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Driah Aug 20
I'm sorry I had to go
I didn't want to but I had to go
I don't know if I'll return, but I had to go
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, But I had to go
Will you forgive because I had to go?
Driah Aug 16
My life may be over
But yours doesn't have to be
Just cause I feel like a waste
Doesn't mean you need to leave
Stay here and make others happy
I'll see you again some day
Driah Jul 28
Those words echo through my head again
Like an endless refrain
The bad ones that I keep locked away
Never to see the light of day
They always say to tell someone about them
But I once tried to tell some
No one listened to me
I can never be free
God, I'm so depressed right now
Driah Jul 25
I woke up again
In that cold sweat
I told myself it'd get better
But it never does
I forever wake up with these thoughts
Looming there
That make me want to do something
To just take it all away
Let the thoughts just slip away with me
And never have to think about it again
Driah Jul 25
I close my eyes, trying to sleep
Trying to get rest cause I know
I know I need it
But then, as I do
They start creeping in
Till I'm surrounded on all sides
They devour me
Piece by piece
Till I'm nothing
Nothing more than a memory
And shouting in the void
I try again
And again
I tell them
I'm fine
Yeah, I'm sleeping well, just tired from life
But it's really them, creeping
forever closer
Driah Jul 16
Rain, thunder, lightning
They all flash and crash outside
So I stay in
Cause I'm scared
Scared scared scared scared
Can't breath
Chest tight
Head pounding
Calm calm calm calm
There, better
Little space
giggle giggle
Thanks Guys
Driah Jul 14
Tears, crying, a gentle shriek
Trails of blood running down her cheeks
Wants to get away from the abuse
Tried to run but she feels used
Left that place to go to a better
But that one was worse than the other
She tries and tries but fails
To get out of the places of nails
Falling, always falling, never rising
Out of the places that cause bruising
Maybe one day she can
But she doubts that will happen
Cause those places have a tight hold
And she can't seem to feel anything, anything but cold
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