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blazing soul Dec 2021
It's as melancholic as the story of fantine and her lark in Les miserable, as heart breaking as the agony bursting forth in acclamation of a great battle lost.
always "awakens in the winters".
More heart wrenching as to he who awakens not until at final bed of repose.
Always awakens in the winters.
blazing soul Dec 2021
As the wind of glad tidings blows the ladened cloud whither and thither. So shall, my worries, my Laden's of current and on  substitute to drench my path will be blown to a far desert land where nothing sprung and no soul paves,  there it will lay waste, no aught to cast it's misery upon
#prayers for the ladened
blazing soul Dec 2021
Though completely immersed in her ocean of deception.
Carried away by her alluring appearance.
Enveloped in her chaos and distractions.
Don't forget to breathe and realize it's just another fading moment.
Note to myself and others drowned in certain moments.
blazing soul Nov 2021
So much for just a moon day..
blazing soul Oct 2021
Poems upload is showing me bad gate ways, hope the site is still in order or it's time to move my poems.
blazing soul Aug 2021
It's Amazing how swift and down slopping  things and ways, rolls and drift into the abyss of obsolete without a brass fading of affection immersed in the darkness of time..
But thrilling how that which reaches out to the soul of humanity and  universe reemerges more illuminous from the abyss of time..
Poetry all the way
blazing soul Aug 2021
In as much as he miss and would love to behold thy innocence and seraphic radiance. He don't just want to create a seen without pulling the string..
Longing in distress
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