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Skye May 15
I am a creature of habit.
I always buy the same perfume each time I ran out of a bottle.
I use the same hair products no matter what the weather is.
I like my coffee today the same way I wanted it yesterday, and the day before.

I am a creature of habit.
I leave the office the same time every day.
I get home at almost the same time every day too – except when there’s a horrible traffic.
I cry during the same movie scenes no matter how many times I’ve watched it.
And I listen to a single song when I am upset.

I am a creature of habit.
A slight change in the orbit and I am unhinged.
Break this cycle, love.
Break this habit.
For once, I want to live.
Skye Jan 4
We’re only allowed to write happy endings,
but we were also required to write only the truth.
With that said, I guess I am a liar,
for I only write happy endings.
Skye Jan 4
The year is 2020.

It’s about time we accept that people want different things out of life, at different times.
That’s saying maybe not now, but maybe later.
Let us be sensitive, be wary of how our words can offend even if uttered in a jest.
It’s time we realize that there are things that are too personal to discuss.
It’s time we realize there are boundaries to our ‘nosiness’ in other people’s business.

Offering counsel is one thing, telling people how to live their lives is another.

We know the stories— got married and had kids when you were in your early twenties.
No one is saying that is wrong.
Telling people how they are missing out on things for not taking the same path as you at the same timetable is.

Let our stories take its own course.
Let us write our own.

Let us find love in our own time.
And if we don’t, that’s okay too.
Let us live our lives— no matter how it turns out to be.

Skye Dec 2019
And so for a while,
it was magic

A bottle of gin,
A puff of cigarette
Then it all turned tragic
Skye Nov 2019
Pumatak ang ulan, unti-unti

Kasabay ng pagbugso nito ay ang musika na ikaw lamang ang nakakarinig

Sinubukan **** silipin ang mga tala na nagtatago sa likod ng mga ulap

Ngunit ngayong gabi, maging sila ay mailap

Isang awit ang nagwakas at isa pa ang muling nagsimula pero nandito ka pa rin

Hindi pa rin maihakbang ang mga paang tila nagapos sa kalungkutan at pag-iisa

Masyado na ata silang nasanay na walang naghahanap, na walang tumatanggap

Kaya heto’t kahit usigin mo ay hindi bumibitaw sa kawalan na tila walang nakakaramdam kundi ikaw

Wala pa rin ang iyong hinihintay

Titila na ang ulan at maaari ka nang magtampisaw sa naiwan nitong buhay

Ngunit wala pa rin ang iyong tinatanaw
Skye Nov 2019
Perhaps, no one has been brave enough before to stay

No one has ever cared enough to not let go

And that’s why you succumbed to the belief

that the only way to deal with hurt

is to shut people out
Skye Sep 2019
Gone were the days where women are damsel in distress
We still wear our black and golden tresses but
we are warriors

Gone were the days where princesses are supposed to just look pretty
Come on now, we aren’t that petty
We aren’t begging for pity

We are more than crowns and labels and titles
We’ve learned to pick-up swords
We reach for the moon and stars
We have long mended our own wounds and scars

We soar though castles of clouds
Where your judgement blows up in smokes
Where there’s nothing but acceptance of diversities
Where we aren’t defined by how good of a cook we are not
Or how good we are at keeping an entire household sparkling clean

A woman isn’t just a woman
She’s madness and beauty at the same time

Chaos and calm if you will closely look
She’s weakness and strength combined into one amazing soul
Too rare and abundant in this world

She is a woman and yet, she’s more than just a woman
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