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Was she worth it?
Was I not enough for you?
How sad that motel 6 must’ve been
At 4 pm on a Sunday afternoon.
Did your clothes smell like her when you left?
I can’t even look at you
Because all I can see
Is someone else’s hands all over
Your body.
Was she worth it?
Did you need to **** her to feel something?
I should’ve listened the first 8 million times
I can’t escape this burning feeling in my chest
I want to rip my heart out of
My body
I want to feel nothing.
I hope she was ******* worth it.
Your heart must pump honey throughout your body

You are sweet

You stick to everyone you meet.

It shines throughout the golden locks

That fall gently from your head

Passed the nape of your neck.

You are everything bright

And everything beautiful.

As if the sun came down

To gently touch you at birth.

You are the light in everyone’s life.
I just read the Song of Achilles. It ruined my life.
How do you deal with pain
That feels like it’s swallowing you whole.
Drowning you.
I can’t even cry anymore
I want to scream
I want to scream so bad
But I fear
If I start
I’ll never stop.
I try to put the pieces back together and then cry when they cut me
I carry my father’s secrets
Like 1000 pound weights
On each shoulder
Every day.
She mean't that much to you

Even though you spent months


convincing me it was nothing.

I was stupid to think that maybe for once

just once

I would come first.

Because I'm different right?

Or were you always seeing her eyes

every time you looked into mine?
you ruined me and you didn’t even know it
because you didn’t even know my name
but it was your smile
it was the brightest smile
i have seen in awhile.
i’ve been in the dark lately
so when your face lit up the room
i became attached
like a moth
to a fire
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