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Rylan Black May 2019
Today was the day my emotions just died
I stood there with no respond numb about it all
And I started to ask myself
If I ended it here and now would someone care
If I were to die today would she feel sad and blame herself?
If I were to die today would they feel sad and blame themselves?
If I were to die today would anyone cry for all the places we missed and all the fun we could have had
Or did they not gave a **** about me just like I thought?
Rylan Black Apr 2019
Dim light of yours cost me A shining galaxy
I gave you my all and you stole all my heart’s worth
Rylan Black Apr 2019
Wink of yours stole all my love
All I got in return was ”kind of”
I gave you my all yet you never opened for me
Rylan Black Apr 2019
One laugh and my mind forgot all your flaws
It took you on laugh to make me pawn under your hands
Rylan Black Apr 2019
In a lie of yours, my secrets where told and my demons set free
Rylan Black Apr 2019
Slowly dancing in the dark

How can I be complete?...
          When we're apart

You say...
               I'm always in the heart.
you look at me...
                     Like I'm someone else
No logic...
          Nor sense

Give me reason...
             you should be with me
When We're far apart...
                      From Mars to the sea

Give me reason...
                           to be
Can't you see?
I'll want....
                is a friend
With whom I don't...
                  need to pretend
Slowly dancing
                     in the dark
All i ask you is to accept me as i am
Rylan Black Mar 2019
Overreact to you and get so hyped
When it's comes to me , I'm pushed to the side, again, you're ignoring .giving me the feeling I'm a book not worth exploring
Wrong wasted effort
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