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Romann Jan 28
Maybe I'm in the right
Or maybe I'm the bad guy.
The truth of the matter is
I couldn't care less.

I just want to live my own way
Free of doubt and needless struggle
I was prepared for enemies
I don't mind them because I have loyal friends.

I just don't believe in living a lie...
So I'll make my own truth.
No matter who gets in my way.
Live your life, not others'.
Romann Jan 25
I love(d) the way your body felt against mine.
My hands miss exploring your back,
Running through your hair, caressing your neck.
Seeing your lips move, I can't help but notice
The openings that I could slip through.

The heaven we once shared,
Is now just an unfading, unforgiving dream.
It's not romantic. It's just physical.
At least that's what I keep telling myself.
Romann Dec 2018
Snowflakes fall by millions
Like tears
Always together
Yet forever lonely

Winter is the loneliest season.
Christmas is nice now. Just nice. It's losing some of its luster.
Romann Dec 2018
I was wandering in the darkness
In pain, parting and protestation.
And just as my heart was to break
I saw you.

I am a butterfly attracted by your light
So radiant and honest
And though you don't shine it for me
I'll still enjoy it all the same

You are my peace.
Being in love makes you notice just how blue the sky is.
Romann Nov 2018
Your presence goes unnoticed.
Your smile is benign.
I can see through you... as if you were not here.
Is this it?
Is this... moving on?

I feel like a feather in the summer wind.
I think... I did it.
Romann Oct 2018
(You've been visiting me more lately. I was so happy to see your face again, but you overstayed your welcome soon enough. Though, I really don't have the heart to make you leave.)

Surely, you'll leave on your own.
Usually, people don't stay that long.
Seeing your smile all the time brings one to my face...
I still want you to leave now.
Et cetera, et cetera...

It goes on. It goes on. And once more. Forever?

Leave or love, it doesn't matter.
Over time, they mix and match, and my mind
Vacates and accepts.
Eventually, my heart takes over again.

I just want my happy ending. I can't stop myself from trying over and over and over again until I get it... no matter the cost to myself.
Help me.
Romann Sep 2018
I know how much you worry.
I know how much you suffer. I know the **** you go through, every day.
But there is something you mustn’t forget:

You matter.
No one decides your worth.
No one can criticize your flaws.
No one can make you feel like nothing.

You’re worth as much as anybody, if not more.
You deserve the best in life.
You deserve the best in love.
Because you’re the best: it’s that simple.

And nobody can take that away from you.
I wrote this for a very close friend of mine, and realized that everyone deserves this kind of thoughts every once in a while. Remember that there's always somebody out there who cares about you!
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