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Victoria has a secret,
and now it's high time
to get this off her chest:
for what seems an eternity
she's endured them.

Far from supporting or uplifting,
instead they get under her skin.
If she lets them slide on the job,
it only makes for awkward
adjustments later.

Still, they used to adore her,
now they're a form of torture.
True, they were never an exact fit,
but sometimes they worked wonders.

Now, they make subtle digs at first,
but by day's end
they've always left their mark.
It's said to keep one's friends close
but one's enemies even closer,
and that's no stretch.

Maybe it's time to string 'em up and free the ******!
Creature comforts
Have a way of sinking at sea
Better to keep your feet
Fixed on firm ground
Then live life on the raft
crisp leaves
for rambles of snow
on harvest gobble
  5d Saumya
I used to feel so easy to love but maybe
I’m just eager to please
because no one thinks
to love the girl
who looks best

They step on my knuckles and it’s a compliment
to stand and watch me bleed.
Wrap my hair around
their wrists and smile,
fill my mouth

They tell me not to cry, or think, or speak, but I
have been crushed between teeth
and swallowed quickly
more times than not.
Scared to rot,
i'm no angel;
sometimes i lick off love
in the edges of a knife.

i'm no angel;
when midnight strikes,
i've got demons awakened inside me.

i'm no angel;
i have vices and flaws and darkness,
a chaos only i, can romanticize.

i'm no angel;
because i realized the violence in love,
the predicament of my demons,
and the chaos in my soul, deeply carved.

02.26.21.| a little too suffocated today in the confines of virtues.
  5d Saumya
Cold coffee settles me
And stirs the morning into dew
In a warm body
I lived on the city streets of Bangkok Thailand for years, I felt right at home I know Bangkok inside out

...from the sukhumvit in nana klong toey to Khoa San road to Klong Thom market in China town to orient circle at night the most incredible high crimson monolith I ever seen to

Chao Phraya river near wat Sam phraya Buddhist temples to samut prakhon to Sam rong imperial world to bang na to on nut Tesco Lotus to

ekami to BTS sky train to Siam center plaza to Phetcheburi road to Pantib Plaza

I would walk for days nonstop with no money no food no room beat up a lot

knifed gang attacks had two switchblade knifes pepper spray wore wigs and barefoot in age old soot many kilometers on foot through the took tooks exhaust at the cost of lusting for Thai girls ***!

a kid in a candy shop Thai baht sniffed out by lovely Thai ****** they know how to thrill steal and **** a man 10,000 years old bold tradition consumes your soul

Sweet **** teenage Asian girls will ******* to ruin. Black and blue dumbfounded man taken down faster than a sandblaster can

Dilapidated old buildings all rusted.
Sidewalks all busted apart chased by dogs Siamese cats all over at night Bangkok is Halloween every night of the year especially in nana near soi 11-5

The era of the diamond Siamese cats that's the price to pay to come to Thailand!

Silom road explodes with colored gemstones and Thai gold chains to dazzle the girls who entertain you at Pat Pong and deploy joy at Soi Cowboy

Hanuman king God of the monkeys flys on your back to attack your backpack Jack

Sultry femme fatale ladyboys exist to emerge nightly sinister moves to take down the forang old man *** clown

Drunk bar man crawls around to eat kitty girls pink underwear so beware fool dog of the danger lurking at every corner don't warn her she already knows you wanna **** on her cute Asian toes

Signs all over read ... We love our king
He resembles Michael Jackson with a cowboy hat, and gold military jackets

I was in very good health from eating fruits water pad Thai pla mook fish and sangsom and Chang
I could speak basic Thai

Bumrungrad hospital on soi 1 - 3
Is the top rated in se Asia

I was tested as age 18 healthwise

I was not surprised

The environment is superb to health

Nice Thai people nice asian **** slutty girls to hang out with and more so much more
Age notwithstanding

Thailand is indeed...

A whole other world
Krong Thep, Siam became Bangkok in 1769...
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