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Samuel Esther Apr 2020
I was told love is blind,
But our souls have been bind.  
Heaven bless the day I met you
For your love has melt me.
Without saying a word
You light up my world
Giving me joy with no bound.
I love you babe

S. O Sther.
To my love.
Samuel Esther Apr 2020
You will never know the value of something until you loss it they say, but that is if you're still alive. Because the very moment you lose your soul is the end of all value.I guess You will never know that,  for your soul holds all value and that you have lost it.

S. O sther
Valued soul
Samuel Esther Apr 2020
I have always expected more from life
Yet the dude never fails to fail.
Getting carried away by all the hails
I left my dreams in jail
Sail back to your shore!
That was a cry from my soul
She has gone too deep to turn
But that which she runs from
Await her at her peck.

S. O sther.
A cry from my soul.
Samuel Esther Apr 2020
My strength when I am weak,
The hero of the less.
Even the rich carve for a taste
We savor you with great haste.

The pride of our hood
In company of the ice
You need no sweetener
Your sourness gives joy.

My true love
Well fried and dried,
Then complimented with any nuts,
I come to you with my bowl!

My best friend
With tens of naira
You'd love  a poor man with dignity
Living with him with no shame.

I have come to bow with my bowl
Bless my cup till it overflow
So that even when I blow,
You and I can still roll.

S. O sther

— The End —