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blazing soul Jun 7
One who believes in everything is likely to suffer from the disease called believedietis.
I.e be prone to die of misappropriation of believe, leading to mediocrity and hypocrisy.
Just believe in what you love, inspires and motivates and drives you.. But don't mistake believing out-of necessity and survival with the later.
blazing soul Apr 15
Hail out to the inverts.
Hail out to the ones that are actually godlike, the once that describes reality in the inverse direction..
Even the creator shapes the universe in the inverts.
In order to be godlike one must step into the inverts shoes,
Walk in the inverts realm and dwell in the inverts dimension.
Poetry gives an inverted image of things.. Which makes it more beautiful and challenging...
blazing soul Apr 1
The more I try to stay distracted the more I stayed focused.
The more I try to stay focused the more I get distracted..
How can you focus inside a distraction and be distracted from a focus.
  Mar 20 blazing soul
start by counting the stars
while walking to the edge of the cliff
ıf you have the chance
the sky is cloudy that night
blazing soul Feb 3
I fall for the devil herself, I guess we are going to dance to the rhythm of the fall together in hell.
The demons in my head throw me in hell...
blazing soul Dec 2020








blazing soul Oct 2020
I dreamt of a home where the head of the home practices Ritualism, who in order to sustain is life and wealth suffocates the life out off his children. Thus he got married to too many a wife and gave birth to too many a children, so he will always have a substitute for life and wealth. As the head of the house he used his power to repress the commentary of the wives, he even forced to stay without any terms of agreement the wife that got tired of the marriage cause they do nothing but bear children which they never get to enjoy.
He mastered the act of fakir, thereby basked in crocodile smile and silence he operates..
He paints the building with a whitish paint on the outside to derail the mind of the observer but the cracks and red stains betrays him and discloses the crooked and deformed nature of the inside.
The leaders of nigeria they are like this ritualist, who for his selfish gains and to sustain is life, takes the life of his children one after another, even while the child is struggling to save his life closed his and suffocate them, for that reason he got married to plenty a womsn of differrent size and shape, color and background.. He uses is power as the head of the house to suppress all.. His accomplice are his fellow ritualists and sons who assists him in committing this barbarian act of the post-babarian epoch..

In my dream, with the aid of the sons that assists in this act of savagery, this time he was able repress and suffocate the child but this child he suffocated was so tough he had a hard time completing it ****** to an extent that it drag some attentions from the wives and neighbors, but quickly the sons assisting cleared every trace of the mess and finally he suffocates the child, after a lot of struggle.. We have brothers and sisters in nigeria that assists in the suffocation of their brothers and sisters, sons and daughters that contribute to the suffocation of mothers and fathers....
It took place in the midst of darkness there was no moon and stars in the sky but all of a sudden after this particular suffocation, in darkest, creepiest, and cruel of nights, a shooting light quickly transformed itself into a moon accompanied by a light that translate itself to a star, both illuminated this blackest of night, and conquered the mystery of this blackness.. Giving the light of lead..
We are tired of all the mess..
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