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Samaah noor Feb 6
a dance of daggers,
a beautiful disaster
your love which
consumed me,
is now
reason of my
empty heart.

you told me that i was pretty
but i looked prettier on my knees.
you hurt me,
roses want blood, and grace.

you’re a doomed rose
painted my body
you said
love is pain
but is it really?

all i ever wanted
was for us to be beautiful.
Samaah noor Mar 2018
One day,
I’ll just let you go
I’ll let our memories
Fade away,
I’ll forget that you ever loved me,
forget that you’ve ever been mine

For what you think is a joke
Can tear me apart,

Cause’ I don’t deserve this
And we don’t deserve
an eternity full of pain

I don’t want to drown
deep inside you,

Your love,
consumed me
and now that it’s gone
the pain is on
Samaah noor Mar 2018
And its 3 A.M
I see your brown hair,
Your perfect eyes,
Your skinny yet strong arms,
That once held the weight of my tears,

But what a ***** I can be,
To let you go,

For we were just 2 fools in love,

But here we are sitting in,
the waiting rooms,
For which the wait is endless,

Like us at night under the stars,
I stand breathless,
For what a disappointment I can be,

You are my if,
And I am your whatever,

You were the reason,
Why my life became a mess,

Every night,
When I tried to,
My heart ached,
For all the bruises it wore

Wondering how I could get you back,
In this little life of mine.

— The End —