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 Mar 2020 Sneha shenoy
 Mar 2020 Sneha shenoy
Might I fathom
the spaces between the seconds.

Might I plot
each mark on the map.

Might I track
the footsteps that I've left behind.

Might I absolve
the mind ensnared in a trap.

Soothing sentences, spoken
in concording...conducive...conditions,
in malleable...melting...moments
are not promises for lifetime.....!!

Just a thought came after discussion with a friend
The early morning scent was of newly
damp earth, fresh rain on cedar trees,
Drink it in old mother Earth, dress
yourself in multi shades of new green.
All life here lives within the benevolence
of your grace, at your pleasure.
Let us be good and worthy tenants,
able stewards deserving of your
gracious bounty of life's earthly gifts.
Without Earths bounty we are nothing.
This pandemic may well be a reminder
of that simple truth.
A solitary walk this morn, a true
breath of fresh air, out of my cell
of isolation, with no one else around
but a faithful dog at my side.
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