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Skye Sep 10
Gone were the days where women are damsel in distress
We still wear our black and golden tresses but
we are warriors

Gone were the days where princesses are supposed to just look pretty
Come on now, we aren’t that petty
We aren’t begging for pity

We are more than crowns and labels and titles
We’ve learned to pick-up swords
We reach for the moon and stars
We have long mended our own wounds and scars

We soar though castles of clouds
Where your judgement blows up in smokes
Where there’s nothing but acceptance of diversities
Where we aren’t defined by how good of a cook we are not
Or how good we are at keeping an entire household sparkling clean

A woman isn’t just a woman
She’s madness and beauty at the same time

Chaos and calm if you will closely look
She’s weakness and strength combined into one amazing soul
Too rare and abundant in this world

She is a woman and yet, she’s more than just a woman
Skye Sep 10
How comforting would it be to fall into the arms of another after a long exhausting day?

How warm would it be to nestle close to another after a chilling breeze?

How gratifying would it be to rest an aching head to shoulders waiting ready?

How good good would it be,

To love and be loved

Beyond all uncertainly

To be chosen

Beyond all rationality

And while there is nothing wrong with wanting liberty,

What is love for if not to free?
Skye Jul 31
In another life,
We would've lived in a house with a red door,
And lemon trees outside the window

A girl with a silver hair and dark brown eyes
Another with dark curls and amethyst eyes
A boy dreaming of swords and being a knight
Would be running around
Chasing horses

But we were born in the midst of clashing kingdoms
In a world run by betrayal
Families strengthened by treason

Still, in spite of all the impossibility,
Two worlds collided
But this frigid harsh place,
Its icy-cold people
Ceased the fire out

So in another life,
Ice and fire will soon meet
Duty and honor be ******
This time, love won't accept defeat
Sorry, I kept thinking of the house with the red door I used it in two of my poems. Can't believe I wrote two poems based on GoT in a day, someone please get me a life, lol
Skye Jul 31
The power, the title, the throne, the crown
All means nothing without you to keep me warm

The glory, the war, the army, the victory
Still, your heart was the most precious I’ve won

The cold, the grief, the numbness, the pain
If only you have come to ease a little of them

Don’t you know, my love?
I would’ve walked away from it all,
Would’ve stayed a thousand years far from here
If you had only asked

A house with a red door, lemon trees outside
The mundane things I have long desired

But you stood on my downfall,
Yet I have looked at you
As if the sun shines just through your eyes

You, the one I have loved and chose,
Have failed me the most

A bit of hope, a lot of love
Gone were they
When a dagger was pierced through my heart
This is my second Game of Thrones-inspired piece.
(Here's the first one, it was so cheesy though:

I am still deeply wretched about the ending and I do not know how to cope, lol.
Skye Jul 30
Promises were made, vows were cited
Arms were held, lips were kissed
The man said, for better or worse
The woman promised, ‘til death parts them

Hands were tied, arms were bruised
The woman had said enough, leaving for good
The man’s eyes darkened, screams were heard
Come the morning light, a room covered in red
Skye Mar 21
Hello woman,

I know you’re tired but you need to get up

You’re stronger than this

I know you

I know your pain, your struggles

I know how hard you fought for your own identity

When the world keeps telling you, “this is no place for a woman”,

I know how you rise up beyond expectation and cemented your place where your heart says it belongs

I know of the stereotyping and objectification you face everyday

And how resistance has been your mantra

How it was to fight for the rights you shouldn’t even be fighting for to begin with

For rights that are rightfully your own

For rights they take away because you’re a woman

So stand up, woman

This time, taller,

This time, prouder

You have a choice

And this time, they are not going to take that away from you
Skye Dec 2018
The worst kind of monster isn’t the one
with big claws and sharp teeth
who'll find you in your sleep

But instead the one
who wears a captivating smile
with pretty face and pretty eyes
who'll let you fall into an abyss

The worst kind of monster isn’t the one
who show himself
with his **** scars
and ****** hands

But instead the one who will charm you to let him in
who'll hunt you down until you cannot hide away

The worst kind of monster isn’t the one
who breaks down the door
and tears the wall apart

But instead the one you willingly let into your home
to take what you hold dear the most

The worst kind of monster isn't a monster at all
But a human, the worst kind of them all
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