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Illona Dec 2018
hey Sun,
i just realized
you don't love me
you never love me
you won't love me
i can't make you love me
trapped inside her own glass
  Nov 2018 Illona
I haven’t written anything
Not in awhile at least
And for a minute
I think it’s because
I’ve finally lost myself
My creative side at least.
But soon I realize
It’s simply because
I’m happy.
The things I write
Are twisted and depressing
Sometimes too dark
To even represent
My true self.
But they were decent
Some even good
And it makes me miss
Being sad.
  Nov 2018 Illona
Dark Delusion
I’ve found love,
Love like never before.
We show emotions,
Emotions we've never used before.

We’re doing good,
Only because I remember.
I remember words,
Words like I’ve never heard before.

“I love you” we said,
Love we felt.
Sadness we shared,
And in anger we cared.

I’m cold, you’re mad.
I wasn’t aware of me being like that.
I cry, you relax.
Now we understand.

I’ve found love,
Love like never before.
And I wish,
That it will never stop.
Illona Sep 2018
You look so warm
You're small and not so tall
But you are so pretty and cute
The way you move is so fascinating
Catch the both of my eyes
Even in the crowded room
I still catch your sight
Sneak my arm around your waist
Latching onto your body
The way you sat on my lap
Was really comforting
You put one of your arm
Around my neck
And talking stories
About anything and everything
It become my favorite position
And You The Sun
Become My Favorite Person
Is it wrong if the moon who are always in nyctophilia love the sun
Love from afar is the only thing the moon can do
Illona Sep 2018
Words hurts more
Than a knife
Killing you
From time to time
Echoing in brain
Every single breath
Words can hurts you but only words can heal
Illona Sep 2018
Lonely nights
Staring up to the sky
Looking to the moon
Thinking about words
I need to say
To the mars
When will i meet with those brown orbs
Will i talk to you again dear
I miss you
I need you
It's been a thousand times of 20:25 pm
I'm still waiting

- S.I
Illona May 2018
Love is unfair
Nothing can compare
Nothing can be declare
Love is cruel
Never let a single smile
Without a sea of tears
Love is dull
Never let two soul laugh
Only shattered pieces on their hands
Love is insane
Thinking about yes and no
Enough or too much
Love is tears
Only the moon and the sun
No one cares about the stars and the sky
Love is fake
Never find the time
Never has a courage
Love is cage
Let the fox be free then cacth the fireflies
Losing the light behind the walls
Love is told
Keep to your hearts and tell the orbs
The universe is crying and be hold
Love is dark
Full of sadness and madness
Lust then love
Love is cold
Another beating heart to calm your storm
Another hands to another body
Love is raw
Anger eats you alive
Yelling screaming about how the rainbow never come
Love is deaf
Sounds of the wind brush the grass
The clock has been click
Love is black
Put the smile over the sickness
Happy while you're hurting
Love is burn
See the piece of puzzle with another pieces
Leaking the bright from your eyes
Love is empty
Never in home
Only two hearts breaking the hole
Love is lie
Wait and wait and wait
Should have known from the begining
Love is dumb
Believe in bittersweet promises
Tragically fell so deep
Love is dark
Two hearts beating the same rythm
Can't see the end of it
Love is death
Time is running
Never let the two find the blues
Lost in labryint without a north and south
Sharp glass on the land
Red ink dripping down
Split to the ground and sky
Never enough with one home
Consequenses waiting to come
And love never come
One Thing that will change Everything
From Rainbow into a Storm just need a gasoline and a breathe
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