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Jan 31 · 45
The Slack
The styles ferocious,
Infamous, plus the lyrics is stainless,
Take shots at me,
But ya aimless,
As I caress earlobes, explore the globes,
Got my raps heard in ya abode,
See me explode,
On contact the rap habitat,
Trained for combat,
Ninja suits stacked, with thirty million killers
In the back,
Imagine that,
All races united with the black,
Iron fist got y'all bumpin' this,
Cruising to this,
Number one spot ludicrous,
Plus the conflict, is crucial,
Chemical gems to boost you,
Induce you,
To the flava of the century, mix master  brewery,
Shine like jewelry reflecting of the sun B,
Come take a ride with me,
Glance the imagery of the city,
Night life thrills,
Keep at least three stacks on the bill, for real,
Haters chill,
We got no time to break ill,
Jan 15 · 63
poppa remix
Let's time stroll back to 9-5,
When we used to rock it live,
No time for jives,
As ya catch the beat hivez,
Baby, I got all of the vibes,
Rocking this alive,
And well and you tell
By the smell,
Of my cologne, let's get it on,
Young thick and strong,
Got these hoes sprung,
Beat on my chest like king kong,
They know I got it going on,
Remix with the fresh kicks, ***** copped
Like fresh drops of bricks,
Smoother than Rick,
So keep on talking ****,
Got lead to ya head, you'll be feelin' it,
Fools mad, cuz they
Women's rubbin' they *****,
They show me they ****,
Better believe I'll take a blitz,
Me and my crew got this,
You tell the temp, from the ice drippin'
Off of my wrist,

Now success crowded around me,
Feed the ecstasy, suddenly
Can't shake the potency,
Like Quincy,
Babygirl feeds me,
The pretty itty bitty kitty,
Tingly, got me feeling greedy,
Cuz I love the weight,
Or better yet the dough,
I know,
Cash on the floo, with liquor maxed out
Fo sho,
Delivers like a Tyson blow,
Repeat of my lyrics on a cycle,
Blasting on the radio,
High til it's cold in ya eye,
So why lie, I'll still try,
To get ya heart jumpin', pumpin'
Mad cells, as the crowds yell,
My name you know the game,
Is to be told, not sold,
Stay true to the ol skool principle,
Iceberg upcoming disciple,
Jan 12 · 42
A Cobra Clench
Check out the rolling thunder,
Mixed with iced lightning lyrics under,
Pass boy wonder,
Black man looking for my wonder woman,
Storm mentality booking,
Halle Berry reflection baby girl never
Seen rejection,
Check my collection, **** status sitting like High Hefner, *******,
Like Yo, Who the baddest? Your the story the saddest,
Blast like sandstorms transformed, linked with killers unharmed,
Swarmed by the bees, got y'all snorting,
Cuffed to the disease,
Blow trees, windy inhale got me parallel, to sparks for my mental duracell,
Charges is out, the guns is mount, haters always have doubts,
That's when they catch blood to they snout,
Wide open scoping, seasoned king
Got up, from the slopin,
This ain't candy land kid, stretch the band, when testing the rubbers,
Bend a woman over watch the waves of the flubber,
As my body hovers,
Over her, spiritual essence blessed with a
Moon shine got me on a shrine,
Knowledge never been so fine, blaze always
Since the birth of mankind,
Never dodge the cypher, raw and hyper, ****** from the peter piper,
Girls catty me like Michelle Phiffer,
Telling me who's the riper?
Raws with these hit king me ****, plus I took
Shots at the corporate,
Boss like Danza doors open portal stanza,
Stairway to heaven,
More than a letterman, survival of a veteran,
Now I'm a veteran,
Chasing after Franklin's nickname big Ben,
Avoid the Marilyns,
Monroe's with the pretty toes, silky hair to the breast and *** that stare,
Zoned my eyes out, stone from a Medusa,
My flows is flexed like Luther,
Vandross so y'all gather ya loss, this ain't no coin toss,
Wins by default, make competition forfeit,
The show admission,
Stitch every stable, rise through the ranks like Gabriel,
Snorting Cain made me Abel,  never got a dime from a label,
Stoic disciple with an auto matic rifle, hawk eye dead aim, despise the spiteful,  
Critics sitting as spoonful, howlin wolf tactic,
Paranoids react quick, keep the Kangol
Tilted like Slick Rick,
Adventure laid so thick, like my chicks,
Ebonies circumvent,
Around the benevolent brother made intelligent,
Got that mad herbs early, that's what
Gave me sixth sense,
Dec 2022 · 85
Check out my mind,
Beaming in the sunshine,
One time, one time,
Yo check the diamond bezel,
Kin to the devil's,
But at the same level,
Of God how odd,
Is that imagine black,
With no evil behind that,
Or brothers on corners with gats,
Yeah I'm sitting notorious,
Analyze the glorious,
And hoes that ignored us,
Made now, see the money serves us,
No need for payment plans,
When you got unlimited bands,
I stand at ease,
When mother nature takes a breeze,
Onto my skin,
Let me shell from within,
Heal within, the darkness casted in,
Yo I'm still grinning,
Everyday winning even though
We living, past the sinning,
Still got scars from Cain,
Now I'm onto Mary Jane's, yeah she
Still doing her thang,
The *** is fat, take a nice hit to her back,
Eases my mind,
Focus in on a grind,
See the angels walking the shadows,
I break barriers and plateaus,
Just to show,
The realness I flip, word to Fats Domino,
Laying keys on the piano,
So feel the tempo,
Fast to slow, ghetto rocks for you soul,
Mad man cycles,
Scripts like Aristotle, Glocks punching
Like Listons combos,
Expose foes,
Leave em in wet clothes, ya know
How it goes,
We aim for seven figures, don't think of me as a *****,
I'm feeling bigger,
Bigger than the rest, say it with my chest,
Carved out a lions heart,
Now we one, Mufusa son, watch for the wilder beast, capeech,
Word to B I G, propped on ya TV, ya can't avoid me, I'm up early,
As bacon and eggs,
I'll leave ya blood empty, drippin, like
That milk from Craig,
Watch what I seys, I speak wisdom and no need for a fez,
I got mathematics supreme, ****** fiend, purple dot third eye beams,
Though the streets is mean,
I'll still smile, before the ******'s intervene,
Watch for the inner scope,
Not speaking Mister Levine,
Sep 2022 · 95
Soul Heist
Yo I wasn't,
Meant to fall from heaven,
Got blessed with war veterans,
There I am again,
Facing the cold cuts of the winds,
Careless I just sit back,
And let my rillo caress,
Lay my head, between my wife's
Reminscing the best,
Time we had, I'm glad,
My years on earth was golden,
Lost seed chosen,
To try to save the world,
Too many boys and girls,
Y'all can have the pearl,
Blacks the new hate,
Whites the new delegate,
Old news, bumped
Out the crate,
Racial division, I see the vision,
Once I found my decision,
Picked wrong over right,
Darkness over the light,
Melanin survivor, soul diver,
Spin wiser than MyGyver
Who's liver,
With the shells I spit, I shook
Up the whole nation,
Saw the sun and moon,
On different rotations,
One side is cold, the other side
Is hot and bold,
Emotions on a roller coastin,
The hearts of men,
Can't break the vision, I see myself living,
In a dream,
Only to wake up, I'm dead fool,
Now I got rouge as my make up,

The crossovers lovely,
Now I see my family,
Tears and hugging me,
Over my casket,
But I feel no pleas,
My souls empty,
Got tempted to come back,
To the scenery,
As a baby,
Why curse my seed,
And add to the bleed,
See different versions of me,
In this old age society,
I sit in the corner, thinking who
Hearing me,
These dreams feel so vividly,
My wife ain't even next to me,
Half dead half alive,
How can I thrive,
And find ways to survive,
These everyday jives,
Don't wanna cause no harm,
embraced the fifth dimension charm,
Carry pain on my arm,
Ring the alarm,
Spirits in every direction, can't
Find no protection,
My souls open, wasted and potent,
Hate loves the company,
And misery,
Spread all over the globe,
Check the fiery abode,
Ain't no love no more,
Too much grief to the heal,
The restore,
I sit on the surface core,
Dwelling the star lines, feel my heart
On a flat line,
Back to the first line, double vision,
Can't see the incision,
I'm dead fool, just remember you're nobody til somebody, kills you,
Sep 2022 · 78
Crumblin' Herb
It was a beautiful day,
Sun is hidden away,
And listen to what nature
Had to say,
My minds at ease,
Nothing to my conscious,
To tease,
Me about I'm just on that
Spiritual route,
Don't **** me vibe,
I'm just tryna survive,
Like the next man,
Or woman,
I'm cooling no time for droolin',
Over negativity,
Embrace longevity,
Envy the biggest enemies
To humanity,
Why can't we,
All just sit back and blaze
And ounce to that,
Old school tracks,
As the vinyl's cracks,
Soul music let the melodies
Walk into ya body,
Illuminati tried to blind me,
But I'm wires differently,
New age baby,
But old school raised me,
Golden principles 80s,
A scholar and wise,
Don't need corporate ties
To get a taste, and realize,
The lies,
Told to me since day one day come,
Daylight some,
But darkness makes the
Most bombs,
Covered with filthiness, I can attest
I say it with my chest,
But back to this herbs that bless,
Slowly caress,
Mary's lips, grab a close hold of
Her hips,
Slowly pull her in,
Yeah the party's jumping,
Got a few sips of gins,
Got a **** looking for a hen,
To put my licks in,
Feel me mayne,
I'm in the fast lane, coastin,
As the fires roastin',
Way pass overdosin',
No drunk drive I'm just scaling
The highs,
Down to the lows, angels in all angels,
Reaching to me,
It's so lovely, .maybe these
Weeds playing minds tricks
On me,
Another day in the Houston daily,
I catch all subliminals,
When I'm high, toward the sky,
So high oh so high,
Byrd's playing the words,
Mellow music bump up the
Soul surround universal pounds,
Up my adrenaline,
Used to be a middle man,
But now I'm chilling with herbs
In hand,
Jul 2022 · 105
Nobody Better than Nobody
Everybody come on,
Get a gather in,
As we still tackle the sins,
Of every day living,
Avoid Robyn Givens,
Tryna get moneys from
Me to give in,
Dismissed my old religion,
Watch for pigeons,
Peep death walking around
Cuz the next day they'll
Mourn ya,
Then forget about ya,
But back to life,
Daily Struggles and hustle in the same
Born intelligence, my father became,
Moms had them dollars spent,
Couldn't see where the money
Was bent,
Too much dreaming, folks mostly individuals, far from teamin'
Plot the scheming,
Like Kenan,
Ivory Wayans, all across ya brain,
I come with the thunder and rain,
Calm ya soul,
Relax as I take control,
Neo soul,
Only cherish the bold,
And beautiful, despise rap guys,
Who spit pitiful,
Kin to the Howlin' Wolf spiritual,
Tasted a spoonful,
Of my money, now I want nothing
To do with honeys,
Through the pleasures, sticky and sweet
Satisfaction to my meat,
Wait let's keep it clean
For the radio,
Can't banned this jam, played it,
Til I cops ya mental,
Grooves sentimental,
Lauryn Hill giving the thrills, over the
Track you feel,
Rest in peace to the massacred victims,
From past through,
The Future millenniums,
Millennial madness, depression raised
To the highness,
Meditate to Mary sparkling like
A disco,
Ball everyday dejavu back to dance hall,
I remember all,
My grand mothers to pappys, all celebrated
And happy,
Now most people are ******,
Can't get help for ****, only
If you down for the corporate,
Dead man walking with a company,
Watch them put you on a rate,
Slaves ain't went no where,
Taxes famine to warfare, stay focused
On truths and not dare,
As the snare,
Puts you in a mellow mood, I stay positive and away from the crude,
Attitudes, Sun Tzu official,
Still tryna stay from the airhead judicial,

Flashes of pictures,
Throwing up the peace signs,
Nothing but end times,
I'm on god lines,
Twelve disciples followed by me,
With armed rifles,
Spartan tactics, got critics
Doing back flips,
Stick to the script,
Word to the mothership,
I came off of,
It's love all else and nothing
Defense like the glove,
Come push and shove,
I'll die for my brothers, sisters
And others,
Who's down, couldn't wear the crown,
Too heavy it weighs,
Sunk down like maydays,
Back in the days,
I used to wanna be the brother
Who was paid,
Fantasy themes, got me caught
In the lustful things,
Everything ain't what it seems,
Lot of Willie Browns, looking for
Their soul, in the middle of a round,
Now where don't care,
Only at the crossroads if you dare,
Demoness with breast,
Beautiful hair, long stare,
Don't get caught, lookin' at the Medusa glare,
**** turned into stone,
Chills through my bones,
Vibin' off of the tones, voices made of Baritone,
Band played on,
Once I found right, it seems to follow wrong,
Blessed are the children,
Who see scares before, war is
Pitching different strokes, call me
Phil Drummin',
Hummin' my way through this slave
My presence is shown,
Once I get on,
Beats for my vocals to meet,
Put so perfectly,
Enjoy the breeze and the weather,
No bragging hypes,
Just a poet, with the verbal snipe,
It was a, late night,
I never forget the pictures
In my eyesight,
Iight, just another drama, slash
****** and comma,
Cuz I'ma,
Take you on a one way street, where the
Devil's love to meet,
Beyond the crossroads, many
Guns explode,
See how many souls go,
To heaven but this life is hell,
How can I dwell,
In the house of the Lord,
When all the commandments failed,
Miss the extension of jail, Executed Moses route well,
Staffs turned into snakes, let it rattle
And bite at the Jakes,
It's been war since man,
Crawled out the slime,
Scents of apple pine, fogged its
Way from the treeline,
Had freedom, took sins over
The Garden of Edem, preachers sayin' believe 'em,
Tiers of heaven, I seen 'em,
Gnostic wisdom, watch me bleed 'em,
Manual scripts,
Serenade ya mind from the words encrypt,
Came off the mothership,
Every body tries to dip,
When death confronts em,
They wanna redeem,
But ain't no redeemin',
When the curves sickle is gleamin',
From the sunshine beamin,
Hunters of heaven,
Got demons screamin', either it be physical
Or spiritual,
Some folks do it for commercial, I do it
For the love of the dough,
Wait that's the worlds motto,
Greed love ecstasy and jealousy
Loves to follow,
Open up ya soul like a hallow,
Point blank,
At the purgatory gates, waiting
To get a thanks,
From the sender, no pretender
No exits only an enter,
Tormented by pain, died in vain, repeat
Visions of gore, on the window pane,
Down the walls engrained,
People standing,
Tryna make sense of the madness,
That came,
Three thousands flames,
Lit up and let the balloons go,
Welcome to the Passover show,
I still feel the pain from Lot,
Too many quick to body rot,
Tears of thunder, running down my face
Like snot,
Another victim next up for the plot,
****** sees no races,
Like the judges over court cases,
Only money is the culprit,
Feds to states love to benefit,
A Soulless maze, beyond where
Tactics are made,
No sun lemonade, we prefer dark shades,
While folks ain't seeing,
How the country is raid,
Guns on every corner played,
By the mass media,
Spitting cycle's of wars encyclopedia,
Y'all need ta,
Pay attention to the real, hot shots of the steel,
Leaving folks with a dead conscious appeal,
Let's be real,
I'm like hairs that still, from the coldness
That brings the chill,
Armors of a golden shield, dressed for combat, so I'm ready to ****,
Any intruder, take you through the thrills of
To suit ya,
Mind at ease, walk with me  through the galaxy of Galilee,
Reduction of chaos, so
Keep ya stress pain free,
You in the presence of the Godly,
Jul 2022 · 73
I got the magic touch,
that's shift like a clutch,
No automatic,
Only to my foes who cause static,
Rap fanatic,
Since day one, since my birth some,
Spiritual ****,
Dawned on me from adolescence,
To adulthood,
I was misunderstood, as a kid still tryna
Find me a gig,
I can stick to, dusted off the sadness,
Pioneered summer madness,
Potency too high, to pass this,
Love the girlies with the fat *****,
Peep the classics,
As I make like a biblical Ecclesiastic,
I'm Thomas times two,
Black version of Sun Tzu,
If you ain't feeling me,
I got heat that'll feel you,
Thrill you,
Michael Jackson of this rap game,
But no R and B ****,
From hell to the heavens feel this,
Grill this,
One to ya dome, til I touch
The funeral home,
I sit like Hermes all alone, on the high
And almighty throne,
God gave me this curse, but why, make a blessing
Out of the worse,
Never chased the thirst,
I get a ****** healing, from the old Egyptian goddesses appearin',
Over my flesh, in the form of a ghost, telling me I'm the closest to host,
Next to God's of the Olympus rougher than
The streets of Memphis,
But ain't no Kingin' me ****, watch fo the Jesse's around me,
Cuz ya closest friends to thee,
Be ya main enemy,
Check the
Caesar to Brutus analogy,
Old age philosophy, sorry but no apology,
My manhood confronts me,
True masculinity in the,
Face of the media hate me well,
But I was made tough, so
It's hard to crack this shell,

Yo Nas closed the session,
Well let me re-open the session,
Count the blessin',
That I've been givin', minus the stressin',
Mics I'm testin',
MC lyte type chicks, too my left
And my right,
Played Poor George hype, watch for the verbs, when I snipe,
Steel mosquito too many shots of Cuervo,
Reformed my circle,
Expose those, tryna sink my vessel,
Coffin seats, when I
Ride in the caddy or the linc,
Open ya eyes, but don't blink,
Or ya might miss, a witness
Of my magnificence,
Something for ya soul,
To replenish this,
Never held my hand on the bible,
Only nines three eighty's and my rifles,
Haters love to leech a spoonful,
Of greed,
cut off the ties, and watch em bleed,
John Wick tactics,
Reflexes like a cat flip, change the plays
Of the script,
The world ain't yours, if hells on earth,
Never done, with the spiritual chores,
Got a few scars,
Bench presses chest cut tight, and pull ups
On the bars,
Aiyo, I aim pass the stars, yo I'm serious, dogon knowledge,
Got me feelin' superior,
Hotter than the heat, that shines
On your interior,
Make foes inferior,
Black faces taking over the races,
Check the history trigger,
Blast from the past,
Spin chaos like Taz, old school Satchmo
Razzmatazz, spaz,
Over beats like this, plus the ice is crisp,
Like the drink in my cup,
Keep ya Hennessy up,
Silence the corrupt, once I step on the scene, I focused on points,
Instead of cream,
Follow ya dream, dish the team, silencers
Scoped for the beams,
Laser eye fly guy, sound the thunder, watch me the god, appear from the skies,
Jul 2022 · 80
Name Your Poison
Yo name ya poison,
I got many for choic-ing,
I prefer Hennessy, with a
Touch of Alize,
Blood batch mix, plus I keep at
Least 10 ****,
Around me, they call me
Cuz the D weighs heavy,
Girls they love me,
I stay above thee,
Kush clouds talk loud,
Without saying nothing,
Kids these days be bluffin',
Give em taste of somethin,
Bullets turn em, into
Pastors spiting biblical verses,
Over ya hearses,
Yes the flow curses,
Many who try to a-cometh,
I land on ya mind,
Check the verbal comet,
Like a ***** spiritual, you'll
Humm it,
I speak Lincoln Grants to Hundreds,
Multi money analysis,
As the words form like calluses,
On ya medulla immense,
Can't rinse,
Off the reign, that equal more drama to pain,
It's rise of Cane,
Took the spirit from Able, break
Down the label,
Mastered my tapes, got the company's
Can't play a fool twice, I watch the roll,
See how many snake's sliced,
And diced,
In the killing fields, marching my troops,
Like how Adolf feels,
Rap chancellor, you can't cancel tha,
Groove that got ya soul on a move,
Break emcees into crumbles,
Can't hold the mic, right ****** ya crown,
Got the biggest might,
Caught a high from the Rappers Delight,
Pass that Mary,
Show she can blur my sight, dimension traveler, til my skin is tight,
Gravity weighs, on ya noggin supreme, signal the bad man's theme,
As the piano sings, melodies to ya
Mind and body,
Miss the invitation, of the Illuminati,
Tried to blind me,
So pick ya drink wisely, despite thee,
Spirits of evil, walking freely,
As I deliver the fee fee,
Hearts feels for the empty, souls
Put out of control, broke the vessel,
Now I'm underwater as go with the glow,
Like an ocean tide, cold drifts
Of a homicide, see how my nine slides,
I keep it twisted,
Like Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde
Jul 2022 · 78
Da Sunz Won't Come Outz
Yeah as the sun won't come out,
Black Moses standing stout,
With the commandments,
Of a snipers route,
God given walking the ranks of Jesus,
But never seen holes in me,
Only loyal woman packed
Close to me,
Transition to royalty,
From the higher power that be,
Can't help that I can see,
The harm around me, take a close
Look at society,
Why they, eyeing me, too much clout
Rising like Marcus Garvey,
In the 20s everybody, getting hyped
From the words typed,
Chips of summer madness, replacing
The sadness,
Suffering since adolescence,
Still feel the pain of my brothers,
Raised by single mothers,
Struggled with manhood, streets
Became my daddy,
Feel with hatred and treachery,
Focus on divine trajectory,
Jun 2022 · 102
Riot the Nation
Contradictive concepts,
The mental flows in depth,
Into society, why me,
Hate things, I see on TV,
Confuse the kids,
About sexuality,
Pedophiles treated safe in society, quietly
We building silent wars,
Against this *******,
New age ammo,
Hockey mask and black excursions,
Jun 2022 · 132
Get It
Yo let's talk peace, instead of putting
Into rest in peace,
I hold.the crease, to hip hop, check
The starched down fold,
I control the console,
Yo this is for the soul,
No hate could mold, I stole the show,
Treat life like its my wife,
Counter any chaos,
Still win even when I loss, mind state
Of a champion,
MJ on the mic, once I fadeaway off the
Seeds of the holy,
Green sticking to my mental,
It's my haven or temple,
Spit it plain and simple,
No time to fight, just check the smooth
Tips of a dope write,
Got ya mind grid'locked, float
Like a kite on the mic,
Cordless engorge this, naw
Y'all can't ignore this,
Magnificent lyricist, spiting on LPs,
Certified classics,

Pete rock, be the beat goon,
As I flow like a monsoon,
Got ya head to consume,
The Lyrical heirloom,
Like a blossom to bloom,
And soon,
I'll heal ya, with the melodic heavenly,
Hits like perfume, zoom
Into the melanin wound,
Wordsmith titanium,
Never lacked in selenium,
Bats I'm aiming 'em,
At the ***** of money,
It's funny, when hoes love to call
Ya honey sunny,
Even when I'm in the dark state,
Any threat that trys to jet,
My way, I put the cars on cruise when
I hit the highway,
The fly way, htown to the Tre,
State area, clouding ya,
Mind let the beat hit, one more time
To ya mind,
As carefully pin ya sign, (get it)
Jun 2022 · 96
Just to Get I..
Take a look at the spiritual scope,
I peeped what Moses saw,
Wide open with the jaws, take a taste
Of a reality, living for the times,
Everybody tryna chip off a dime,
But I only got a nickel,
Signed to my birthright, take a flight,
From hate to chaos,
So many stuck at a loss, look how much
The guns cost,
Ammos, the gas prices sore,
At an all time high, hard to keep my head
Towards the sky,
They tell me to believe, but what do I believe,
In since my skin is my sin,
Focus on my own opposition, now they wanna
Sentence me prison,
With no periods, fragment of my imagination, because of a realization,
Angelic creations,
Led me to a ****** vibration,
If you feeling it, change the
As I make like a fire to a cigar, I'm blazing,
Only truth is my craving,
Watch who you shake hands with, cuz snakes always at the pit,
Ready to bite, circling, no fangs miss the chain gang of a political slang,
Reposition my vision, turned off the television, see reality's position,
The wars is risen,

See corona rise, feel the stings of a new age
Serpent skies,
Empires never demise, they just take form of
A new body, and disguise,
The real agenda, no pretender,
Many mentals growing tender,
Cuz they keep you in the fire, long enough so
You can't retire,
I play close to Chakras wire, clench power like needle nose pliers,
Can't let go, of the love struggles, men vs women, it's just another pen,
Signing keep the competition admiring,
Caption this caution, steadily firing,
At us the real focus, is to put consciousness
Dead and in the dust,
Lived half a millennium, once I got a piece of Gods selenium, craniums,
Is cracked leaving our souls a heavy vessels
For an easy attack,
Got the preacher's collecting racks, while you tryna get off ya back,
It's a break in ya dome, just mellow out with me to the vibes of this song,
Seems right does more hurt than wrong
Christen the ****,
Feelin' like Patti, on my own, catch a spiritual high, off Nina Simone,
Mar 2022 · 124
Smooth Sailin'
Smooth it out, smooth it out
Let me take ya on a deep route,
Universal tour, I deserve an encore,
Keen sight on the lazy,
They tried to play me, got more acts than the Wayans babies,
No if ands or maybe, styles similiar to
Nas Doom and JayZ,
Wait it's too many artist, to name regardless,
Protect my cartilage,
From the clips that discharge, yo I used to wanna live really large,
At the top of the mountain, laying with multiples chicks at the fountain,
Of youth I only focus on truth,
Bumped out fantasy, now I see life
For what it really means,
Just spilling the beans, family of the celestial beings,
Star child, lost in the wild, as reality kicks
Me like Guile,
Flash back of the days of way back, we used to have each other's back,
Now everybody on the verge of a
Sneak attack

Dance to the tunes of j dilla,
Beat goons,
Cycles like a tycoon, and youll be consume by the lyrical monsoon,
Transform like directional windstorms, I come
Calm but bring much harm,
Too those who try to bring harm,
Told y'all once more,
I stick with the *******, watch for the apple bottoms,
It'll leave ya eyes sore, and before ya know you'll in debt from the ceiling,
To the floor either or,
I still love the cuties, doing they duties, but luxurious looks don't move me,
Only chicks with a mind,
Can move me,
Babygirl believe me, like I believe in you, only
The real can relate to the view,
Mar 2022 · 133
Tears from the Moon
Yo it all started, since mankind dearly depart departed,
Heartless handshakes, since the shady deals went into a bake,
Souls on fire, how can I escape the material desirea,
Everybody so quick to die, rush of ecstacy, just to get ahead of thee,
Next man there's a lays a dead man,
It's all apart of the master plan,
Circumvent the real topics, media stay flashing poison on ya optics,
Fake **** I dropped it, hard to knock it, if I'm one of the top prophets,
Kin to Noah, let me show ya, how the words strengthen like a boa,
The shows over, I stopped rocking the boat  once I learned the universal notes,
Angelic being casting beams and, see the stars reaming in,
Blocked the seeds of demons, tryna to enter in,
My state of mind, it's hard to find, ya self in the serpentine signed design,
Architect my intellect, to advoid hell that's being sent,
Daily drama, til manana imma, keep flexing the real,
Like hot shots from the steel, you'll feel,
The pressure
As the temperatures, lows stay on the bolo,
Keep the radar low,
Off the grid, they can't off this kid, God Tutankhaman,
The True marksman aimed for discipline,
Never let the haters close in,
I'm Robert Greene with the pen, stabbed into ya melon, with words,
That cut like swords, illuminate the heavenly vocal chords,
Everybody can't jump aboard, the night train learn from others pains,
Highs to lows, that brangs, sadness in-between numb my brain,
To human intelligence treasons,
I'm giving ya reasons,
Why we here don't have no fear, cuz I know when I die, I'll be one of the sun tears,
Next to God on the throne, deep voiced baritone, another subject clone,
Judgement to atone, modern day Babylon, riding the edge of Armegeddon,
Mar 2022 · 159
What's Love to You?
What is love, it's a like smeared cloud
Floating above,
Then comes the storm, lightning thunder
To rain,
Then comes the pain, flooded inside of your brain,
Hard to drain, things remain,
A strain which I could break the curse
Of the sane,
But it seems that's the way God destined
It to reign,
Since the sins came, babies born into pain sighs closed eyes with cries,
Blood over the body, represent the Christ image of love and hate,
Heaven and hell mirror of fate, wish it
Wasn't so late,
Nine months from the very first seed
That's dates,
A comfortable consent, souls linked together sitting like flint,
Two sparked minds, laying out the sunshine  melanin delightful kind,
I gotta take care of minds, ultrasound showing great signs of a divine,
No time to get behind, I see em laying,
In the fetal position,
Praying inside of the earth globes, til the mother explodes,
Another soul welcome to hell, where loosin your life is the only bail,
True freedom weighs only in death, so don't hold your breath,
For too long I'm too strong, cycling more rhymes than Armstrong,
And every thing else above, something mysterious, about true love
Mar 2022 · 138
B.A.R.S 21 and spitting
Yeah all for the bond
The only way I'll die is by the gun
Cuz I live by it die by it
Revolutionist at heart
Been destined for this since the start
Of my birth while demons catchin' mirth
Hell continues on earth
Got po' folks robbin' po' folks
Got a bunch of hoodlums
Toting glocks gun smoke
Ya for a ten piece of rock
Got **** too much drama
No help from uncle Sam slam the hood is like a jail cell
Institutionalized can't live well
Lite my hydro so ya can get a whiff and smell
Reality Its hard to rehabilitate
From a damaged mentality
The principality  taking over
Soon to be rolled over
If don't take back our rights
I ain't going out without a fight
I'm an outlast outlaw
Raw don't give a **** if I last
And if the gun blast
me with my shot gun
With triple stars on my grave
I'll die a violent hero
Gotta be brave

Hell yeah i was nothing
creatin' from nothing
struck out the atmosphere in the drop of a tear
then came fear eyes open cryin'
soaked in blood folks above
bright head lights smiles of mad joy
doctors said its a boy 
then turned grimace they seen a early menace
im misbehavin' since i got esoteric messages from the maven
back again its return of the panther
stick enemies with my rugers flex harder than luger
who want it? bullets i flaunt it?
likes its my bad ***** hot stitch switch
then back to reality back to life
stickin' deep into intellects like a butcher knife
bleed ya with thorough knowledge
know the ledge get it? got ammo under the bed
so when the feds
come all they get is a peace of my flames instead
burn souls bodies start to quiver
stuck in the eternal dark hell starts to shiver
o yea im the brother that the government warn about
seekin' my where about?
i stay concealed like Waldo ya know
but i may see my doomsday
may get hit like Don Vito  gaspin' for breath
news headlines sayin' im dead but don't know i just fled
machievelli principles im livin' too many sinnin'
earth full of malice soon to perish
and im still battlin' sables puttin'
friction on haters that cause major sparks
from Texas to the upper eastern coast of New yorK!!
Mar 2022 · 111
Time of New R-Rivalz
This is for the seasoning of ya brain,
Hits harder than fresh cut *******,
It's simple and plain,
Light my jane, only of few of us is sane, in a world so insane vain,
Once I found my essence deadly presence,
When I creep with the instincts,
Slow to blink, saw death many a times left my conscious to stink,
Couldn't keep the filth from my mind,
Now I'm focused on the divine,
Align my spine, to the three routed pyramids
Check the cold digs,
Stars glistening like water to wind whispering, tell me when,
The time is right to strike, baggy jeans neo shirt with that Cortez nikes,
Iight let's get it on, you in the way of a don,
Y'all stay swimming in pondz,
While I'm the ocean coasting, yaht looking fat but in far from boasting,
Champagne toasting, we living the good life gotta good wife,
Who pinned to my life, forfeited enemies equals a blazing victory,
Sweet as hickory, barbecue ya view patience is virtue, I thought I told you,
I move at the pace of a snake, carefully await before I strike the bait,
Tongues a sword master mic lord, quick to gilloutine slow string the chords,
Of a vocal some say I'm loco, stay laced with the cocoa, performance ocho,
Bed *** make the sheets wet, lay trips that my girl will never forget,
Iight it's no regrets, ice riveted on the Rolex treat everyday like it's that last rep,
Squeeze out darkness let me shine sparks
To this,
I stay on top like Ludacris, some take it as a diss, I'll just dismiss,
The true lyricist judge only by the finest,
Diamonds princess,
Stand in line and witness, the greatest scene youve ever seen,
The last of the dying breed, yes indeed, I'm an old soul on the wayside of the need,
A broken seed, but felt the greed,
Inside of my mother wombs, cracked the egg out of the spiritual tomb,
Now I'm up in this heirloom, of madness saw nothing but gladness,
Once I was pushed out my mother thighs, we both had tears in our eyes,
But it was her joy and pain, and I was letting out the pain, as the blood rained,
All over my body, cursed by nature and the emotional comraderies,
Even before the sun rides, into darkness replace by the moons elegance,
Glowing showing, wisdom comforts in the most deepest part,
Of the heart apart, from the real, saw visions of many holding the steel,
And still, got nothing to show but hurt pain and drama,
slashes with no comma,
Feel the trauma, meditate wisdom, when it's no more happy days and imma,
Show em how I ride out the killer in me,
Since the days of infantry,
I was born to die to why, even try to change me
Mar 2022 · 130
Ni66a Shit
Yo so many pretties out chea, tryna be the baddest ***** of the year,
So many tears I see from the sweat, can't count on happiness,
If the closest thing to money, is being the realist, y'all ain't feeling this,
Tryna get a ***** to hear this, but they'll take it as a diss,
Can't see over the diamonds that bliss, ever since I was sunkissed,
I knew my life, was ****** over, hard to stand tall, and be a soldier,
End times is near, have no fear, angels swarming, demons cornered,
Pay attention the laws is written, why y'all lounging around, ain't listening,
To the sweet nothing, fighting over material ****, I see the monopoly pit,
It all falls down, born with nothing so I'll die with nothing,
Must be a pain to glutton, then all of sudden, they stay buying our rights,
While they got you focused on the black white stereotypes,
Peeping the game, that was told by Albert Pike despite,
The rawness of evilness, I take in and slowly progress,
My mind no time, to chase money, cuz it'll always run away,
Collection of souls, yo it's time to pay, the grim reaper ain't got nothing to say,
Only to repeat the same madness everyday
Once they take you away,

This dedicated to coppertone ******
White ******
Mexican ******
All y'all colored mofos
Y'all ain't exempt
Everything is ****** prepared
For the rumours of war
Know laws being signed as we speak
Mar 2022 · 113
Tis De Seazon
Tis the seasons, find something to believe in,
Everyday new grieving,
Hard to be on the receiving in,
Money is the ultimate ambition x2

Manifested knowledge, without putting work through college,
Check my collage, philosophy of agony, y'all probably,
Ain't really feeling me, cuz my bars ain't about gun bars,
I'm all about ours, self respect over the tech, position my intellect,
Universal mind control, I sealed my soul, got more soul than Satchmo,
As the horns blow, melodies bleeding from
Heavens symphony,
Hell ain't too far behind, I been a pinhead since I was breed,
Into this unit of flesh, this is just a test, so how can I manifest,
Ingest the hungers of pain, in my brain on the edge of the insane,
Melanin seeds, yes indeed, I only put positive thoughts,
To intrigue the souls of people, yo
I give em what they need,
Backed off reality, took a look at my own
Paper and pen, I write it properly, locked into
This earths prison property,
And I still shed, tears from my baby, though she long away and gone,
I still vibe off that old song, dancing and everyday romancing,
At night, I peep the stars glistening, close my mind to listen,
Deep within, I see the spoils of sins, can't break the imminent vision,
Of prophecies, written on a scroll, my soul feels of the old, rock and roll,
This is the wake up show, wear we seize hate and let the love grow, Yo

Gazing off into space, tryna find a pace
In this everyday rat race,
But that ain't the case, folks love to stick ya
Like paste then waste,
Ya feelings onto the streets, my soul can't even speak no more,
Wonder why we at war, with each other for, either rich or poor,
I sit on the surface core, to explore, new life of meaning in between,
No hate can intervene and, peeling,
Back the layers of time,
Still gotta get mines, no time to let chaos
In my mind, as I grind,
New version of sunshine, no lights flickering
From one time,
Or brothers to drops gems on a dime, still got hopes in mankind,
If we just peeped, the seven signs, cities of many golden hills,
Sway from the shills, and the government wheels, that roll on,
Like the band that plays on,
Different dance new beat, that you can hum along, the weak or strong,
Still feel the high off the seventies strung, and all madness that rung,
Fifty years later, still ain't feeling greater, seems more evil caters,
To good men no pretend, still stuck on false
Lyrical contortionist, the arsonist, hard for y'all to part from this,
Digest this feel, in ya soul like soul food, laying out smooth grooves,

Tis the seasons, find something to believe in,
Everyday new grieving,
Hard to be on the receiving in,
Money is the ultimate ambition x2
Though it's a sad world, reminisce on the time I had left with my girl,
Though she's gone, hard to hold on, memories seem to stroll along,
Wish I could shake the feeling, got the junkies itch on your happiness,
Baby I hope you hearing this, probably not,
Yo this is ludicrous,
You got me going crazy, think about the times of us riding lately,
In the caddy, you used to call me daddy, papi and you was my mami,
We supposed to have a kid together, but you caught the stormy weather,
**** the doctors, and the medical industry I know they killed my baby,

The whole world full of Sadness
Nobody can see the gladness
Through x

And many, through the evils of the medicine thrown at chu rapidly,
I miss seeing you happy, tears flooding my eyes since you demised,
Seems like the sun don't rise, no more darkness consumes galore,
Back into my room, I sit and let the pain consume,
Drinking til I catch a zoom, of flashes across my mind stashes,
Of nightmares, no one cares, what you going through the stares,
Of demons walking, next to the circle of your soul that bares,
Next to the stairs, of death I'm loosing my breath, can't find myself,
Steadily looking at the mirror, visions of you blurry, can't see clearer,
Cuz the water in my eyes, wont allow me see so it hide collides,
Into a state of depression, glancing at my Smith and Wesson,
Feeling like Paul Williams for once in my life, I had love, but I lost my wife,

The whole world full of Sadness
Nobody can see the gladness
Through x
Feb 2022 · 116
For the Taste of Dough
It could get you killed, or Mark ya for ya last will, same thing but still,
Folks chasing after a mill, easiest ways to sell ya soul for a deal,
But ask yaself, is it worth it, loosin ya soul, for temporary profits,
See celebrities going through rituals, to sky rocket they careers it's crucial,
Wage their souls to gain control, but no soul light ain't brighten no more,
Bloods filling up the seas, to overseas, mother nature gossips freely,
She just waiting to strike violently, naw god won't be there to help thee,
Ya on ya own, tried to build a throne, falling down like modern day Babylon,
Temples is high tryna play a god, strikes deep in they hearts, and
They wonder why, pain comes to em, in the calmest form, snake charms,
Chattering teeth, once the see the serpent rising from beneath,
Necks hanging like a reef, you an Indian tryna play a chief,
At ease they ain't feeling these, soulful sounds of heaven's melody,
All deceit rolling on tv, money ain't the answer, draws victims like cancer,
Carefully architect the elect, and select, the few who's down with the crew,
They got the Willie brown itch, at crossroads tryna encounter the blitz,
Of ecstasy but them hell hounds, love the scents of souls desperately,
Know the power ain't in money, it's in the soul **** dough, ya know,
Feb 2022 · 128
Rusted Inflationz
I was a kid, born with a fiery halo, says no preachers slapping crisco,
Telling me to let go, of the demons scheming from the gitgo,
Born in the months of a Virgo, and there if i go, got the light stored,
All across the shores, I feel the breeze, and the winds blowing slowly,
Caught a whiff of the spiritual drift, almost pushed me to the cliff,
Keep a spliff, chunky light the blunts pass it slowly, to my homies,
Thinking of ways to make pays, but it seems shadiness, is the only way,
To make an honest pay,
I could grow a jheri curl like O'Shea, make y'all ******* fear me, hear me,
Out I'm not ever gone rap about, that fake ****, make or take it,
We talking points, high and publishing so why, lie to yourself,
It ain't good for ya health, now you gotta move ya steps in stealth,
But I say **** that, I talk back, so what if I die it was my time to die,
Never question why, of the universe I speak so real in this verse,
I swear you'll see make shaking in my hearse, every soul is terse,
Once the crossover begins, make peace with ya sins before ya ending,
Brad told y'all, he never seen a man cry, til he seen a grown man die,
I can't even lie, even though tears flooded my eyes, can't save his demise,
I realize the game of life, is chest, tryna avoid the check mate *****,
Feeling bigger once ya pockets pass seven figures, there's a hitter,
Just waiting to get Cha, tells from the hood naw it's tales of the good,
And the bad, just poetries of visions I had in my note pad,
Became a reality, why nobody, see the evilness in this society,
Lurking at a snail pace, stuck in a rat race, different place a new face,
Waiting to get a taste, of ya blood on their hands, see inflation in demand,
Families is crumbling, no more humblesness just pain to ingest,
Only the real feel this, somebody get this torch out my hands, I'm loosing it,
Feb 2022 · 112
Mary's Secret Weapon
Jesus Christ was just another *****, tryna fit into the new society picture,
Peep the optics, revolutionary hot picks, see they hate when you off topic,
Broke the government script, now they wanna make me a crip,
But the same bloods gonna drip, gang affiliated pressure,
On a rise, saw black jeeps to tahoes, taking a ride, through my,
Neighborhood and there I stood, plots all over the streets of Herschelwood,
Houston Texas baby, another project to make us crazy,
Rats in a cage, I stay engaged let the beast out of me, constantly on a rage,
But don't let em, see you break cuz they wanna see ya in ya wake,
Another tear shed for another who's dead, keep tallies on the feds,
I stay ahead, I know their game, numbers is all the same flame,
I'd rather accept losses than gain, that way they'll think you ain't change,
I play the role of Hermes, then let god of lightning swarm me,
Can't strike me down, if I gotta lotta souls conscious to ground,
Grim reapers creeping around, another soul waiting to be taken, underground
Yo what's that sound????

Glancing at my cannons, letting shots off like Manning, tryna be,
The last man standing, but y'all ain't understanding,
Me I been made for prophecy, black leader of the new to old society,
Quietly, I gather my thoughts slowly, on a hill I sit mediate to gravitate,
A stronger pull, grew out my wools, let the lamb spread, blood shed,
All over the news spread, they think I'm dead, took what Machiavelli said,
And play dead, what's a ghost when I got my heat, to make the most,
Smoke in the room, no mirrors of cameras to zoom, in the scents,
Of deaths perfume, catch the hellish heirloom, til I touch the tombs,
I'll be making alot of room, too much pain so it's hard to consume,
I thought I was living well, until I seen the spiritual side of hell,
Folks waiting in line, to be judged let the first to the last be behind,
I saw my baby standing from a distance, angel wings presence,
Swarm of seraphim's around me, telling me my time is close to thee,
Winds calling from a grave, how I can I find peace, and still be saved,
Feb 2022 · 92
Pain of Express
Come one come all,
Gather round
And have a ball,
Every few stops is happiness
Hope and brings y'all,
An adrenaline rush,
Where you might luck
Out or feelings crushed,
Doesn't matter though,
As long as you tried
Each daring scenario,
So follow the vibes,
To the rails below,
Feel every single, pressure either
High or low,
Either or the train rolls,
24 seven days a week,
So stand in line,
And purchase a ticket,
All aboard the express, watch the sun rise
To the night of the moon crest,
Can bring out the worse,
Or your very best,
Meditate and mellow out, as you ride the out
The thrills, that gives soul chills,
Feb 2022 · 105
9th chamber
Check it, the worlds mulatto, more folks need to eat gelato,
Oops I mean gel let to, like my smiff and Wesson's,leggo my eggo,
My ego, I keep it to a minimal, don't need to take in another visual,
I play the smooth criminal, hit em with MJ lean, see what I mean,
Don't try to strike a god, with a knife in the back, end up in a drawback,
See the images of blood splat, no sounds of the click clack, silencers in tact,
I'm Jason Bourne, since I was in the eyes of the storm, comfort harm,
Not from park hill, but park bodies on the hill, this ain't for chills,
I do it for thrills, hard heads of villains, get a taste of the steel,
Feed their grills, coat ya body in blood, man I'm so real, pass **** bill,
Wiggle my toes, watch the death swords swinging like a blow,
Now you below, six feet as I'm counting my dough, with ya ***,
Oh no, can't cherish a *****, who subject to a seven day itch, switch,
Positions, focus like a ****, take money corner spinners of honey's,
Keep it in the family, pimps in blood line,
It ain't no secrecy, prophecy,
Been written, spitting since I was seven and given, times of grief we living,
Feb 2022 · 99
Playa- "Claire" Original
Fresh cut, with the gangsta strut,
Ladies looking, saying what,
Who that is, looking like he giving the biz,
And I'm just a cool ***, playa,

Can't knock the beat that's rocking, got em out of their seats, boppin' toppin',
Looking for my Mary to be Poppin, ain't no stopping, this smooth *** playa,

Yo baby let's get on, make love til we touch souls, in the horizon,
Let by gones be by bones, and I'm just vibing the song, like a playa,

That I am, that I am, says like Sam, match the slam, bring crowds of mayhem,
******* on the team, of nothing but true *** playas,

I keep it cold, like the phlegm in your throat, icy darts is what I wrote, not many can quote, a true lyricist, sticking this,
Pik style, the noble slayer, just a playa,

Everybody clap ya hands, fellas grab a girl, and just romance,
Save the last dance, play cool on ya chance,
And make moves like a...

Straighten it out, never chase the clout, really doe, real only for the dough,
Ya know, how it flows, straight *******,
Only for the real ......

Ladies y'all know I'm just a....
All my families is just some....
Me and sons some...
Man this song is so....

And we out y'all
Broke from the universal chain, see how many that could hang,
Check the vocals that bang, chips beginning to stang, boomerang,
See me back at it again, flows coping deep into ya mental,
Scripts like a serial, killer filler, moves like thriller, no filter,
This the styles, of the oldie swords with, more tactics than Shinobi,
Haters below me, while a smoke a benzie, tire moving rapidly,
On the highway, thinking of ways, to make a pay, stop at the tre,
My home near the Astrodome, welcome to texas, home,
Of the blades and chrome's, entered another zone, know I'm prone,
Ripping mics, like Jordan eat hot wings, with a touch of Borden,
Ain't none, out soaring scoring, more points, over publishing,
Siblings, know better who's the go getter, funky with mozzarella,
Dance with Cinderellas, before the midnight strikes, likes,
By the radio, saying there he go, flipping rhymes *******,
For sure, pure and raw, as honey, glaring from, the sunny,
Far from funny, mafia **** coldest hits, when the barrel spits,
Splits,ya anatomy who these cats, that' tried to battle me, cry me,
A river, of blood, **** these fake *** young thugs, stuck on drugs,
Give em a blessing, from passed down lessons, you stressing,
Auto tuning, too much, time for me, to perform in the 4 quarter clutch,
Like Horry, at the top, of the center or the inner, corner spinner,
Fools cant hang, hit minds like scorpion pains, drains,
Ya positivity, feel the adrenaline, of the live negativity, reality,
Sinks deeper than an ocean, still coating, rhymes for ya mind,
I'll still grind, reading the rainbows, taught me how to define,
Real against the fake, watch the snakes, of the wicked jakes,
See the outtakes, of the stakes, more souls, on an outbreak,
Watch the virus, moves like a eel cop haters, who dont feel,
Set it off, like Latifah but ain't no dying, in this scene fiends,
Knocking at the door cuz they want more, as I polish the earth's core,
Knocking at the door cuz they want more, as I polish the earth's core,
Jan 2022 · 87
Fourth Childhood
Hood elevator music, hard to loose it, you choose it, sounds so acoustic,
Watch me boost it, half man half amazing, shine on me, begins glazing,
Sunshine found it's way, on the darkest days, see the bullets that stray,
Another sad day, tears still drifting away, eulogy crack voices to say,
From the families, too many scars of life handing me, can't see,
Straight clearly, when that liquor near me, better yet the devil's be,
Chilling in the deepest place, where evil be, coated in my memory,
Wish I could enjoy the sea, and the breeze, let the angels, throw in a tease,
Tell me where, to plant my feet successfully, seems like death, loves to bully,
Life close like my wife, fighting strife, new karma sticking like a knife,
New age Albert Pike, so many taking spikes, on the goal line, I watch mines,
Nickles to dimes, cuz they be watching mines, advoid the fines,
That's felines and taxes, in the same line, aim my head, to the highest divine,
Hard to keep a strong spine, when everybody preys, on ya decline,
But I still incline, rightfully sitting on a higher bet, consciously so awfully,
My enemies try to throw in a plea, but they gets no ****, mercy from me,
**** it like the thirties to the seventies, iceberg of the rap game, viciously,
Rap to these hoes, but never leave dent in these hoes, I keep on the poles,
Of justice just as, let my mic spaz, new jazz old school razzmatazz,
Walking giant amongst the mass, still like my girls, with the fat ***,
But let's keep it clean, for the radio, there he go, with a sicker flow,
Never chase the dough, but I love the dough, for sho, nuff call out the bluff,
Never played it tough, cuz tough gets you stuffed, air puffs,
See 'em on his knees praying, another stake in the heart, of the unawakened,
Baking, from the shots that engraved in, another body taken,
Dearly beloved, most folks give you love, when you a ghost sitting above,
It's like birthday doves, all presents giving, when you no longer living,
Jan 2022 · 99
Hold it Dine
Crystals in my eyesight, from the diamonds pressed so tight,
In my rollie, lexing plexing, over suckas thinking they got next and,
See these hands, move like Liston, or better yet a piston,
Four stroke cycle, mind state of Michael, the killer bees is loose,
Who you choose?, better say me homie, I don't loose on the mic, too easy,
Breezy, cool calm and *****,
Oops I mean tipsy, got the girls up in the club, looking **** crispy,
Snap my fingers, two of the most expensive bottles, guaranteed to the bust the throttle,
Girls sitting wide open,
Hid the wifey despite thee, chaos a may bring amongst my own family,
Keep it on low the like R Kelly, no jail bate stitched next to me baby,
Gotta be at least, old enough to buy a drink **** what you think,
I meditate off of the Buddha, lounging on the couch, while the girls sitting like a Sphinx

Spin the world off my finger tips, this bangs hard like Bloods to Crips,
I keep grips, to the game never loosen up, Houston barre baby,
So I keep syrup in the cup, so what's up? I smash faces that's corrupt,
*** rush the show, like cops blazing through the door, we all out for,
War I was made to be in gore, you fools fallen more than Al Gore,
Girls call me President Bush, weapons of mass destruction,
Cue the percussion, end of discussion, got more pain than David Ruffin,
Y'all fools is bluffing, I can make hits without the need of cussing,
Learner of Nat Turner, royal family see too many grants handling me,
But I feel better with twentys or Ben Frankies, peep the money laundry,
Keep it clean, no hate can come in between, keep thirty in the magazine,
We aim for heads, til it's guillotine, one man team, looking for Diana,
Who's supreme, midnight theme another soul headed out for the cream,
Ain't no dreams, this that live ****, preach the real, so hot not even hell could sit,
Jan 2022 · 140
"It's Yosef, Baby"
Let's take it from the top, naw I can't stop, once my ears, catch the beat drop,
Alright, time to throw in my props, like Kevin Lee, still a ***** chasing the bees,
Wait I'm looking for the honey's, never wasted money, in **** I don't trust,
All feelings in a touch, my performance is clutch, like to do *** in the form of Dutch,
Freaky is I so why lie, but back to the mic, I hold it right, cup it like a baby iight,
Fools love to find they way, twisted in the words of my say, well make my day,
You'll be chilling at the dock of the bay, with ya body exposed over the ocean ways,
We undercover mobsters, similiar to Tony Soprano, they say hell's no,
I say hello, from the sneaks of the barrel, double holes, that's how it goes,
Fools can't keep up with the flow, I got a million more, straight up *******,
From the slums of Houston, you can tell I'm a rocket, by how I'm boosting,
Yo we have a problem, but it ain't nothing that a fist, or iron can't resolve em,
Spin like a I revolve em, I'm so cold you see the phlegm, over the world,
My third eye could even blind the Messiah eye, put in front of you, like a sty,
Why ask why, im just freestyling, the art is, I do it for the craft, putting marks to this,
I'm so ludicrous, flippers of the game, get lousy to this, ain't really saying much,
That's why I put my, platinum to golden touch, see the plats don't lie,
Vocals can't even be heard from the skies, yo got girls that blow, like Mahalia Jackson, I gets mad satisfaction, no subtraction,
We only speak addition, to a new edition, so many keys I put to an ignition,
To the rhymes, in the back of my mind, see god and devil's, gave me the design,
So ya can't hold me, flex over the game, the Black Ginolbi, or better yet Kobe,
Smokes high rising, cuz just blaze, did another igniting, ain't no disguising,
The real over the fakes, we throw ****** letters, and Berettas, at the jakes,
Even shoot up the wake, while everybody else is a wake, nah it's never too late,
To show up at the party, hardy hardy, who can see death apart from tragedy,
Ya noble majesty, somebody blast me, so I can show em who is G - O -D,
Yosef ain't never gone drop, even when I'm six feet in my coffin propped,
My eyes closed, but still hear the fear in those, speaking dirt on my name,
Ride back out of the grave, like thriller mayne, that boy is so insane,
Engrained my presence in ya soul, you can't escape the weighing heavy vessel,
And I got the biggest muscles, flex it from Houston all the way to Brussels,
Feel me though, shot out to the real, if you feel, grab a hold of your steel,

"Can't break the unbreakable, shake the unshakeable,
**** the ungrateful, Yosef merciful and invincible,
It's Yosef baby, it's Yosef baby,
And it's all gravy"
Hard to count the tears falling from the sky, steeping on the questions of why?
We must all die, born to fry, I might as well ride it out til I get a taste of pry,
Out the darkness, into some eternal light, it's hard to keep the temperature bright,
When everybody wanna be in ya light, families use to be real close,
Now I gotta treat everyone like a ghost, I still got a smoke the most,
We blaze weeds with no seeds, lung stamina, so high potency is in need,
Bleed, plethoras of wisdom, ripped off of heavens Torah, you can't ignore tha,
Brother with the broad shoulders, black suit, cane and the fedora, peep the aurora,
My jewels never lie, sometimes I question where will my body eternally lie,
Forever in a century, or a daze, still amazed at the folks planted, in they own ways,
Sinner men, mated since the earth was cursed, I crushed the corporate thirst,
Now all them ******* in a hearse, I feel no pain for those who move greedy,
Quicker than McGraw, so call me speedy, linked with my gangsta Nefertiti,
We change the scenery, from sun up to sun down, let the guns blaze rounds,
High noon, duelist laying out bets, to those tryna send out them death threats,
We don't forget, we too deeply rooted, turn the **** up, bass deep and acoustic,
Jan 2022 · 80

"looking at the earth rot, with many economist scoping the shots,
Since covids hot, nature still breathing and what not,I saw the plot, before the plot,
Medical schemes, ain't no I in team, who do you believe in, receiving,
Many rewards, from society, for volunteering to die freely, see we,
Got the power, to devour their cheap liquor, and stimulus checks, bet next year,
Theyll be taxing more, of our checks,
With more checks, at the gatherings,
Yall ain't seeing, the harnessing,
I've been witnessing, they say liberty rings, but lately, it's been monotone,
So many of us will be ******, for not being a clone, all alone I hold heat, in my zone,
See how many bones, was laid out for searching out, they stick our wills,
From liquor cigarettes and other stimulants, to appeal, real to us, amongst us,
Who can I trust?, just me myself and I, real scholars, get honored, after they, was left to die"
And there I was sitting in the dark,
All my thoughts were parked,
I couldn't move none of my ideas or emotions,
Too busy looking at life, boasting,
Then another shade of darkness,
Covered my eyes,
As I sunk deep into the underground skies,
Im a motionless body,
Yelling but nobody, can hear me scream,
I thought to myself, this must be a dream,
But it wasn't a dream
Then a supreme being, approached me with a deep voice,
And offered me a golden choice,
A faceless apparition, that said I had many ambitions,
Once I gave in, my soul caved in, and then a heart felt a blazed,
I was scared at first, what I thought was seconds, was hours in a hearse,
Spiritually purified by this being,
Then after that I started seeing,
Things that the civil eye can't beam, or even dream of,
Tears started runnin' from above, my eye lids as well as my sweat glands,
It took me twenty years to realize, this awakening that was happening,
Seraphims, the right hands of gods, purified my soul against the odds,
My soul was on fire but it felt good but the flames didn't hurt nor burn,
It was the cleansing of my sins, I placed the broken ashes in my mental urn,
When I explained to the pastors, they were quick to ridicule with laughter,
Some preacher aye, can't even explain spiritual phenomenons these days,
Riding on wisdom saddles,
Looking at those in a babble,
Social media, bubble heckles,
Souls spotted like a speckle,
I can't help what I seen,
Can't unseen what I saw,
My soul is so keen, to the unseen,
Universal signs of law,
Angels blowing trumpets like satchmo,
With a humor like Groucho,
Marks this day in age,
Another turn from the page,
In the day of life, closed in on strife,
Death cuts like a knife,
Deep inside, we try to hide,
But we can't hide, forever,
Life and death can't be severed,
Fading footprints, of the unconscious,
Talks of nonsense,
Trying live up to that and this,
But life goes on and on,
These media freaks have us leeched on,
To less of right, and more to wrong,
It's just that same sad song,
Repeating in our carnal minded heads,
Everyday we make our beds,
Walk out into a world,
Where no words are said,
Spiritually dead, in a mental coffin,
To often, I feel the soften,
Acting with a heart of stone,
But deep down, they're alone,
Waiting for the day of atone,
Another place where only, the
Angels roam,
I see three heavens along,
The side of the earth,
Lighted beings, being dimmed,
As Azreal, makes his trim,
Fear not, those who **** the body, but rather the soul and energy,
Who am I, I am he and he is, an imagine of me, the darkest energy,
Move only by the multiples of three,
Six and nine trilogy,

"So mote it be"
Dec 2021 · 85
A Taunted Melody
Timeless, like my presence, future gifts laid for my benevolence,
Women all in my presence, but I can't take em serious, word to the suspense,
It's all about dollars and cents, but love seems to circumvent,
Em see them, spinning webs of venom, black widows over the soul,
Watch me gain a hold, and control the stats of the numerical,
Human order, to avoid a state order slaughter, of the sons and daughters,
Let's get the families right, so many quite to blast on site,
Ever since my birth right, I knew I was made to blow up like dynamite,
Mind on an infinite candle light, can't burn out my bright, ideas,
See ya, off into another place, I'm in the first place, to space,
Out between, human form and the supreme being, who do you believe in?,
Cash over soul redeeming, or you in it for the maxed out scheming,
I used to believe in, the ways of the world, but now I found, a new swirl,
Old school prophet, hard to match with, people with my same grips,
On reality, keep my third eye state, open amongst the tragedy,
Dream killer dynasty, why don't you follow me, to the dawn of a new majesty,
These haters love to blast me, they got no comfort in they hearts see,
I rest my thoughts at the shores of the sea, let the angel wings, guide me,
To a higher divinity, and I'll be, chilling w/ the gods of the almighty,
Shouts of threes, holiest holy of the holies, its hard to keep mold on me,
I broke the matrix, so they can't play tricks, I rather watch how I flip,
My soul into the eternal scripts, just waiting, for the seat, in the mothership
Dec 2021 · 97
So If Ya Gotta Love...
It's hard to find love, when all I see is hating flavoring above,
Media aint no better, when push come shove,
See the triggers aimed eye high, as another soul searches to sky,
I'm thinking I'm next, in line to die, so why even lie,
To myself, I pictured myself, laying dead in good health,
Feel the tears, even though I'm no longer here,
Fakes fronting, like they want me here,
But them the same folks, that wish you wasn't here, it's crystal clear,
When I dipped out this atmosphere, nothing but a flaming sphere,
Baby zekara, me and you United once again,  I broke the final perdition,
I hope y'all listening, I only got three years left, til I catch my last breath,
Hold on be strong, pressure building high, like pulls from a pong,
Burn my body, let my friends smoke me, to get my higher energy,
Feel me, I'll be, chilling at the throne with the gods and goddess's, of the almighty,
Despite thee, bad and good, overlooked misery and misunderstood,
Life now that I'm gone, no longer have to face the strife,
Cuts like a knife, deeply embedded can't divorce, these rhymes that's wedded,
To your membrane, pinned like a **** stain, crazy pass insane,
I wrote this, for your soul to engrain, took pieces from Lisa's pain,
Let her wailing soul sing, that glistens like sun to diamonds, that bling,
Stuck in the ring, of fire this that live ****, that keeps the people wired,
Face up body back as I'm pinned,to a casket display let the tears take me away,
To a place, where I don't see no disarray,
From humanity, compass heavens destiny, where the burning ones, await for me,
The coals cleansed my skin, lord forgive me for all the pain, and suffering,

What's family to friends, they nothing but lechers, sticking to both ends,
Loving the taste of a new trend, I know I was  never destined to win,
Earth angel, walking the world at my own pace, hard for reality to face,
The real still, Im slaying in the name of the Michaels will still,
Get crooked looks, hung out with spiritual crooks, got the whole world shook,
Many overlooked,
The wrath of God, laying against the odds, when I'm stuck on evens,
I feel the souls grieving, tryna find something to believe in,
Blessing disguised, as evil within, folks stuck on cash making,
I let the leaves, from the fire vape in, to my higher conscious nesting,
So many stressing, ain't counting the blessing, just an everyday life testing,
Dec 2021 · 79
fruits of poison
As I watch the rain drops, it's just the angels, throwing me props,
Tell me not to stop, grind baby, do what ya gotta do, I stay in my visual,
Crucial, conflict against these haters that love to see you hit,
Then at the same time, crying when they see you laying in a casket,
Cold and lonely, but at least Ill die with my clothes as my crony,
Nakedness been exposed, since the world's been unclothed,
Why bother, learning philosophy of the apple tree, you see,
It's been corrupted since the craws of humanity,
My pops didn't make a man of me, so I embraced the **** life mentality,
But now, that I got a baby, I ain't even got to spin a Mercedes,
Its crazy, how memories fade me, I used to let that **** bless me,
But it only seems, to attract more enemies, leaching for your energy,
Let my eternal candle light, outwit and write, all these critics in a bite,
Like termites, but ain't no soft wood, watch for 304s, walking the hoods,
Get it understood, I never understood, the joys and praises of the hood,
I rather learn, money and power, watch the land cruise, and get showered,
With reign, no stress across the brain, me and my girl,
Yeah she doing her thang, even though my son's young, he still got businesses in his name,

Life's predicted, heavenly tapes been scripted,
See how I get these souls lifted, black young and gifted,
Watch these words get you shifted, like gun plays in the alley ways,
Fires a blaze, last words mumbled with no says,
No more brighter days, now let the winter, settle in, for ya final nesting,
At the gates, getting questioned,
By Saint Peter or Paul, either way you standin' all appalled,
See me at the throne, next to the gods, seraphim to the oraphims,
Eyes on the wheel, six wings made me a deal, holy of holies,
Put on this earth as a burden see, let my thoughts free, into the seas,
So comfy, when I see nature around me, talks of wind, through the trees,
Catching the voices in a breeze,
Most folks ignore the bees, buzzing in they ear, hear me out clear,
Angels didn't give me fear, I just cut off my weakest ear,
Got the Van Gogh effect, can't stand the way, that society rejects,
Those who's indifferent, bring deliverance, through holy reverence,
Divine is my only reference, I'm use to the ****** and suspense,
Since the news is broke, you see how the money's spent,
Everyday they wasteway, with new forms of negativity to display,
Dec 2021 · 67
Drunk by my Lonesome
Reincarnated as a curse, once I made my way into the broken earth
A ***** capsule, pain through breakthroughs,
And plateaus mama I hear you, talking to ,
Me while,you was in gestation a manifestion,
Christ like, my words like Albert Pike,
Soon to spike, from the moonshine that bites,
Into my mentality, entered into another reality
Pacing, at a duality, evil vs good and vice versa,
Light circling around me, like
Angels in the outfield feel, like Nas feel,
Let my words heal anything I
said it's real,
I bring life from death, air to breathe,
Carefully position my steps, stomping
On the devil's ground, though I'm crowned,
With mental thorns, my soul torn in the storm,
Fighting the weakeness from within',
With a bottle of gin, to.tackle my sins,
Lord forgive me for my waging, I'm paging,
Home early I see the lights, it's gods army coming to swarm me, yeah

I stay drunk to myself, cruising the streets, in my girls jeeps,
Watching over the weeps, see the evil that peeps,
Silence the weak, as death makes it peaks,
I just let the liquor speak,

To myself...X2

Huh a braille man showed me the world,
Said my eyes, was closed even though,
I was seeing, what was this i was believing,
Receiving, nothing but fake blessing
Family's stressing and I'mstill stretching,
My nerves pass shell shocked, my words locked,
In all caps, I'm tombstone bound destined to drown,
I'll accept my destiny, for punishment
Of society, wise men like me, see the penitentiary
Or the cemetery, knew my goal before
I touched earth, knew I wouldn't worth,
Amounts to nothing, soon as I unbuttoned,
Expose the worlds flesh this ain't a test,
I'm hooked to the boozes crest, lay in between
My woman's breast, so I can better manifest,
My universal thoughts, everything I thought,
Was real was an illusion, see the cold fusion,
Tryna break the evil, within the Constitution
But most ain't using, too steadily cruisin,
Tryna cop wins, but I'm still loosing,

I stay drunk to myself, cruising the streets, in my girls jeeps,
Watching over the weeps, see the evil that peeps,
Silence the weak, as death makes it peaks,
I just let the liquor speak,

To myself...X2

Now that the liquor done settled in,
I see the spirits closing in,
To relieve me of my sins, I'm still struggling,
Everyday, hustling no not the Rick Ross way,
I stay with AKs, every year of my birth day,
I write a mental note to the sun dieties,
I know they smiling up, or down at me,
Depends on where you stand on the Earth's axis,
Feelin' Jackson, these demons won't leave me alone,
As I add another chapter to my tome, regained my throne,
Hip hops far from gone same tune different songs,
I spit for pleasures and pains brains to migraines,
Growing insane, I'm everywhere you stare
Followed, closely as to shadows, I battle,
Comfortable newjacks, break through stats
Imagine that, me spitting bars that's wack,
Only focused on facts, not fantasy tracks,
My words is wise, blessing in disguise,
Like Kweli, soothin' ya ears so smoothly,
Grab a fifth then let it lift roll up a spliff,
At the same I'm leaning ya over the cliff,
Edge can't shake all this madness in my head,
Guess I'm better of drunk fighting demons in my head,

So I stay drunk by myself yeah,

I stay drunk to myself, cruising the streets, in my girls jeeps,
Watching over the weeps, see the evil that peeps,
Silence the weak, as death makes it peaks,
I just let the liquor speak,

To myself...X3
When I think of the word ******, I get the most ****** up picture,
Take slow sips of liquor, 'til my soul starts to quiver, shiver,  
Gaze off, into the angelic realm, seen many psalms in my palms,
To scriptures bleeding out my arms,
So why don't you, read along, everyday plays that same sad songs,
Media had it wrong, every colored ***** ain't polishing the bongs,
I stay on a natural high, lips pressed into the steaming coals, let it purify,
Don't ask why, I was chosen amongst the walking dead, I see too many folks spiritually fed,
Nothing but lies, they make ties, with no knots, I emphasize on the what nots,
I keep ya soul, leaking like snot, how many memories, you have that was shot,
Down by the dopest drug, in town, hopes held high, while weigh-in on the ground,
All I have around, is pain punishment and demons, in my Hennessy bound,
But them angels warned me, I was meant to suffer for the seeds, of humanity,
For what I did in my past century, the cursed is breaking out of me,
My family is the star system, glisten at the darkest nights, roaming in mysteries
Dec 2021 · 66
Wreck-On-Eyez Re'ill
Folks only love you most when you gone,
And love you less while you here,
They say hold on be strong, but when you alive they love to point your wrongs,
Instead of focusing on the rights, they rather be your darkness than light,
Preach this and preach that, don't matter black or white, we all fight,
Just to get along, when we hear the strings of a sad song, we hum along,
The strongest people are the weakest and the weakest people are the strongest,
Folks just living there lives, not knowing they are full of themselves, jives,
For we come into this world alone, and we go out in this world, alone,
No guidance, only my souls in alliance, with the star system giants,
I may be defiant, being apart of an angelic gene, seems so supreme,
None could intervene, I recognize real when I
see faithfulness, of folks expressing
Dec 2021 · 70
Thunder ⛈️ Freestyle
Break out the chapstick, before I kiss, the second pair, of my girls lips,
Freaky is I, caress slowly then **** on her inner thighs, yeah I'm sly guy,
Why lie, let's keep it real for the lyrical ties, I keep ya eyes, baked to a fry,
I get a love jones, in my bones, reigning back on top of, hip hops throne,
Mack more than Jerome, lets get it on, til I see a crack in the horizon,
Moonshine glares, cold heart from these bears, witnesses Genesis,
Turned into exodus, folks still scented off the bloods mist, hard to digest,
Only stay true to the realist, true lyricist, take ya best shots at me, only to miss,

Came off of my cloud, as I cover love over the hate shroud, talk loud,
Without saying nothing, lips is button, once a god, breaks into something,
What you holding, critics folding, tryna shuffle life to an everyday molding,
Slash ya third eye, once I line up in the I, formation, begins a cremation,
Assassination day, prepare for doomsday, from the Sunday to Sunday,
We play with darts, that hits like gun plays, voluminous slays, with no delays,
****** war games, listen to what these critics say, I got my soul, with no price to pay,
I see many souls up on layaway, tryna chase away dreams, for optical themes,
Back in the days, we use to shout cream, the more the money, the more to intervene,
Too much wisdom,so I had to redeem,
Took from Solomons rings, silver scrolls and portals, of an immortal shadows opening,
Destined to ring, Liberty bells but the fat lady can't even sing, see angels to demons bring,
Chaos amongst the human being, universe sight seeing, who do you believe in,
Still teething, on the flavors of the space age  family, twilight I'm just a baby,
To the mice galaxies, Azreal the death angel, warned me, my time is infinite,
I won't see death like Elijah, consumed by the heavenly fire, whirlwind hitting like pliers,
What about the higher,
Deeply resonate with the Messiah, got the torch to the ****, to fly right buy ya,
The Christ slayers, laying with the undertaker's, they taken under,
Sounds of thunder, darkness blooms, now feel the wraths of the Gods, under,
Can't stop, now you stuck in the blunder, on the sevens seas I wonder,
How many scabs on the ram?, How many playing the sacrificial lambs? ,
Heavy weighs the crown, on those who, get drowned, I never seen forth down,
Sho nuff, up in yo town, the villain master, that cause much disaster,
Plastered like I'm drunk, rap thesis like Van Gogh, midnight summer pieces,
I can move, immovable forces, bring life to over a billion corpses,
Got the light from Jesus, suffered from so much, pain through amnesia,
I'm not hear to please ya, I stick to the script, limited life of an Ebenezer,
Nobody to visit me, throw in my tombs, and put the rocks over, to comfort me,
Three days later, I'm feeling greater, angels rolled stones, I'm here to cater,
Satellite ya mind, works em everytime, channel to a higher, state of mind,
Dec 2021 · 67
Seven Hundred Years
Represent that *****, ya know what I'm about to,
Break it down, sounds of htown, don't need to wear a crown,
To show my loyalty around, underground been linked with the dog pound,
Make hoes strip dine,
Tippy toes, that how it goes, on ya mental I rolls like snow,
Down a hill, no longer chased the thrill, bringing back that fire will,
Yo ***** chill, cuz the microphone I will ****, attire worn ghost appeal,
Angels amongst a demon, scheming, cash of creaming, haters beaming,
On my light, but I still shine bright, amongst the darkness railing the night,
Through the skyline, naw I ain't gone never decline, press play then rewind,
That boy Yosef, be flipping that iron, like mike hit chicks right,
That blow like dynamite, up off site, I'm extraterrestrial, linked with my ancestral,
In the celestial,
They gave me the signal, signs for my mind, to incline, as I pine,
On Swishers, hail Mary yeah I kiss her, now I no Ionger miss her,
Cuz I married her biggest sister, that cane mayne she's insane,
Seven years, I shedded many tears, for my folks who no longer here,
Pour up two shots and a beer, yo doom is near, sitting by the pier,
Or better yet, the dock of the bay, listen to what that boy Otis say,
Nah I don't play, check the lyrics that display, on ya memory,
Like the Isley, drifting smooth shifting see how many heads get the lifting,
Sipping lipton, on the mics I'm crippin, none coming out strong, all day long,
I rap til the break of dawn, let's get it on, this is for the real rapper dons,
Sitting in prison, I was made to be a con, in this crippled kingdome,
Earth aint my home, I keep books to my dome, so I can deeply zone,
Out the world around me, I keep busy with a bee, sticking honeys,
Can you see me, believe in me, in the same timeline, of Christ's family,
All guns summoned at me, but I'm break for the highest divinity,
Sirens calmed, approach feminity, but they can't **** me, only heal me,
Angelic realms, comfort me, I sleep in the seas, enjoyin' the breeze,
Never followed, the commandments of the humans Creed, I breed,
Like MC smooth black, and lovely, let the spirits of the lost cover me,
Wisdom of power, death to punks, and my armory, stay equipped and ready,
Been dealing with war, since I entered the battlefield, holding my shield,
Ready to strike a deal, pains too deep too heal, can you feel?
The scents of death, in every form of breath, so I watch, where I place my steps,
I know homies who chase reps, I rather sit back and watch em prep,
They own death traps, I lay raw raps, to my **** I make ya hands clap,
That's the effects, I wreck mics with no tape rejects, I gets mad respect,
Eight tracks and all that, I only work with the numbers, of three six to nine,
Mathematics yo, it's all be design, genius in the making, I get to baking,
Critics and haters, come with the baddest vibrations, I change the station,
Tune em out, what the **** is everybody mad about, I leave em out,
Up to good, take a trip down memory lane, when I fire up the wood,
Making classics like the seventies magic, so many hits that blitz,
And I still remember this, grandpa told me, to aim steady and never miss,
Close in on my target, with no regrets, keep a cigar lit, victories counting,
On the edge of a mountain, I retained a fountain, of youth, truths
I only boost, those who play foes, quick to make chickens, coming home to roost,
Dec 2021 · 74
I'll Always Miss You
Yo I can't even lie, so why try, I miss you baby and that's why,
I can't even sleep in the night, too many tears roaming, in my eyesight,
Iight, but I know you was going home soon, I tried to ignore the wombs,
That was dug so deep, as you creep, on my instincts it's so **** steep,
Emotions can't even climb, to a state of reasoning, so I decline,
The early signs, baby girl you was supposed to be mine, now I gotta grind,
All by myself, you was good for my health, kept our love in stealth,
I promise, to love and honor, before dishonor, I let death be honored,
On ya memory, and ya mommy, i keep the peace, within the family,
Why is it, so much death around me, seems like pain comforts me,
Cant find peace, in my mentality, I'm always in a war, fighting battles see,
But the spirits warned me, looks like the angels of heaven, beckon me,
Cuz all I see, is the tears shed from Job, I wear a gold drapped out robe,
With a cigar, to take a charge and load, up my mind, and reminisce one time,
I'm a miss the times, we had I'm glad, we meet each other, too much love we had for each other, even got blessing from ya brother, who was one tough mother-,
Hold up, let me keep it clean, for the microphone, I was destined to ring,
On ya brain cells, yo it ain't hard to tell, such much memories to sail,
On my brainwaves these days, I can't even think, of nothing bad to say,
About you so I'll just, let the times of us together never fade away,
My tears started streaming, when the coffin top closed, another chapter closed,
To the books of my life, **** why is it so much strife, can't think of anything nice,
Cuz the world's so *****, tryna get slice, to a right everybody think they enticed,
Too I just sit back, and meditate too, the songs of sadness, empty the baggage,
Picked up new bad habits,
Hard to not stab it, god nab it, take me to another place, to avoid the maggots,
Erase the funk in the air, I don't care, on different of drum of a snare,
Truth or dare, got the spiritual eyes, all in a stare, ain't none can compare,
Baby I miss you, just being real with you, rest in peace baby, I'll soon be with you,
Dec 2021 · 178
I miss her
She was one of the most selfless
People I've ever met,
Who wouldn't hurt you, extended there hands
With no regrets,
Now shes gone away to rest, memories of tears flooded, to nest
Dec 2021 · 78
The Pinnacles of Living
New age space ghost, alien host, no need to hold a toast, suckas quick to boast,
At me but they, only end up in a roast, I'm in the lineage of the gods, against odds,
You'll see me making evens, who do you believe in, marks of slashes receiving,
The beast system within, six aligned with the midnight, iight, taking heights,
Once the hail mary, ups my hype, I see Elijah  walking with, Eli amongst the fire,
My soul desire, the thirst of higher, power seraphim showing me, hellish realms,
Coals touched my lips, purified the grips, over my sins, posed a mental eclipse,
I let the ships, sail away no delay,
Every body gotta price to pay, rich to poor, peace riots, to melees, now say,
A prayer from the holy scripts, I let the last blood of my soul drip, into the skylines,
Tingles all over my spine, baptized in Jesus's blood lines, it all lines,
To the days, of these ways, government stuck in they sinful ways, I daze,
At the sun, and the stars, I saw life on Mars, swords, of glowing bars, afar,
Battles been, going on for centuries, since the days, of dawning humanity,
Walking amongst the dead, I saw many a blood baths, that was shed, over my head,
I red, the darkness consumes the light, but meanwhile, I'm still tryna fight,
The evil against the evil, laying curses to sigils, everyday is a new sequel,
Yo I'm close to my doomsday, yearning for the people's, souls put on layaway,
While they partying everyday, I see the demons plotting right this way,
Money here, and money there, but steadily looking, at their rights taken away,
Homeless men and women, ain't nothing but angels, positioned within,
Judging the sins, heavy weighs upon the crown, of the earth, a failed birth,
Aborted peace, walk the valley of the beast, from the west to the east,
Ain't no **** peace, too many shells release, feel the heartbeat increase,
Scents of the deceased, taking back over the earth, cries out to the holy father,
But why bother, most is stuck like a cotter, pin, feel the breeze, but it's no wind,
Im setting trends, traces for the end, times a king walking on a thin line,
Reclaim my throne, that was last back in the timeline, I'm living life backwards in time,
Only way to forwards, is if I replay my past life, that died away, cuz I had page a way,
Dec 2021 · 101
Tears Rolling Forth...
What up, to my angelic family, I know y'all hearing me, suffering me,
In this world to be, nothing but the wickedness amongst me,
See the souls, reaching out pockets of safety, see the guns tempt thee,
Another life capped from destiny, she lays so peacefully, eyes filled watery,
As tears stream down in Harmony, I once saw life and death, next to me,
Many a times, watch how I drop a dime, split to a nickel in every pine,
Blow Reggie, that hits like power lines, on a mission from the divine,
See me carefully design, ain't no time, to live backwards on a rewind,
See me incline, took pieces of light, from the sunshine, man it goes dine,
Like my girls dressed, **** and fine, a devious tempting feline,
Hold up my test in line, I'm thinking to myself, I gotta break her dine,
But meanwhile I gotta watch my time, since my time is limited,
On earth, I'm a move like Emmit, shy away from the timid, witness this,
Magnificence, I'm King to Malcolm , came to spread light, on the dim kingdoms,
Stare at the stars, looking a far, I see my families from Pluto to Mars,
Never put my hands, in an empty cookie jar, lyrics speak so real, far from subpar,
Yo do they know who we are, thinking and drinking, chilling at the bar,
Running a tab, as I take mental jabs, tryna combat my mind, to keep aligned,
To the divine, I remember back one time, the seraphim's gave me many signs,
My soul was set on fire, didn't understand the desire, destiny to reach higher,
The **** got me bugging, posted like a flyer, chilling in the high riser,
Buds got me wiser, I tried to disguise her, but Mary Mary, looking ****** cherry,
Yo it's scary, keep more rounds than ***** Harry, yo somebody tell me,
What the **** I'm supposed to do, when I can't bang, original or the *****,
Up intrumentals, I turn detrimental, play my position, as a smooth criminal,
Too many humans, cruel to each other, just love one another, no matter the color,
Sister to brother, yo and many others, i put my past pain, under the gutters,
Or the sewers, see what the sins did to ya, I'm the before and the after,
Math everybody gone feel the wrath, and yeah I use to laugh,
Until I seen a spiritual blood bath, sun covered in red, once it's layers shed,
Up in the morning, easy as a Sunday, I remember, when we used to play,
On the blocks, mild violence, every now & then, we get a knock from the cops,
Tryna get us, dimes to drop, we don't tell but I always see they, let evil prevail,
While you sitting a jail cell, a family attending another funeral scale,
I'm feeling parallel, to the universe I can almost touch close, to my hearse,
Ain't scared to die, so why lie, I took seeds from my fruit, and let it multiply,
Gander deep in the skies, why we come together, when someone dies,
Only to separate the ties, from grips of the real, we slaves to the appeal,
Then we have the nerve, to say we keeping it real, I see the eyes on the wheel,
Spinning in rotation, changed the station, So I can channel, a different situation,
What's the raps, on the waiting, I feel like God is a brother to Satan,
Family wars, amongst the brightest stars, soon to burst from a far,
No big bang theory, feel the cries from the cemetery,next as I bury,
My pain deeper than ten feet, looking at how society sweeps, I can't sleep,
Can't get you off my mind, babygirl, babygirl, we was supposed to take on the world,
now I'm stuck in a swirl, no more pain, baby yes no more pain,
I seen alot of losses, as well as gains, let your beautiful voice sang,
Out onto me, baby I miss you so dearly, lady lopez, my beloved wifey,
Flavors of hip hop, to the beat my heart rocks knocks, yo it don't stop,
Taking it way pass the top, to the highest, exalted with praise, magnify this,
The golden vinyl, sounding so crisp, I write grooves to move ya hips,
Like Marvin Gaye say, fish filled with mercury, looking at the economy,
Too much greed for the industry, everybody wants handouts, of free money,
But free money comes with a fee, I'd rather struggle for the sanity,
Some say that's the way, it's supposed to be, I followed the jewels, of my ancestry,
Spirits laying next to me, along with the demons to tempt me,
About the unsolved mysteries, I myself  mystery, millennial tragedy,
Followed me since I was 1-3, a teenager looking for a girl, and a pager,
What's looking good,but I tore out the thesis, of my heart broken in pieces,
Reasons of thoughts, couldn't be brought, at the finest bid, what bout the kids?,
Cant even find a shove to dig, out the reality, bombarded with fantasy,
All across the TV's, to the social media machinery, robots in disguised,
Plotted by the wise, unseen hands crafting the designs, of grey skies,
But man tries to play god, end up losing on evens and odds, so what I'm a ball hog,?
Knowledge over college, my best collage, is when I replaced ,books over cartridges,
Block carnocingens, engineering hell within, devil's move at the fastest pace,
Only to end up in a crash, without a race, I drop melons for ya to taste,
Ya intellect bobbling over the disgrace, try to avoid the news bashing paste,
Wait, in the corner like spawn peeping the mourners, and stage of coroner's,
Coronavirus manifesto, for the gusto, still digging in the souls of the people,
Through society peephole, I watch at a distance, social is an experiment,
No time to focus on entertainment, I watch the dimes that's being spent,
Hellish serpents rising out of the pit, everybody needs to repent,
Caught the scents, of the angels that was sent, to warn about future events,
Nobody knows the hour, but I know the feeling of spiritual powers,
I follow nature's heartbeat, so I can stay in cadence, without moving my feet,
I drum only to the art of war, patterns, aligned with the distance of Saturn,
See angels circling, and demons with em, lurking, at the pity of humanity,
We fallen like Romans dynasty, doom chilled the country, so quickly,
A small talent for war, taking us abruptly, so much chaos corruption, and absurdity,
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