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sammy May 27
I realize now, I still love
I still miss
I still care
But there is nothing more I would want, than this itself.

This, that was patience
This, that was great kindness
This, that was a never ending entrustment.
And even though it’s gone, i know, that it’ll introduce itself again,
And again, and again.

Needed a moment to espy “this”
So I could detach from a first, swiftly built bliss.

And a stable awareness, was what didn’t desert,
But nurtured, this indescribable feeling.

I guess it doesnt go away
But maybe it doesn’t entirely stay.
It chooses to grow
Into an imperishable entity.
sammy Apr 9
No, I'm happy.
I'm smiling and up and out there.
You're just not the reason for it anymore.

I knew this when i saw that the love I'd been looking for years, came truthfully and delicately through my new door.  

The door that'd been made because the last one opened so much but also closed too much that one day, it jammed, and had broke.

And your love was nothing but special until unintentionally, it became something so futile.
Little by little, becoming nothing more than a want and approval.

Everything you put in for .
Everything you gave ,
Now is percieved as overcompensating

So real closely, listen and recognize
that I’ve been hit with precision,
and that's why I'm left here and you're left alone.
sammy Feb 1
Filled with beauty.
Filled with admiration.
An admiration louder than scorn.
These yellow giants stare at their goddess in awe.

They’re happy flowers with smiley faces,
sun praising angels.
That when their goddess’s light is unveiled, they shower in her glistened kisses.
Though when she leaves, they sense her absence, and are left with the feeling of unpleasance.

Such graceful worshippers can’t help but embody the sun.
Amber, a sort of honey glow color, within each petal, of each sunflower.
Sky high, it’s green stems towers it’s environment.
Towers it like an ocean-cliff.

Vibrant and warm.
As free as air, they stand tremendously stunning and yellow.
That yellow.
The yellow from a lemon.
The yellow so bright, so alive,
like their goddess’s.
These yellow flowers,
These yellow giants,
Are the sun’s very own yellow guardians.
sammy Jan 29
your eyes aren't just "brown"

they're the color of the fresh soil after it rains
they're essentially their own golden rays.

your eyes are coffee, cocoa, and tea
they're the sprinkle of cinnamon and that single piece of toffee.

your eyes can darken and create an eclipse,
but they also lighten and form a pool of honey.

your eyes are dark, milk, and overall just raw chocolate
and they're the several hues before a sunset.

your eyes are a warm hug and a great bliss,
they're an incredible enchantress.
sammy Jan 24
Treated, as if my heart's like yours
Talked to, as if I intruded your words
Looked on, and had brought my eyes nurture,
But my couple of words never went any further.
You're kind and you're caring,
But you'll never try hearing,
Just what my tongue ponders
And just what I am bearing.

It's true that I'm wrong,
But it's wrong what you've sung,
That I'm painted real pretty
And I'm made from some stone.
Don't feel lost or feel pity,
Just keep talking and loving me.

See it's simple my darling
There's no pain or torture
It's just weary and frailty,
And imperfections unblurred.

It takes time and good vision,
It takes feeling some words.
It takes more than you'll realize,
But it's not so unsure,
That I'll quickly find inside,
All the sweet and the pure.

— The End —