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Sanjula Jan 21
i am who i am
i am a bunch of thoughts
i am a collection of words
i am a crowd of faces
i am a bevy of beauties
i am a nest of rumors

i am the peace of heaven
i am the waves of the ocean
i am the wilderness of the forest
i am the winds of the winter
i am the buildings of the street

i am the unfinished persona in the novel
i am the untouched messed room in the lodge
i am the aborted lines of your notebook
i am the never talked battles of humanity

i am not who you make me
i am who i make myself
i am me
Sanjula Nov 2020
Beauty is
Watching your heart through your twinkle
Beauty is
Reading your mind through your smile
Beauty is
Feeling your sadness through your touch
Beauty is
Getting old memories through your aroma .

But this world , this world destroyed you .
They fabricated your sanity like them
And seized your innocence .
Those fiend trimmed your pinion ,
Which you shaped to administrate your future .

But lets croon the come back song .
For I want to discern your allure once more
Once more I want a glimpse of those eyes
Because the photographic memory is shedding off .
Shedding off , too fast .
Your path is long and unknown . Be brave enough to experience .
Sanjula Nov 2020
Standing far can't show that you abhor me
Let my love lap the solid stone in your heart
So that I can procure you for life .
For thousand decades wherever hell or heaven I stay ,
I need you forever like a tree ,
Which will give me oxygen and sanctum , fruits and flowers.
Who will guide me as a companion , dialectician .
You are arduous to find in this present cajole world .
But once I get you they will ogle ,
When I will grow as flowers around your ligneous trunk .
This was my first ever poem with which I started the journey of my poetry .

— The End —