Sanny 2d
As a prisoner of betrayal I still feel the chains around my feet.

Trying so hard to break free.

I need to heal the deep marks in my skin.

I have the man with the key by my side.

He's trying so hard, but the locks are rusty from years in captivity.

Will the locks or the key break first? I wonder.
Sanny Sep 7
With my eyes closed I still feel the humid air.
I hear the chaos of a city that never sleeps.

It's been two years.
A place that used to be my home, my future.
My mouth still knows the lyrics to songs in a foreign language.

So much has happened since.

As I sing I come to terms that I'm at peace.
I no longer wish for a life that could've been.

I'm here. I'm safe. I'm happy.

The question marks are gone.
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
Sanny Aug 30
His eyes wander.
They don't meet mine.

Tension from a fight.

The air is drowning me.
My legs are too weak to run.

Is this the end of us? I thought.
Can we ever survive this?

Deep breath, trying to gain the strength to walk away.

Away from him, from us.

His hand reached for mine.
A sign of peace, the future, of us as one.

Our hands fit perfectly.

And finally our eyes met.
I saw a depth I haven't before.

I saw love.
Sanny Aug 29
His texts are shorter.

The replies are few.


I'm now waiting restlessly.

That's new..

The distance feels longer than ever.

No sign of him.

As the minutes pass by my heart sinks.

Is there someone else?
Sanny Aug 25
If only I saw this coming..
..maybe the feeling of getting my heart ripped out wouldn't hurt that much.

If only I saw it coming..
..maybe I wouldn't feel this betrayed.

If only I knew..
..I wouldn't have given into fake love.

If only I'd known..
..I would've walked away.

If only..

I wish I knew.
Sanny Aug 20
My kisses must be toxic, poisonous.

Starving for love, they kill every chance.

I'm longing for affection, pure love.

I wonder if my eyes give it away.

The fear of being hard to love, toxic.

I lean in.

His lips feels cold on mine.
Sanny Aug 20
Am I as good as her?

Or will I never beat her?

How much do I matter?

I can't help myself..

When he looks at me does he think of her?

Wishing she was the one in his arms?

It's a dangerous game I'm playing.

Comparing myself to someone in his story.
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