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Don't slay too many dragons
Without me,
Let me be useful.
It's difficult to be back,
If you never have been away.
So, just stay.
Walked away from drama
No need to provoke
Once was down
Now standing tall
A mindful mouth
Silently pondering
Made moves in the darkness
Not looking for a reaction
It's been a lot
for a long while
such hurt, such malice
but have hope, lil' child
for alas, evil may be strong
but stronger is the will to be human
Strange times are these, when old ghosts of hate and evil seem to be back and at it again... But hope we need, hope to fight, to endure, for our light and our love, they shall prevail against the darkness!
Silence is what I want.
It’s not the noise outside
It’s the chaos inside of me.
I want it to stop ;
come and go, i'm here.
walk away, i'm here.
i'm here for me :)
This one, signed as myself and not my pen name, is a new step for me, I've never really put myself into my work, but this one is all me. Thus, it is called:


Life moves on
and things become too real.
A wife. Kids. Career.
It’s too much, I want to run away.

Everything has changed with
my position in the world.
I’ve never fit in
Always the freak who knows no limits,
the one who sits alone and minds his own.

Never understood, never accepted.
Now a husband, a dad, still the same.
Always covering up myself; hiding
behind wit and cruelty.

A shield to disappear into,
Afraid to be me; to send up alone.
I used to know who I was but
now I’m not so sure.

It seems I have my life sorted out,
but am I really happy?

A question I always find myself asking
but can never answer.
I don’t think anyone knows the meaning of happiness,
or if it really exists.

Tonight I found myself holding her close,
and as I rested my head on her chest,
I quietly try not to cry.

It’s hard sometimes to keep it all in,
to hold strong so as not to lose myself,
it’s why I write as I do.

An outlet through a pen is all I have,
only the page wont judge,
won’t declare me a freak,
won’t know that something is wrong with me.

The thoughts I have,
my inability to empathize with other’s pain and loss.
It makes me wonder if I’m right for this world.

I’ve been to two funerals,
one I barely knew, the other I held dear.
And lost a grandfather who meant everything,
yet I never shed a tear.

I used to think that it was because I am strong,
but now maybe that isn’t so.

Who am I really?
I think I need to know.
I cried today,
at work,
in the bathroom,

I left early.
The thoughts,
the sorrow,
the pain.

I bawled in my car
as soon as I shut
the door.

The engine kicks,
and you
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