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 Sep 12 blazing soul
He's so cold and
she's always ablaze.
She'll burn out and
he'll fade away in the haze.
 Sep 4 blazing soul
This morning I stared at my
veins, and I realized they’re as
blue as an ocean during sunrise

And I’ve been drowning in
myself since my first breath

For how long must I
breathe underwater?

Am I still alive if my soul
feels like it's sinking
into the abyss?
I’m not dead but I’m not alive either.
Behave like a mirror
Reflect everything
but say nothing
Bear like an anvil
hear lies but
test them by
hammer of
no reaction
Greed, nothing but a ego,
Fueled by my need.

Aren't we all,
So greedy to recieve ?
Wouldn't it be,
Much easier to live ?
If we were all,
So greedy to give.
Greed consumes us
Let go of greed.
 Aug 30 blazing soul
Would my grave be
deeper than my wounds?

Would the warmth of the morning sun
still reach my cold forgotten body?

Would Icarus, my bird, fly to the sun looking for me,
is my selfish death going to cost him his wings, too?

Would the worms weep when
they ******* tormented flesh?

Would the lines I wrote no longer
be read as poems but suicide notes?
 Jul 2 blazing soul
Despair drips
from my lips,
don't kiss me

My sorrowful soul
awaits death’s kiss,
don’t miss me
Don’t look away
When the man weeps
When the woman dies
When the child wails
When the dog whines

Cruelty is the universe moving
Suffering is the feeling of life

Don’t look away
Into the happy times
Into the fearful memory
Into the conceited depression
Into the fake gods

You can’t escape your fate
You won’t evade death.
Heaven rained on me,
I breathed in the petrichor,
Bathed in the downpour.
I have sinned,
So destroy me,
With your rain.
there is no

there is
trying and


to adapt
to truth

the reality
we all face

if we are

said i loved empty rooms
because they were all i had
didn't even know friends
could make you not feel like crap
didn't know relationships
were not supposed to feel so bad
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