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Tora 2d
And there you’ll learn
you are either them
or you

solving for X
tearing down any defense
any pretense

where X = right
and right = real
and real = them

because you are a number
that doesn’t exist
a square root of negative nine

and to you
dividing by zero should have made

but there you’ll learn
that you can’t divide
by zero

and the square root
of negative nine
can never be X

to them, to you, you’ll forever be
not a solution
but an error
Tora 3d
When I sit down in front of the mirror,
deal a hand,
(once for me, once for me)
I find my opponent’s face to be unreadable.
And I win,
(I do every time we play)
And I throw my cards down in front of me
taking back the chips I’d raised.
Again, I face the loser
surprised by the bitterness on their face
(though I really should expect it by now)
And this time I wonder:
is it worth winning
if you always lose?
Tora 3d
Beware of the self-serving friend
who uses as means to an end
though she may be blue
or complex as you
she isn’t your duty to mend.
Tora Dec 2020
there once was a fun beanie gal,
who made for a pretty great pal.
if you call her short,
she'll have to resort
to cruelty, which she shall.
Tora Dec 2020
in the back sat a guy with long hair,
and if you look at him he'd glare.
but if you sit down,
and upend his frown,
you'll find he's not much of a scare.
Tora Sep 2020
Faster, faster,
everyone’s already done.
Quicker, quicker,
seems you’re the only one.
Think, think,
I don’t know what that makes.
Write, write,
This was a huge mistake.
Tora Sep 2020
Children are carefully put-together structures built of popsicle sticks
taken from the mouths of people they admire
and one single broken word
can send it all crashing down
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