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Do you remember that you were once alive?

Before you got swallowed up in that sea of bad vibes.
Sacred Suzaku Sep 10
Imagining the stars as little eyes in the sky.

Looking down, with envy.

Humbling and giving strength to the ones that notice.
We Are Not Alone
Sacred Suzaku Aug 2018
The thought of you cripples me.
Please stay away.
I can’t be helped.
Sacred Suzaku Aug 2018
Home is where my heart is but I tell myself that ‬I wish to be everywhere else or nowhere at all. ‬
Save yourself, space.
Sacred Suzaku Jul 2018
I am a mess.
Too massive to be wiped clean.
I exist through the stain that’s left.
Hoping that it forever reminds you of me.

— The End —