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Shannon Sep 2018
It was my fault,
They always told me.

Worlds destroyed,
And lives taken,
Still everything went on unshook,
Nothing left for me except for fears,
Time had become nothing but lies.

Months had past,
Yet time was frozen.

For many people,
All was calm,
Unclouded thoughts filled their heads,
Leaving me with destructive lies,
That it was my fault.
Can any of you find the secret message in the poem?
Shannon Jul 2018
When you are stood next to me,
I want to talk to you,
I can't.

When you talk to me,
I can hear the words in my head,
But my body doesn't want them to be said.

I can see your pain,
And the hardships you go through,
But my mind doesn't want me to help you.

I stand there, screaming, shouting
But the most people can hear,
Is the quietest of whispers.

The closer I get,
The further I go,
The more I just want to break out.

So that the smallest whisper,
Can become the loudest shout,
And so that finally I can help you out.
Shannon Jul 2018
If you watched her,
Even just for a day,
You would see something different then what others say.

You would see her with her friends,
All happy and cheery,
Which is something that you can see clearly.

But if you look closer,
You will see her turn away,
And she would go somewhat astray.

Her smile will falter,
Her eyes will droop,
Almost as if she had no friend group.

But then she'd turn back,
With her lightened up face,
And her sadness disappeared without a trace.

She'd carry on with life,
Without anyone knowing,
She could go days without it showing.

She kept her secrets under lock and key,
The pain she went through day in and out,
Was the only thing she would never talk about.
Shannon Jul 2018
Even on the brightest of days,
Or in the brightest of lights,
All he sees are eternal nights.

The most beautiful arrays,
Of lights and colours,
Is something he will never see unlike others.

For his eyes maybe open,
But they are really only shut,
Since the world he sees is covered in
Shannon Jul 2018
His heart is warm,
But his world is cold,
For he's had his life controlled.

His mind is pure,
Filled with good grace,
Although he's never felt a warm embrace.

He knows the pain,
Of being scared,
And how long it takes to be repaired.
Shannon Jul 2018
In the darkest hours,
Of the darkest nights,
Is the only time that she sees lights.

For in the sun,
Where it shines,
Is when she keeps to her confines.

But in the dark,
She lets herself free,
And has a whole new world to see.
Shannon Jul 2018
The biggest smile,
Her glowing eyes,
Have always been her best disguise.

The subtle laughs,
Her flowing hair,
Are only there to hide despair.

But in the darkness,
Where she lies,
Is where no-one sees her silent cries

— The End —