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Jul 11 · 44
Forecasted Remoteness
Pricers Jul 11
Was feared throughout the skies looked to shelter the unsorrowed so no suffering would go unpunished every tear was well garnish of ungriefs to announce own faults and mutilation toys with doubts and removes angel disguises from the woes of the known promise city the bleakness stood guard so he could have his seat one day that had the namelesses name on sorrow but never the other last did the heartache cast the wine to celebration was planned never to be early to your next life but maybe too late from your last the dysphoria was finally first to be asked then seconds despondent
Jul 11 · 26
Unsmoked Lights
Pricers Jul 11
The number was marked on the the cattle to mark but sinotdated every compone that knows no number or guns but of the life was not at the beacon time woods coldest top for a no crossing to all roots of natures beast that ran of the pine timber to man or so the rain grew the vicious forest that spawned branches to hide the head under the leaves so he wouldn't see for tree grew in no light to park at the smallest chance that the sapling trees to cater to not even the the banter the price was yours to Prince was his and yours alone the died amongst dire greenery
Jul 11 · 35
Futuristic Mountains
Pricers Jul 11
The ones I can't seem to remember are the ones that are so clear in trance that it can convince you that the mare was a vision of a past that it conceded to be an afterthought not the preceding so to no fancy did it seem impossible only an illusion that did not die when casted to the bottomless thought that recurred on an everlasting image that it wasn't a dream more by fantasy that I couldn't help but to cancel the metal pictures that made the movie of a cunning defeat to be outdone by treasonous treasure obliging to the dismay of her that would awaken my spawn to HeavenSent that the more was not far from conclusion
Jul 9 · 22
Punctuality Demised
Pricers Jul 9
Master was not home for the first time the house was empty for no one came even when he sat out the table and sent some servs to spout and the others were waiting word for the first guest that were late a lifetime he was counting the invisitation to be slowed by the memories of which two second if why they weren't sent
Jul 9 · 28
Rosing Caskets
Pricers Jul 9
The gambits gained respect for a secret that was dissected with unwitty prisoners of body temples that detoxation was the faces of dreamed of visions then thinks that it did not happen but more that it should for I need two feathers as I carry double gardens so the roses don't pass me bye
Jul 9 · 20
Momento Sinisterings
Pricers Jul 9
Let's make the night last forever she said in a memory of me that neither remember the is and weres only remembered that reassurance of the how and why so at her rest I left like amidst only never to return to her for I was not to cancel my date with devils nor Brothers the night is still younger than my sour douhts the drain my ease bye mornings cry
Jul 6 · 64
Sectionalism Prompts
Pricers Jul 6
Blinded are the soldiers of the the dark army to the light when the suttlement declared war on earth the moon saw as their crowning moment to have aday before the dood the day would never end as to the fixer the last is your faces of counter
Pricers Jul 6
Elements took flight never again will they have that drown when limitless air through the hottest part of the millennium summit tonight was a new day that edend so swiftly in to the bitterness that you could only ask yourself what was I missing tonight throughout failure
Jul 5 · 70
Young Fred
Pricers Jul 5
Fib said but Young let tomorrow be thy day the sheep I'll keep my promise to feed em just like father said today is your day we will weap together the beastest blood was still drying Young knew that Fib would not be able to feed the shee the next day they weapt into the night Young heard a sound he remembered that but from no other one place his dreams it was the sound of fire he was dreaming

Young & Fib
July 5 2018
Jul 5 · 30
Obsoleted Indwellings
Pricers Jul 5
If I day and will I know I will see you again and on that die you will be Queened for as if your not now but there's times and places for all that now continues on as there was not candles and dinnerwork but the salt of your enemys with lemon in air with your body shasted out
Jul 3 · 39
Diagnostic Despotism
Pricers Jul 3
Tomorrow has today today has it's moments that will never be as yesterday when the warrior was beleaguered he wanted to start a better meal that would feed his enemy with the intent of deliverance that he only saw
Pricers Jul 3
10 diamonds was the price to fall for her your life to keep her bloodsoaked clothes was on our garments but reeked of blossomed loved only to vanish inside your soul to hender it's ways as her own until it was too late for you falter the day when asked what was it to be under wishful pretenses
Jun 28 · 40
Coated Iniquities
Pricers Jun 28
The hearted scar was easy to find but easier to forget the ghost nusies and lurks deep in the light of the gated false doorway that led you back for more the sheep was unattended to the next day for my was not but rather uncommly dires request
Jun 28 · 35
Lilt Sires
Pricers Jun 28
The red kings were silent forever it seemed because they lost one and blamed him for his own death to she cried the rose of pearl and keeped it away from dark hands that grew to new legends to captivate her death has a miratical abbervation that they called suicide was not ours to start
Jun 28 · 67
Inspired Gravekings
Pricers Jun 28
The skeler told but one story the only story he held dear that he dug two graves then held his sign next to her grave with the description ready when you are on the front and a reminder she'll never come this lifetime maybe next on the back
Jun 28 · 66
Plotted Nights
Pricers Jun 28
Forever seemed so long as the day never ended only prowled for her when she was the one that was never getting away she would cross every known path to the secrets but couldn't smell the fruits for always feared that he might take a different route for the tricks were not of this world but stood guard at it
Jun 19 · 35
Hesitated Demurrals
Pricers Jun 19
What was that sir he thought to himself but knew it couldn't be as is without hesitation the man said what this it is yours my king he held item highing with one hand and the other was outlining the projection uphold his bow saying again I give it to you my king now rising I give it to you my lord
Mar 16 · 42
Screaming Mourning
Pricers Mar 16
The day was here in the day wound not end to no night untouched of his most highest no cross would protect my secrets as she would to path with the beauty's twin I was dazzling wanted to see her one last time I jealous that you see her every night but I will find you my dear
Love the Sun
I'm* on the second I lol
Mar 14 · 126
Deadly Elementals
Pricers Mar 14
The boy fell down and said mama I hurt my arm to her comfort said
put a lil dirt on it so the boy did just as mama stated reciting bach
mama said mama be then the following was of a rinseable offense to that mama charms
put a lil water on it so the boy again after carrying out the incoherene he couldnt apprehend announced
mama said mama be then on queue the boy hurt his hand for mama graced his injury and sweetheartly mama blows some wind while saying
put a lil air on it then the boy laugh and air was doin ok till the burn was more as a way out than in recalling
mama said mama be while the mother was gathering her words you knew the script mama read was goin like
put a lil fire on it son and the boy said
Mama said mama be
Mar 14 · 93
Air Tenants
Pricers Mar 14
I was running with the birds next thing I was flying with them aswell even faster for unwanted shortings just if it wanted me as I urred for recognition for any of the wreakage in fake jests beator third time for the bets are on and doubled so the richest of love dies in its lowest faction
Mar 12 · 75
Recasting Ascorered
Pricers Mar 12
The Jackal was Screaming for Me even though I could not hear Him I knew I heard His oppression roaming with every dead that posed as a glimpse to His Heir for when can I hace a sip of His blood with a convincing brow onlys to be crossed whit evenry turn He made for the canister was always full of unquenched fruition to the blasted came one home that it would rest persistence roars with one snarl contemplating that it had to be the only way for no Man can pass Me and My guards that ran drunk jealousy drive for the night just started and the day would never show you as Chief but tonight Youre at best when You are swept by Her calls to hear Her voice over the brags of your unconfessed confused bire to know the scene
Feb 13 · 46
Stigmatizing Prices
Pricers Feb 13
She said she loves me said Pricer and that beast came across smirk with that ignorance chulk you think the world of her dont you well then okay I will give you her and all you have to do is bring me him dead and unpleasant at that one and was gone before Pricer could agrees
Feb 13 · 53
Prehistoric Blaze
Pricers Feb 13
Smells throughout the land of brim impossible these cant be the dying days of everything we knowed but knew even that was a lie it was dramatic fire that caught every in its suicidal path the way it was wistful yet blissed and blessed
Feb 13 · 36
Death Holidays
Pricers Feb 13
Popping fire in the works for a respect of the death that foreshadows the reason why the booms go unfiltered into the day's nightish glow for when it ends there will be worried of the peace that remains in sodder
Feb 13 · 43
Passing Still
Pricers Feb 13
My life is a maze that wont know until you know the father sleeps with the flock as they past over yonder where they go is unknown to the just the sleep renders to all but the wakers
Feb 12 · 51
First Words
Pricers Feb 12
The moment is forever and it will remain but how will it remained if you know only what the day intells you would do as if your last indeed will the day end and not rise tomorrow says the whitch hunter on his death bed asleep
Feb 12 · 68
Hollowed Pies
Pricers Feb 12
Mother was at the window and so was sister there for a rehash the madam as that princess was walking without her demons that were haunting her dreams and cares when the demon left it didn't go far vowing revenge on all that opposed darketh warrior knights and dragons
Feb 12 · 47
Another Night
Pricers Feb 12
My crys could fill the Earth of apocalyptics to anguish my idea of me of this world the heavens couldn't plead my anger was mine alone but theirs amongst my heartsilenced compulsefied my clouted genius quatams isolation of man ache after sought monotony my breathe was empty of screams of stoked seclusion to prevail from the dom longing was vary to the quiet choas quisked was the plot ticks just as the bloads song die
Feb 12 · 92
Smokeless Days
Pricers Feb 12
The night grew on her so much she couldn't wait for her shadow to come alive the loner never had a soul to talk to so she took the night's soul as a companionship to not tarnish or mistreat her mate for the day will when the night wont so love thy as if it was told bye selts
Feb 12 · 51
Souls Smile
Pricers Feb 12
As you look at the moonlight and stars that align for the Kings theres one star that the King made for his Queen the North Star is for the mother of all and it will be the only remains that anybody will see long after the earth and moon are gone the only light with come from the North
Feb 12 · 38
Jumping Rockstars
Pricers Feb 12
The rocks fell over to the roadside dangerously if went unnoticed more so if did a man and woman were crossing the path that led people only to there death untold did they realize they were better off to return but from where they came that mornings
Feb 12 · 120
Kings Mirror
Pricers Feb 12
The day came and was gone before it ended the father said did you dream about it or did you hear the devid talking his mind without words only action I heard somebody I thought I heard myself the sire said through his eyes to the King
Feb 12 · 569
Wolfs Clothing
Pricers Feb 12
The night came and left like a spy at first crack where did the night or was it in disguise did they go in falsely the way or did they work during the women's womb waiting for another chance at an unrealtor life to their seats
Feb 12 · 119
Spouted Mutes
Pricers Feb 12
The shadows of worlds from her were surrounded the heart from every angle that left only one passageway to the heads component go neutral department the princess walked bye but was mere set into motion not to do anything other than decompose the love of your next life
Feb 12 · 76
Pricers Feb 12
When the moon came about the earth found a new friend one that took away beauty's pain and added the work of wilks the ear warned the listeners that the eye is seeing words in it's place of confinement that meant the death of sound
Feb 12 · 68
Moon Spouse
Pricers Feb 12
Can the woman help me see that I don't need it but cherish the the sun in a way one can only know that it is an awaken dreams memory that would be forgotten when the dust settles the quake only begins
Feb 12 · 35
Pricers Feb 12
Nobody is my own, so how could I cause your way when it's alread been what it was before the blessing the curse was lit into bornfullness that hatches on a time clock predetermined minds foreseeable to their own hatch and means
Feb 12 · 177
Biases Truth
Pricers Feb 12
The lies covered my earshot to deafnotes that were read counted times hatreds authentication procrastinating puritanical eyeshadow diluted from candor noise woke her sweltering the feats quickly attacking of life's genuine spellings to host no weekly that the fact was facetious quek drew certainly rose down the caterer which proposes thorn merks foxed a face so the drops adhere till dust the answered questions remained questioned answers flashes of an told tell of the Gods to kind keening haunting caresses sinisters honesty wallowing together your unheard stares
I just wrote that and read it to my daughter she said not too shabby
Feb 11 · 83
Pricers Feb 11
The starve was not of body but if taste new no boundaries then even the worst cuisine would be the best if it was the only meal ever served until the chew was not upprehanded to any delight so came a diet to not soak the mind of eat that would not go to digest a miracle of unexplicit uncatered sweets that imbibe the body but the majestic idea found a home that wouldn't rebel the King's wishes that the soul needed to be fed as well even greater than the body's blunder to be vast and undule so the masticate was finally on the table to be dividend as one entree
Feb 11 · 51
Electronic Smog
Pricers Feb 11
I know it would be a lie that I want so it's a lie I will die for one day my demise awaits reply it knows the answers too for they father (slash arm upwards from side) then they see for themselves that it was a lie but the ghost told all so there's no misinterpretation
Feb 11 · 131
The Ocean
Pricers Feb 11
The wait was over went the come of remembrance was so that sand and Sun do I recall thus the God was mad that the retreat was more to the heart that no armor could cry that noon was the sweat tears that went unwashed in the tides every morning until the night only to dream of night wear the wash would wipe it away the candle blew forever since
Feb 11 · 437
Sunny Day
Pricers Feb 11
The drenching of the haze to come was on no timeclock but more on a clout the sun would be brilliant in and past days that vains what it grows that if every wish was granted the world would be not a place to recall until looked around and stared with closed eyes from the bask so she was crowned on her first night shining against the shadows caster luminous so to not done it was cared as if not to be so the moonless nights remind that fire cant go in the water but we were to see radiant night first for the dark came before light and moon after sun then came earths clarion

— The End —