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stanzas that flow from the tongue,
sweet, but subtle
I enjoy their richness,
the raw emotion.
the beautiful path,
these words of his created.
His river of love,
a window to the soul.
Snapshots of him,
I travel through them
See how he was,
who hes become
Cursed as he was,
he spoke beautifully.
he loved, he hurt,
I witnessed it all,
seen the boy grow.
A man now, proud and grounded,
The best version of him
I'm glad to have lived,
been able to see it all.
This river of his
Once frozen,
May it melt
His words, fresher than ever
Beautiful changes and syrupy taste of poems
I listened to a song
long forgotten
I felt as though I wanted to cry
what was it,
this sadness?
not solely though,
for I felt joy, and happiness
As always, this associative memory of mine,
it stung me
A beautiful melody to embrace
A cruel and perfect joke
it transports me from my banality
what is it,
about music
my associative memory.

I see now,
I'm six years younger
I've yet to make a choice
I have all my doors open
The taste of love,
it runs in my mouth
a freshness almost
I taste spearmint,
I feel a nice cool breeze,
I witness sundown
I was just heading out to town,
wondering what I'll get up to tonight
a certain youth to it,
a charm, more apt
I felt free.

it saddens me,
am I unsatisfied,
perhaps just bored
life gets dull,
it needs that, certain spice
no clue what terrors await?
no clue what I'll enjoy next
I know, the four years that follow,
will drill me into dirt
but right now,
the thought of going back,
perhaps feels
sweeter than nectar
and as the song ends,
so I stand, painstakingly trying,
for this associative memory of mine,
to fail me,
Music, memories and nostalgia are perhaps one of the most bittersweet combinations to experience. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but it gives me those certain, stinging butterflies
I crave a mellow night
a simple slumber
Untroubled from my wishful thinking
struck repeatedly with my failures
I struggle to move on
So much I have to say
So much I wanted to
I fool myself all I can
a glimpse of you is enough
for my fort, it crumbles
Such paralyzing memories
they pierce my heart
all I could do was walk away
extreme excruciating emotions from the past; I struggle to face them.
Depersonalization as described,
Is the idea that you,
Become more than deprived of you
Imagine a window,
And you're looking outside,
Only you see your life,
Played through your dreary eyes
To completely illustrate however,
Let's step aside,
Now back in time
To when you were lost,
Looking around,
And crying for mom.
But now you're again that child,
Again looking around,
Crying, searching
Only you know mom's not around,
And no one's coming.
It's you.
Only you.
Searching for something.
Even you don't know.
Make this go away
I had a visitor,
A victim of the bludgeoning's of love
He talked of books,
wearing a Tolstoian mask
Something out of fiction,
like that which you fear
We talked,
and with each remark,
I saw a darkness slip out
Much to my shock,
it accompanied his shadow
Like his mind wasn't his own,
and his words were just gone,
replaced with those out of old romance novels
There was a sickness in him,
a void where his heart should have been
His skin turned pale,
his face dry
And all that which made him human,
was now an artifact of his existence
for when he was done,
he was no longer
In his place I saw thorns,
that were once love, lust and anger
Each ingredient that made him human,
now mocked him and his soulful thunder,
There was a visitor,
A victim of love,
A battle he had lost
Grown too frail and old,
In the prime of his life,
struck down from his stride
I buried him today,
but the grave's still open
I pray he returns
I pray he still knows love,
Your caring friend Pablo
We fight a terrible battle, for we think science can explain this thing called love. It sure can and it sure has as hell can't. But I know not many that had loved as much as you had, and too see it fail, my friend I can only offer my sympathies, for love is a thing I do not know but I know it is the only thing you knew. Warm regards, and hope for recovery is all I can offer, get well soon, my friend Afatsum
My floating state of mind
As skipping stones and
Making notes

Wandering about,
Keeping this boat afloat

I wish to have company,
For I have been stranded for far too long

Accompany me please,
Let's light this ocean of dust

Reminiscing of waves that were,
The tides of love that made us burn

For together we danced
In a state of trance

Under this Ash filled sky,
And we merged together,
Our love into amber.

You mustn't wander too far
You're the only thing keeping this boat together

For my heavy heart, it seems
Will only sink it deeper

But you will leave if you may,
These dreams of mine can only pray

Of an ending,
That leaves this heart depending,
On more.
Hello wanderer
I came today
And saw that you left

For the first time in a long time
Did i feel alone

So you, came
Encircling the sky

With an unbroken spirit
Unlynched, unaffected and free

Tell me friend, how do you do?
How can I be free?

Do you have the keys?
Do you know the keymaker?

I've tried finding one
But these chains are too heavy

Their locks too complex
Too complicated, too human

And the prices they proposed
I'm afraid I can't afford

My chains are slowly
Becoming one

Slowly combining,
Slowly seeping into my skin

And now I've become too heavy too fly
Gravity's gotten stronger

Tell me friend, how do you do?
How do you see, with those eagle eyes of yours?

The sky's too dark
And these glasses aren't coming off

The doctor suggested a lighter,
And so I took

I lit, and I smoke
The price of seeing is but a substitute

And the last time I saw,
It was all so much brighter

**** I start wearing these lenses
And now they're not coming off

They've left things darker

The price of flying,
Has all but left me broke

It's left me weighted,
Left my eyes weakened,
Left my heart darker
If I could just be free
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