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Rita 4d
The gentlest movement of his soft hands
Create waves in the ocean,
Purely because of the passion they emit.
The way that he talks to me
Makes me feel like I'm gone,
The way he sounds makes me want to stop,
And admire the present moment.
Oh, tell me
What am I supposed to do
Without you?
Rita Nov 13
Four black walls
I feel like I'm dying
Rita Nov 4
Writers block creeps behind me,
I find myself not writing for weeks.
The disappointed sigh that I exhale whenever I sit by my laptop
Seems to be a whole routine by now.
Rita Nov 4
I miss seeing notifications pop up on my phone
A little message from an old friend
A little birdie on my screen.
Holding a letter from the other side of the world.
Rita Nov 4
5 minute poems
I don't think about them.
But they're magical
The purest expression of thoughts and feelings.
No fancy wording,
No fancy rhymes.
Just simple thoughts.
Rita Nov 4
Little do you know that your little gesture
Of putting the second earplug in
Even if I wasn't talking
Hurts me
Maybe I'm just overthinking
Rita Nov 4
Hey baby,
How are you doing?
I know I'm right beside you
But it seems like I'm flying away.
Won't you hold me please?
I feel like I'll disappear
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