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Im alright,
No, I lied,
My state of mind,
Is far from fine.
Hello new face who
Came into my life,
Some day you'll forsake
Me as others did eventually,
But thats fine, for
Much of my time, is
Spent with loneliness
Than with mankind.
Ever restless mind of
Mine, I wish thou
Would be still for
Once in my life.
Everbody dies,
Some before their time,
Others alone, without
Loved ones by their bedside,
Quite pointless to ask why,
For such is life.
Differing sins bicker amongst
Each other as to who shalt
Permanently shape me
After their ways and until
The end of my days.
Let thy ways oh Yahweh
Become my second nature
That I may breeze through
tempation with ease.
Rose cheeked Maisy
Always brightens my
Gloomy days with her
Radiant smile.
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