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sammy Jun 2020
Saying “I don’t mean to hurt you” won’t stop me from being hurt.
Saying “ I just want to help you” doesn’t make sense when I’m pressured to make any decision at all or I’m being screamed at, because I won’t tell you what’s wrong.
Saying “ just try” is thoughtless and doesn’t make any difference, when me still breathing, is me trying.
Saying “its okay” does not mean It’s okay.
Saying “I’m here” means nothing if you don’t keep your promise.
Saying “ I love you” is dangerous and should only be said if it’s really meant.
sammy May 2020
Let me remind you, I’m onto better things.
Let me remind you, I stopped floating so delicately
Let me remind you, I’m more than just a fling.
Let me remind you that I will be your reminder, for what you don’t have anymore.
sammy May 2020
Look for souls, not bodies.
Use your mind not your eyes.
Let your thoughts make things beautiful.
sammy May 2020
I scream and I scream at you, and say leave me alone
all I meant to say was.. no that’s not what you heard.
So I regret and I hope for nothing more to occurr
But still you stand there because of me, with a reflection of my words.

No, there’s no excuse for the way that I act,
But you need to know, you’re not the one  I mean to attack.

It’s Admission I target every time it checks in.
I don’t want it taking advantage, when i stand in its place.

So frustration embodies my words to conceal,
all the fear and the sad my heart deeply feels.
sammy May 2020
Talk like you can’t feel,
think like that’s all you can do.

The control isn’t real, yet you wait for a hand to prove it to you.

And you hear silence at its loudest, but you’re sitting there listening.

What the bars are made of barely matters, unless you’re a part of its thickening.

Afraid to breathe?
Yet you find comfort in the dark

You tell yourself it’s better that way,

So stay a hostage, but remember you’ll forget how freedom talks.
sammy May 2019
I realize now, I still love
I still miss
I still care
But there is nothing more I would want, than this itself.

This, that was patience
This, that was great kindness
This, that was a never ending entrustment.
And even though it’s gone, i know, that it’ll introduce itself again,
And again, and again.

Needed a moment to espy “this”
So I could detach from a first, swiftly built bliss.

And a stable awareness, was what didn’t desert,
But nurtured, this indescribable feeling.

I guess it doesnt go away
But maybe it doesn’t entirely stay.
It chooses to grow
Into an imperishable entity.
sammy May 2019
Treated as if my heart's like yours
Talked to, as if I'd scratched your words
Looked on by eyes that brought nurture,
Though my couple of words never went any further.
You're kind and you're caring,
But you'll never try hearing,
Just what my tongue ponders
And just what I am bearing.

It's true that I'm wrong
But it's wrong what you've sung,
That I'm painted real pretty
And I'm made from some stone.
But don't feel sad or feel pity
Just go on and leave it to me.

You see, it's simple my darling
There's no pain or torture
It's just weary and frailty,
And imperfections unblurred.

It takes time and fixed vision,
It takes feeling some words.
It takes more than you'll realize,
But it's not so unsure,
That I'll quickly find inside,
All the sweet and the pure.
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