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Sam 21h
You can't figure out

the life of a man.

Of where they want to go

or what they want to know.

They've reach their dreams

still unhappy as it seems.

'Cause they're starting to fall

as they get tired to soar.

Man always seek for joy

and always will ask for more.

Why is a man like this?

They have many desires

but don't have real happiness.
21, Copyright ©2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Sam 21h
I'd like to think precisely

about my goals.

How I could reach it

or how I could do it.

But there are these doubts

living inside of me.

Saying I can't,

I shouldn't,

I'd lose it.

I hate it this way.

Having a query with myself

and getting confused over

a simple silly thing.
21, Copyright ©2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Sam 21h
It's horror to find things confusing.

At first it was easy.

Second, it was hard.

The third time was a mess.

What else to find in the end?

Neither you nor me

has the knowledge to know the outcome.
21, Copyright © 2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Sam Nov 2019
How can something so beautiful
be so unattainable?
  Dec 2018 Sam
kevin hamilton
give me a chance
to be the worst thing
that ever happened to you
  Sep 2018 Sam
Semi-literate Poet
Give license for people to believe that an honest person has deceived.  I am not a liar and I will face my maker proudly when it's my time for judgement...I'll look him straight in the eye...and won't even have to say the words before he says son...I know, I know....come sit with me tell me why you cry.
We are all sinners and I have sinned my share....but in that list that God will show me...the word dishonest will not appear
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