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 Feb 2020 sans screens
 Feb 2020 sans screens
Anxiety wraps
itself around me,

like a coat that
doesn’t fit me

like a lover that
doesn’t love me

like a fire that
doesn’t warm me
I rewrote this poem because it felt unfinished.
 Feb 2020 sans screens
A drunken god has
spoke you into existence
A stolen diary that told you,
it’s a sin to return this body
even if its weak bones
couldn’t carry the weight
of your heavy heart

I know I can speak myself out of it
With a blade in my hand
standing on the edge of the stage,
I’ll wait for the Almighty to sober up
and watch me steal his role

After twenty years of rehearsal
I’ll play god,
lights will go off,
and curtains will close

Your followers will clap in awe
at my convincing performance

As I bow before them
As I fall before you
This is merely satire.
Miles may keep you apart,
But love has no range.
Someday you'll be together,
Someday things will change.
Miles cannot separate,
Two hearts that really care.
How lucky you are to have each other,
Even though this distance is not fair.
But distance means so little,
When someone means so much.
Missing them is unbearable,
Just waiting for their touch.
It certainly won't be easy,
But it will be worthwhile.
Some people will not understand,
They can't see past each mile.
As a couple you are just waiting,
For your life together to begin.
It's just the two of you vs distance,
And the distance will not win.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
 Mar 2018 sans screens
CA Smith
I'm a bit different,
that's what they always say.
I go about everything I do,
in my own sort of way.

I'm a bit unique.
Where others are straight I'm oblique.
When some choose red I choose blue.
That doesn't make me less of a person than you!

If who you are,
doesn't line up with even a single star,
then shine brighter then others do,
knowing that there's nobody else like you.

Walking about,
there's no need to pout.
Just smile and wave,
don't force yourself to be how they expect you to behave.

You are you,
and that's more than enough.
There's no need for changes,
that makes for too much fluff.

So if you're different,
just like me,
then think of it as a gift,
of which nobody else could receive,
and make your own special mark in history.
 Mar 2018 sans screens
This is not a love poem
this is an I love you do you love me like
I love you poem
do you know me like
you think you do poem
this is a would you be disappointed
if you did poem
an I have been feeling the chilling of the air
and I cant tell if it is just the fault of the season
or if you, too, are cooling
whatever heat you had for me
browning and falling and
crumbling between my fingers
like the leaves of these oak trees
in november poem
a what would I need to do to keep us warm poem
and this is also
an I may be completely mistaken poem
an it was seventy degrees today poem
this is a show me I am completely mistaken poem
 Mar 2018 sans screens
 Mar 2018 sans screens
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r

— The End —