash
from the eyes of the Gods,
faithfully flowing through
the cobble-****** path,
I walk

in the direction of the fire.
The heavens burning,
and providing light,
dimming down this dwindling road.

shrieks of terror, shouts of faith
as the herd of sheep
fruitlessly phone.
Desperate for their burning bush
to reveal

Itself. Yet I Grin,
lips spread thin
cheek to cheek,
ear to ear,
such absurdity leads
to either laughter or fear.
AW Gray Aug 2018
The blasting intensity of the echoing bell,
formation finally falls into place
as the sheep align - a simplicity
fondly remembered now

The pen,
momentous and modern yet cold
and uncaring, a jail cell
for generations to come.

Guards persona's personable and kind,
like Christ they claim to know best,
Began with the fables of Biff, Chip and Kipper,
then break to fill your chest

This stop's swiftly stolen,
forced straight back to the program;
a servitude designed to force labour
till death.
I'm not happy with how the end flows so i'm still working on this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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