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727 · Nov 2017
Other Half
Melody Nov 2017
I was living in the dark,
With dancing demons around.
Hopes and butterflies,
None i found.
Even the dark ; extinguished the stars.
I was astound.

And then,
So bright and magnificent,
The moon unveiled.
With many scars,
But still a beauty mark.
Frightened the fear away.
And enlightened the stars.
'Who are you' as I asked;
Replied: 'Your other half.'

~Sweara Ahmed~
Copyrights reserved.
722 · Apr 6
Melody Apr 6
Writing poems
With the ink of my tears
510 · Nov 2017
Melody Nov 2017
Don't tell her stories
Of hopes or lights.
For her;
These are just pretty lies.
Darkness is where she belongs.
Wearing the crown...sitting on throne.
Thy worship her...coz' she's the goddess.
In front of her, demons gather in throngs.

~Sweara Ahmed~
Copyrights reserved.
408 · Nov 2017
~You'll find me everywhere~
Melody Nov 2017
Seek me in the
And where the shadows lie.
Seek me in the sun rise,
When the blood red rays hide.
Look up and seek me in the skies.
Seek me in the eyes,
When they're filled with fear.
And seek me in the desserts,
When the storms appear.
Seek me in the stars,
When they are too bright.
And seek me in the full moon,
When the wolfs start to fight.
Seek me in the last breath,
When the hopes die.
And seek me in the sparks,
When the dreams are on fire.
Seek me in the screams,
When you step on the autumn leaves,
And seek me in those hidden tears,
When poor orphan grief.
Seek me in the deep,
When the oceans are so calm.
And seek me in that voice,
When waves hit the rocks.
Seek me in the howling.
And seek me in the grasping.
Seek me in the laughter.
And seek me in the mourn.
Seek me when all the doors close
And there left no way.
Seek me when you lose hope
And your soul pray.
I am the shadow.
Seek me and you shall find.

Copyrights reserved.
406 · Dec 2017
Melody Dec 2017
Stop living in the dark,
Just dive deep into your heart.
Dont let your demons control your mind,
Freedom is exactly what you need to find.
Fire up your thoughts and write it on,
Take out your word-hoard and shine it on.
Let the poetry wrap you up,
Gather the words and blow up.
Memories will try to take control,
Let 'em coz that's how you write your best.
It might hurt a bit in chest
But that will help you in solving your quest.
~Sweara Ahmed~
All rights reserved.
373 · Dec 2017
O thou King!
Melody Dec 2017
Thou hast the ability

to seek the flickering light,

of hope in the dark

Thou hast the power

to gather thy shattered pieces

again and again.

O thou real artist!

Thou paint the colors

in thy life.

What thou do is not so easy

when thou choose what thou like

rather than being bound by hallow promises and fakeĀ  love

Thou finally free.

O thou real beauty!

What thou do is not so easy.

Gathering thy broken pieces

holding hand of those who once betrayed.

masking pain with thy most beautiful smile.

O thou touchstone!

What thou do is an art.

An art to be practiced.

Art of choosing.

The hard way to right destination.

O thou real artist!

What thou do is not so easy

To be true to yourself

to be honest that make thou so lovely.

O thou beauty!

thy sedate tone...

After all the hardships of life.

proves thou a king.

O thou real artist!

thou paint the colors

in thy life.

O thou king!

thou got no jewels in thy treasure

but when thou unlock thy word-hoard

In whole world's treasures,

there left naught.

O thou king!

O thou beauty!

After losin' everything.

Thou win, thou win, thou win.

O thou touchstone!
~Sweara Ahmed~
361 · Dec 2017
Melody Dec 2017
The way life betrayed me,
Caused' a havoc in my mind.
Roaming in the deserted graves,
Thy ghost is what m' tryna find.
Shadows of the dark dancing around me
Screaming and crying, m' in a bind.
Wind's whispering my name,
Asking me to seek you around
As it's a game.
Darkness tryna get it's claws on me,
Closing all my ways to escape behind.
I surrender,
So knackering this hide and seek is.
The lights of hope flickered last time,
Seeing everything clear with eyes but my soul's gone blind.
~Sweara Ahmed~
* You are blind if your soul stop showing you lights of hope. You are empty if your heart stop caring. You are waste if your mind stop creating.*
298 · Apr 2018
12 Wish
Melody Apr 2018
Its all about night
when only we find, peace of mind.
With our heart pure,
but wounded never to be cured
We wish at 12 to love and to be loved.
12 Wish is my blog and my page on facebook.
262 · Jul 2019
Melody Jul 2019
I am drawn to him
in the way
I don't understand.
I don't need to see him.
His voice only gives me
And now I can handle the pain.
It's his voice in my head
Reminding me of how long
I've handled it,
that haunts me.
My heart hears nothing but
audible gold from his mouth.
So now I know
that I don't need much
from my life.
Just need to hear his voice;

A Fragment of happiness
in my life.
Not a very good poet, just tried to write something about his voice.
242 · Dec 2017
Melody Dec 2017
He died and she was alone
But she stood strong
For she was wearing
Tiara of his love
And still clearly hearing
His voice echoing
I'm with you
Please check out my all poems and comment about how i write. I want to improve my way of writing. Your guidance will be enough helping. I'll be thankful
134 · Jul 2019
Melody Jul 2019
Your voice is beautiful
As a Melody composed on heartstrings.
Washes away my pain
and rein in my mood-swings.

— The End —