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Sammy Durrant Sep 2016
In amusement
Format ideas in a light headed voice
Cause I just feel vapid and spaced
Crucial zone peak self-doubt
A grassy fucken hill area
Wet and quiet and blue
When it comes down to it
Ya feel fickle’ n shorts
Crying like a water melon
Sammy Durrant Sep 2016
I love when you share facts about the wild life of the Yard
Understanding the world
that is surrounding me
Distinct codes in things
Former-future references
It feels like it's gonna rain, the bedroom light makes me feel
Did you see me smoking *** in the court
Smoking love out my eyes
The large trees keep the wind in them
Top dancing waves being pulled
I am worried by how much i don't breathe or how soft I feel
Sammy Durrant Sep 2016
Be not charged in dwellings
  Love is my church
And I need time to process
  Oh you know
There's beeps and laughter
  Much of what I feel is in the air
Sammy Durrant Sep 2016
How often is special
   This is a tumult
   Over me popping with daisies
Sammy Durrant Sep 2016
picture me of dirt and
    relieve yourself and watch it and be pleased
    and return to the trampoline
Sammy Durrant Sep 2016
Death vibrating on the sunbeams
   look at me look at me
   ******* diminishing
   Chomp chomp chomp
   Number gets spin
   And my head comes on crashing
Sammy Durrant Sep 2016
do you feel the split

   between each of my teeth
   that i fill with sugar and get comfortable
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