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The sun is out shining
The colorful roses  
That are drooling over the fence
With each rose having a meaning
She’s been given the red roses
That were once from his fence
That have been drooling over the fence
They were meaning to last forever
For they shall last a lifetime
Apr 1 · 77

Laying down while my pillow collects my thoughts
As I think of you
All because of an emotion you made towards me
Everything feels changed
Right now it feels good
But will tomorrow feel good ?

Laying down while my pillow collects my thoughts
My heart is racing
Wanting to jump out of my chest
To be be with you
Nov 2019 · 198
Take me somewhere

Take me somewhere
far from everything
where nothing can be trace
back to you and i

Take me somewhere
where there's a tall building
that glows at night
where we can fall in love

Take me somewhere
where there's a beach ,
swimming with you
while you hold me
as we face each other

Take me somewhere
where we can dance
all night ,
walk around town
that has every spice to try
Nov 2019 · 185
I miss

I miss you
Is what i want to feel
But won't feel it

I miss our talks
Is what i want to say
But won't say it

I must move on
I must work on myself
I must be a better version
Of myself

Then live a life
Where i broke a
Precious heart of someone
Nov 2019 · 207

The last thing you told me
Has stayed in my mind
And now it just proves
That it was just a lie
Nov 2019 · 133
Come and fly with me

Come and fly with me
Come see the world
With me ,
Hope it’ll last
At least for a while
Then that’s last
I’ll wake up
Nov 2019 · 155
One with the two

Mind filled with memories
Triggering ones
That last a lifetime
One with the two
Two that changed Her life

She felt as she remembered
The pain of the memory
With the two
Tears came down
Uncontrollable Breathing
And worse of all overthinking

Before then
It was only her and her inspiration ,
On other hand
It was only her and the protector

When the inspiration and protector
Had a thought of trying again
The perfect word for
inspiration and protector together
Became a dream
For I wish the dream to last forever
But knowing that dream need to end
The one is very personal to me because this is about my parents and how we tried to be family but it didn’t work very well , I’ve tried to write this one few times and then it finally hit me and the words just flowed .
My mom is my inspiration and my father is my protector <3
Oct 2019 · 184

The way you lighten the room
when you walk in
the joy of laughter
you bring out
the heart you have
is special
and for that
I'm bless to call
you my sister
Oct 2019 · 286

The memories of you and I
Came like a flood
Now I feel as if I’ve drowned
Into memory land
Of you and I
Oct 2019 · 156
Simple white roses

A rose
A simple white rose
With a little pink on top
For you and I
To each have a memory
To hold on too

Many days after
Wonders began
If you still have the
Simple white rose
With a little pink on top
For you to hold on too

But for I
Have tossed it somewhere
For it have a better place
Then to drool over my shelf
Oct 2019 · 135
Something beautiful

I was flying back home
It was getting dark
I got excited
I planned to sit next to the window
In the plane

Since I was 9 years old
I’ve always thought if
I were to be in a plane
Next to the window
And it be night already
I’d see the big moon
With it being clear enough to see the stars
It’d something beautiful

So here am I
Next to the window
And it’s night already
I see the big moon
With it being clear enough to see the stars
Then i knew that this was something beautiful
Aug 2019 · 220
What tears?
What tears ?
For I feel nothing coming from my eyes
As the emotions of sadness covers over me

What tears ?
You see them as they slowly fall down
To the ground
I look at the mirror to see what you see
And I see no tears
For yet I can not feel or see them

What tears ?
I feel nothing when it comes to the tears
I see nothing when it comes to the tears

Why do I not feel or see them ?

Well it’s  because I’m used to it
When you’re used to something
You don’t feel or see it

You can’t love someone from before
And put full hate on them
No matter how much you want to hate


Because god put love first
Just like it’s said it bible
“Love is patient and kind”

You can’t love someone from before
And try to twist their words
When they try to make peace
And make their words as they are twisted
Twisted in to evil

Because the devil is full of evil
And when people speak evil
Those are the devil’s words

You can’t love someone from before
And leave them in dust as you walk away
At least without throwing word to word
On why this has happened

But you can love someone from before
When there is peace in between
When there is forgiveness
When there is happiness

But most importantly
When there is love

You can’t hate someone from before
That you now love that someone from before
As that’s before becomes a forever
Jul 2019 · 793
Driving To Hawaii

What a paradise
Where there is so many palm trees
The sun getting brighter
Sand feeling soft and warm
Not too warm just perfect
The sound of waves crashing
Our bodies getting darker
As we're lying on sand
With the flowers falling from the trees
Falling down towards us
As we're under the tree with flowers falling
You holding me
With those arms around me
My hands around you

Sounds amazing huh
Now let’s drive to Hawaii
Jul 2019 · 235

After all the things we had gone through
With the walls talking and it being spread to others
After we’ve settled with many hours of the arguments
And the fear what the eyes making a look will give away
While staying undercover

Felt so right to be in
Yet the blindfold was in the way
But in our way was what many things could have gone wrong
It’s been too long , since you’ve been gone
So long that I’ve lost count of the days , hours , minutes , seconds

I wished you stayed
Well you stayed with me
but not staying next to me
Where we have hands holding so close
That our fingers curled together
And my head tilt onto your shoulders
Looking at the sky , with those bright sunset colors

“Please stay” is what I want to say
Yet I wish the best for you
And wish no harm for you
I shall let you go but letting go isn’t easy for me to do
But I know if I do , is because i care for you
Which I will forever care for you
Jun 2019 · 154
You see

You see a girl , a beautiful one ,
just smiling and begins
to laugh with her friends ,
but the feeling she is holding
is that happiness that is being shown.

You see the kindness ,
she brings towards other

But what you don't see
she doesn't get  to hold that happiness for too long
she hides that dark side of her that try's to come out
like the feeling of Cinderella
when the clock strikes at midnight

But she every night prays to her god
knowing he will give the faith and strength
she has quietly begged
she never begs for something that could save her life
she deserved to have depression and anxiety
not being an existing feeling in a world filled up
with the paradise that was once a dream that will be a reality

You see the same girl who use to suffer every day
but also is being someone who was filled with sunshine ,
but also someone who felt the need to go to the corner
with her arms cross on top with her knees bent up
and her head going into the arms
and hiding from the dark side of the world
Jun 2019 · 173
June.11.19                                                                                                      ­    
My heart can barely beat
My blood can barely flow through my body
My words can’t find its way to be said
My eyes can barely see the beauty
For it wanting to see the darkness
When will it stop ?
When will I feel freedom ?
When will I ever look at you
And not feel no negativity from you
This anxiety has once tried to take me
And it will not happen again
For I deserve the happiness
That was meant to be in me
Jun 2019 · 603
June.8.19                                                        ­                                        

Lights shining everywhere
Everyone moving their body
Along with the music
Feeling the vibe through our bodies
It's just you and me on the middle of the floor
My arm around you
You holding me
Never let me go darling
Our song comes on
You looking down on me
Singing the words to me
I sing it back to you
This feels like a movie
But it's our movie
Nothing  in this moment can go wrong
This feels right to be here with you
Just imagine the future
When we're the only ones dancing
On the middle of the dance floor
Feeling the vibe
As our song is playing
And all eyes are on us
Jun 2019 · 546
The Perfect Plan
June.4.19                                                        ­                                            

It's 2'am on a Friday morning
The brain flows words in like a flood coming through
Your heart's racing as you think about it
There's that phone call that makes you get butterflies
Just as you were talking to him couple ago hours
He know something's off
He knows your motions so well
He can feel it from across town
"I'll pick you up in 10 mins"
As he lets you know
" Ok "
But what to think ?
what to plan ?
what to say ?
You hear his car outside
You sneak out your room
You jump over the fence
Hop into his car
Ah , there's something to look at to be amazed by
He puts his hand under your face into pulling you
For one of his sweet kisses
He knows something is taunting you
He knows it's his job to make that taunting
From a memory into a disappeared cloud
You drive the ghost streets
With the lights only there
The vibe with music going is more relax
He knows how to give a vibe
The town is more beautiful at night with no one
Lights still going on
There's a few places open to food
You know my favorite taste
The taste that brings that vibe in me
Later when the sun is rising
We're at the beach
Where the warm colors show more
I look up at you , as you have your arms around me
Knowing it'll be ok
As long as you are with me
I close my eyes for second and open them
But suddenly i'm in a different place
Where i have my comfort zone
Where i lay down and think of you
Here in my bed
Having another thought of you all night again
Thinking here that
"This is the perfect plan"
Jun 2019 · 284
Brown Eyes
May.20.19                                                        ­                                          

Those eyes , those brown eyes
How beautiful they are
How they shine in the light shows the happiness
But yet in the dark
They show the darkness…

There are others who have colored eyes
Those who have the ocean color ,
That shine as if the waves were hitting...

Those with the color of leafs that bloom during spring
Shows how beautiful nature can be
On a summer morning…

But the color of your eyes
Will always shine like the sunlight at sunrise
In the morning as i turn to you
With the waking of your brown eyes

Oh how silly of me , thinking that brown eyes
Weren’t so special , but that wasn’t that til
You looked into my eyes,
And with those brown eyes ,
They shined so bright , our future appeared

With our hands , how it feels right to be hold
To show the world that
You are mine and only mine
And i am yours and only yours

As we walked through this sidewalk
Where this town is filled with voices
And with the looks that these walls have on these old building
Go through in and out , as no one was prepared
But there’s no need to be vergüenza

We finally have arrived at the place
Where god creates his art on the sky
  It’s almost time for the darkness to come

You put your arms around me
I can feel the love coming through
Knowing it’ll be good as long i’m with you

I turn around to see you
To see those brown eyes
That shine in the sunlight of sunset
Jun 2019 · 305
A Rose
Apr.12.19                                                        ­                                          
A flower , simple red rose
That has a feeling of love
Has the reminder of kindness
To that special someone

But a garden is filled ,
Filled with roses
As the girl waters them
Hoping they will be beautiful

How the sunset colors are
So warm , so beautiful
How the red blends with into orange
And orange into yellow
Pink in the background...

Like an artist painting
It’s view of their eyes
And how they see a moment ...

A moment where he picked
One of the rose’s in the garden
As he picked it ,
He thought of her …

He then gave her the red rose
The one that has afeeling of love
Where it reminds her the kindness
The one that say’s for it self ..

The 3 words she’d heard before
The one where she hope to  hear
From him , expressing his love
from the red rose , he gave
He then says it
“I love you “

— The End —