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He came to my life in adagio
He was very minor,
As minor as the D minor chord
All thoughts on death
He was depressed
But his passion for music kept him alive

Despite having a depressed life,
He perfected my life
He made me a song
He always listens to me
He knew I loved poetry
And so he tried to be interested in one
He's very romantic
While I'm very anti-romantic
I could only give him this poem as a gratitude
Not quite a poem
Rather, a confession
I wanted to hug him so bad,
But distance was separating us

The first time he said 'hi' to me
I already knew he likes me
He chased me
But he didn’t know that I’ve loved him before
He didn’t know that we’ve met before
He won’t know me
But I knew him
And I don’t want him to know that we’ve met before
But I will never forget the face I saw two years ago

I hope I could be your depression remedy
I hope we could meet (again)
I hope you will always be happy
I knew you'll come to Istanbul for me
Thank you
Thank you.
Schwarzer Schwan Sep 2017
“mama, my tummy hurts -
    there’s blood running along my legs…”
Schwarzer Schwan Aug 2017
nights of wonders
the nights of the nocturnal animals
trying things they haven't done before
wasting their time with immorality,
in this temporary life of ours

born at night,
thus living in the nights
giving away their precious virginity
wasting their beauty to the other night creatures

ah, those wild nocturnal animals
I could only pity them from above

they were whipping on each other
they laughed like it was funny
they ate themselves like Ouroboros
their cage was filled with blood
they were bathing with those blood
without knowing whose blood are they bathing with

poor creatures,
if only I could help them
without touching them,
without making my hands *****,
without entering their cage
those filthy cage
the home of the "cheap *******"

fun isn't it?
watching them attacking on each other,
the bad versus the bad,
and the bad versus the bad (?)

ah, the nights of wonders
an endless night full of wonders
those poor nocturnal animals, thinking they were free
whereas it's a test,
and they failed their test

good night,
lights off!

Schwarzer Schwan Aug 2017
tek renkli aşk
nadir bir aşk
nadir güzellik

zümrüt gözlü
canlı bir coşku
beyaz hilal altında
kırmızı bayrakta

rüyada boğuldum
bir aşk fantezi
bir aptal gibi
aşktaki aptal
canlı bir aptal

güzel bir gün batımında
tekrar yaşamak istedim
çok uzun süre sonra
ruhumu kazandım
aşkı fethetmeye hazırım
ölmeye hazırım

"beyinli bir adam
ve kalplı bir adam
görünüm gerekli değildir "
güzelliğini dile getiriyor,
nadir güzellik,
iç güzellik

aşk değişti
ben zaten konuştum;
"seni seviyorum"
karşılıklı olabilir mi?

gerçekten karşılıklı!
çok renkli!
aşırı dozda ecstasy

aşkın ecstasy

aşk için yaşıyorum

­monochrome love
an uncommon love
a rare beauty

a living exuberance
under the white crescent
in the red flag

I slept
I drowned in a dream
a love fantasy
like a fool
a fool in love
a vibrant fool

on a beautiful sunset
I am awakened
by her lips
I wanted to live again
after so long
I've gained my soul
I am ready to conquer love
I am ready to die

"a man with brain
and a man with heart
appearance aren't essential"
says the beauty,
the rare beauty,
inner beauty

the love changed
I have spoken already;
"I love you"
could it be mutual?

it is indeed mutual!
so colorful!
I overdose ecstasy

the ecstasy of love

for love, I live!

Benim kız arkadaşım için özel
Schwarzer Schwan Aug 2017
On a beautiful Monday morning
when the neighborhood bells were ringing
from the west is the wind coming
I saw your flaxen hair swinging
followed by a sound of sobbing
the sound a little girl made
until it finally starts to fade
after you gave her that bittersweet nightshade
I started wondering if your heart were made of jade
oh, how could you be so well-made?
when I was about to start my reverie,
you gazed back at me...
alas, I should leave those fantasy!
it turns out that she was taken already!
what a cruel reality!


FYI Bittersweet Nightshade is a poisonous plant ;)
Schwarzer Schwan Aug 2017
the moonlight shone down on me
I thought I was God for awhile
with these radiance all over my body
my skin turns to pale

funny me, it was the full moon!
I can’t possibly be a God
oh, I’m such a loon
no man should ever be a God!

man is always full of desire
like me - I’m too ambitious over wealth
leaving my family in ire
and so were wishing me death

as an apology, I swear by the moonlight
I shall avenge the betrayer of my family!
and so I jumped from the height
fleeing from my depression and anxiety...

Schwarzer Schwan Aug 2017
I rushed from the bottom of the white clouds
to the dark black earth

I was wondering why Jesus wandered those sheeps

if the sheeps were the clouds, and Jesus were the wind,
then I'm...
I am just the sheep’s ****!

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