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A is for always appearing after appropriate
D is for denying deadlines
H is for haphazardly hanging on
D is for dealing with disarray
I keep refreshing that page
But it doesn't feel very refreshing
It’s a frightful thing
To throw words into the air.
For once they’re aloft,
It’s up to the one who catches them
To decide what they mean.
She looks
Like daisy chains and sand castles.
She sounds
Like the jingle of an ice cream truck.
She tastes
Like ice cold lemonade.
She smells
Like soft grass and soil.
She feels
Like sunshine on an endless summer day.
Is it so impossible
That by drinking her love,
I can stay young forever?
My soul is patchwork
Made of memories.
Swatches of what I've loved
Stitched together.
For every drop of my blood she spilled,
She shed ten of her own.
The barbs that cut me
Dug into her own skin
I was foolish.
I stayed and bled,
Because how could I abandon
Someone who was hurting more?
I'm collecting on my debt
For every thought I've had of you
That you haven't had for me.
That's 2,472,966 thoughts.
Yes, I brought receipts.
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