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Sanaysha Mar 2020
I am the child made of rain.
And I’m trapped behind these walls.
I’m stuck behind plaster.
I’m behind red ruby bricks.
I’m trapped between two white walls.

It is winter and I cry.
Sometimes I cry more than anything ever.
It is winter and I freeze, but no I am not snow.
I am still rain, but not ice.
My heart is just cold, that’s all.

The seasons are changing.
My heart melts for the buds, but I remain trapped between these walls.
It melts and it’s own rain flows in between the cracks of these cracked walls.
But I remain inside.
It rains outside.

It is now the Spring.
This is my chance, but I am trapped with no way out.
It rains over the buds constantly but I am left out by the others because I am trapped behind walls.
I watch from these walls hoping they’ll see me but they never do.
I’m still trapped without a clue on how to get out.

The seasons have repeated.
It was winter months ago but this time it’s spring.
I watch as it rains over the bud and the others are left without me.
I cry, but in an instant I melt with my heart.
The rain flows through the cracks, but my body seeps through it all, and I am free.
Sanaysha Aug 2019

Life will give up on you when you need it the most
It will get you close with your best buddy
Leave you there in love with someone who doesn't even know how you feel about them yet
Will bring you young mothers and sticky boys and tiny baby girls with fresh white pearls
Life will turn into its own book and read you in the mid day
Life will leave you breathing on purpose with a purpose
Life may leave you without a purpose but with ambitions
Life will chew you up and spit you in coffin
Life will bring you love and let it walk out on you for deception.
But the universe will write out you life with gel pens. And then give it limbs, brains, and hair.
Life lives with you.
But life will leave you dead.
Sanaysha May 2019
Does my aura suprise you? Does the back straps on my snap backs fool you? Are you confidence to compete with me? Does the definition of "normal" make you question the it bitty steps I take? Am I hard to process?    

Does my sexiness upset you?
Sanaysha May 2019
Don't text and drive
Don't walk with you head down when there is a van pulling up behind you
Don't cross the street without looking both ways
Don't forget what her face looks like
Don't forget what his face looks like
Don't forget the sound of my voice
Don't forget the curves in my body
Don't forget how my lips taste or how my kisses feel
Don't forget how we cried together
Don't forget how my perfume smells
Don't forget how my mom cooks
Don't forget the late night jokes and sleep overs
Don't forget childhood
Don't forget about warm hugs or deep feelings
Don't forget to say goodnight, to me
Don't forget to kiss your parents goodbye on their death beds
Don't forget punctuation after a statement.
Don't forget to cross your t's and dot almost every single i
Don't forget to get milk while your out Don't forget to tie your shoes even when your not the little kid I once knew
Don't forget to chase after someone who you love during an battle and their walking away
Don't forget everything I told you not to do
Don't forget everything I told you to do
Don't forget about me

Don't forget to take out your earbuds out so you can hear the sound of the rain while your walking.
Sanaysha Apr 2019
I've been watching her.
I've fallen in love with a girl.
As our two hearts connect, the temptations turn into a waxed candles. And at the flames burn between our two hearts, one ignites on top.
As the flame rises we soon reach climaxes like fire bites and mountain tops. But as the flame burns out, it starts a wildfire.
Sanaysha Mar 2019
On nights like this, I wish to be closer to you.
One the days I see you, I want to be with you.
Your with her and I'm by myself.
I want you to choose her over me........ Is that too much to ask for?

On night like this your knocking at my door. I ask you "why" but before I can get the "y" out, I black out onto the night's surface because I've been kissed.

I wake up in your car.
We are going to watch the night sky on this night. And many nights after, because on some nights like this I want to be closer to you.
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