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The way you lighten the room
when you walk in
the joy of laughter
you bring out
the heart you have
is special
and for that
I'm bless to call
you my sister
Sept.12.19 //letters that won’t be sent to you

You took my breath away
Every time you got close to me
So close
I could hear your sweet words
Close to my ears

The last thing you took from me
Was trust
For now I shall search for trust
And keep it to myself
Sept.11.19 letters that won’t be sent to you

The looks you had
As you looked at me
With that smile
Use to **** me
Now you don’t look
At me like before
That kills me now
Sept.10.19 //letters that won’t be sent to you

Hold me once again
With those arms around me
That smell of you
Gets me love high
That will never get over

I’m in way too deep
Someone pull me out
Before it’s too late
Oh well looks like
it’s too late
Sept.9.19 //letters that won’t be sent to you

The memories of you and I
Came like a flood
Now I feel as if I’ve drowned
Into memory land
Of you and I
Sept.8.19 //letters that won’t be sent to you

A rose
A simple white rose
With a little pink on top
For you and I
To each have a memory
To hold on too

Many days after
Wonders began
If you still have the
Simple white rose
With a little pink on top
For you to hold on too

But for I
Have tossed it somewhere
For it have a better place
Then to drool over my shelf
The looks you have
My eyes adore you
The sweet voice you have
My mind remembers it

Countless days
Where there are sleepless nights
For my mind , thinks of you
I pray
I wish
For you to feel the way I feel
The way my heart beats for you
The way my mind thinks of you
The way I smile when I see you

I changed some things between the days
The days of how I felt for you
“Will it work?”
“Will he notice ?”
“If so , will I still have feelings for him?”

Days go by
The more it work
The more you became envious
But the less my heart felt towards you
The less I thought of you
I then realized I was moving on from you

You see
I spent countless night
Thinking of you
And you spent your nights
Not thinking of me
But for you and I
To work together
Time will never be the same
For the both of us to be two in one
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