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Our fears so often pushes us off the precipice than the treat itself  just as our fears drown us  faster than the water shrouds us.
Betterside. By Sanusi @mrpoeticuniverse .

Believe,  U awesome, just keep writing and living, obliterate suicidal thoughts, commit negativecide, inferiorcide, lonelicide, depressioncide, memoricide impregnated with suicidal thoughts adopt loveside, generosityside, charityside, happyside, joyouside, succorside, humanitarianside and feel the rays of the betterside. Here is a little work for you let it accomplish a smileside upon heartside.
Obliterate suicidal thoughts.. Never stop living and writing..
Hearts filled with glorious candor upon perceiving it..
Skins gladdens upon it's rays..
Nature is rejuvenated upon it's sparkle..
It envelops the vast gloomy soul into a singulate bloomy hyperbole.

Sleep in the eyes,
Hunger in the belly,
Straying memories augmented with dreams,
Striving to relegate the soul into a limbo.
The fire in the soul strives to keep it alive..
I can't say exactly how you can, forwhy,  everyone acts according to his/her disposition... But in the name of your greatest fear, pleasure and languor  never allow the soul fire to be extinguished.
You will need me more than you think you would ever need me...
You will retire into tears, when you reflect on my words and realize it's the truth all the while..
You will curse the beings that has clothed the truth with lies and led you astray.
You will feel the spectres of truth, the ingenuity of the soul behind the scrivener and be immersed in unexpected chill....

But then it will be too late cause I will be nowhere found..
More than ever
With every passing day i keep getting use to you,
On one, it's quasi-upwardly projected stone, it travels until it gets to a certain altitude then descends  on full tilt cause the force that pulls it up expired..
Another quasi-object with a slight weight lifted so high by a whirlwind,  floats a while in the air then descends on slow tilt but in all cases what goes up must surely come down..

You caresses my system into a state of ecstasy..
But with all these feelings, there is still a cloud of dark matter in our horizon..
It hurts, cause i don't comprehend the source of this darkness..

I dont want to make promises that i cant keep, forwhy? i care  it not just the feelings, it's hurt that is attached to it quasi-towing tug, cause  i care..
I've a lot of past promises that i fail to keep,
So dont get it twisted, if im not making  promises,
I dont want to hurt another just like the others.. cause i care, cause i care, coz i care,
Cause I care
Nothing will ever go completely right. As long as there will always be those who wants to hoard things for themselves even though, aware they will never live forever.
As long as there will always be those who are not ready to live right and reasonably...
What's the point?
All leads to the den of obliteration.
Let's give up!
What if we give down?
What's it about surrender!
What's it about never surrender?
No one is, an exception.
There is neither a thing I can hardly do, except to right the wrongs of the mind with my words.
Words inscribing the wrongs and beauty of the soul in a pinchbeck, puny age, is like a melodious masterpiece of a violin in a noisy throng, rarely a soul offers any attention.
A token of my contribution.
Smiles.. I hope that be enough. Though "bitter Smiles"  cause nothing is ever enough..
Verily we are spend thrifts by nature we exhausts everything.  And we! eventually gets exhausted.
Up 4am.
Having aftermath dinner.
With the most tremendous of guests,  comforting yet tormenting, thoughts and Memories.
Dining on meals and wines of,  unfathomable class and brand.
With the most tranquiling of musics, echos of emptiness.
Guarded by The magnificent majestic retinue, lugubrious phantoms.
Encompassed by The most absorbing and cimmerian paintings, mystical darkness.
"In a stead formed yet unformed by ether, the mind".
The journey of the mind.
Absorbed in mystical darkness.
"Mr Boon"
It's really been a while I came across that adorable senile man " Mr Boon", maybe he's just too vexed with me,  maybe he's not pleased with the last encounter, cause I was too rash on the dusty.
Oh dear good senile man "Boon" don't be too ******* m
e not to pave on my pavement again. I know, I might have just been quite juvenile the aforetime, and we never learn. But does not everyone deserve a twoth?
#mr boon
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