Sanny 7d
Our bodies were shivering.

We held each other.

Surrounded by water, out in the lake.

The thunder and rain chrashed around us and I felt your lips on mine.

Our feelings for each other were so real and intense in that moment.

The memories and moments we have will be my favourite movie to watch.
Sanny Jul 7
I lied.

I am afraid, like for real.

The empty promises from the past are haunting me.

Destroying this.

Biting my tounge, to not question.

A constant battle in my head.

The insecurities are there to remind me.

That no one ever stayed..
Sanny Jul 6
Soft songs playing from inside and I think about him.

How safe I feel in his strong arms.

How his hands feel playing with my hair.

I think about that night, up high on a climbing frame.

Like in a movie he went to the other side, just to hold me and protect me.

I noticed then and there that the way he looks at me feels like home.

I wonder how we've missed each other before.

Our paths have crossed but we didn't notice each other.

Maybe I wasn't ready for someone like him?

Someone who doesn't feel like butterflies and chaos,
someone who feels like a loving home.
Sanny Jun 28
This is the last night.

Legs outside the window, the sun burns like always.

Cold beer in one hand, the heat from a cigarette in the other one.

Songs about old lovers playing in the background.

This is where it all started, and ended.

A feeling of sadness, to leave it all behind.

The person I was 6 years ago, all the memories, struggles and happiness.

Yet I feel excited.

I'm ready to move on, to create new memories away from here.

Ready to let go, to allow a new lover in.

A new view, new songs and new memories.

I have a good feeling about this new place and I can't wait to see what it has in store for me.
Sanny Jun 20
With my archangel by my side I'm fulfilling my dreams.

She's whispering me towards the right direction.

I feel empowered next to her.

We have a lion's strength and courage.

I know I'll be exactly where I need to be.

I don't doubt her power for a second.
Sanny Jun 19
A year I never thought I'd survive has passed.

I leave behind heartache, anxiety, loneliness and bad energy.

It's all washed off.

Now I look forward to fulfilling dreams, self-love and laughter.

Last year was about surviving.

This year is about living.

Today I celebrate me.
Sanny Jun 12
Inside this prison walls I see so much wasted time.

So many careless mistakes.

Destroyed lives.
I see them fighting, against time.

Some have lost hope,
wanderers in the corridors.

But some are fighting, for a change.

Their strenght gives me hope.

Locked in every night, they still see a future in freedom.

They have taught me the worth of it.

And for that, I'm thankful.
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