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 Nov 2018 Leah
I let different boys touch me
Because I wanted to know
Even for a second
What it felt like to be loved
Even if that love was cheap
And it tasted like ***
Like the punchline to a joke
I never got because it was me

I let different boys have different parts of me
Parts that they didn't deserve
But I offered up willingly because I couldn't give anything else
Because you broke me
And I was looking for different fingers
To place different pieces and hoping
That the outcome would be a masterpiece
That maybe one of them would find a way
To cover up the handprints you left all over me

I let different boys touch me because I had to prove to myself that you wouldn't be the only one
That the scars that mark my body wouldn't define my worth to be loved
I am still not entirely sure that you aren't the only one
Who could ever touch me

I let different boys touch me because that is all I have been taught
To be a joke
To be silent
To be ready to give until you have nothing left
- I am hoping one of them will show me
- they keep leaving me and I am to scared to offer up anything more than my body to get them to stay
 May 2017 Leah
Rachel Strowbridge
you are the soothing hum
the grass stains on my jeans
the summer in my hair
the color in my cheeks
you are the the constant wave
beating against my heart
the warm honey on my lips
the paint on my nails
you are the perfect dance
and a moonlit ride
the sticky vanilla cream
you are the flower in my palm
the reason I smile
the chills down my spine
you are more than you'll ever know
you are the love of my life
 May 2017 Leah
Alexander Miller
 May 2017 Leah
Alexander Miller
A pile of human teeth lies next to the faucet
Only proof that she had lost it
The blood drips through the pipe
Another premonition of life
You can hear the screams from above
And all she wanted was to give him a hug
We always thought she was unscrewed
It was only until she killed us, we knew the truth
Every step forward she makes is a step back for life
They all knew that when she had her knife
She smiles as she cuts the throat
She just needed another rope
To hang the regret she felt
That was the only thing to make her melt
Fall apart and burn
Is all she wanted to turn
The voices that taunted her again
But this time she wanted them to win
So she could take another life out for a spin
And her famous ****** plot was about to begin
 May 2017 Leah
Orion Schwalm
She is:
 May 2017 Leah
Orion Schwalm
She is grass cut fresh on the hill.
She is the chaos that's holding me still.
She is birds in a nest in a tree.
She is the formlessness I cannot see.
She is here.
She is now.
  She is bread in an oven.
She is a river of blood.
She  is the vein in Atlas' forearm.
She   is  juggling chainsaws and daffodils.
She    is the deer in the forest grown from the ashes of the last forest.
She  is everything and nothing and something and some more or less.
She is the Goddess who birthed all your gods.
She is the oldest and oddest of all.
She is answer E) All of the above.
She is fierce, violent, conflagrate love.
She is the hole punch around the binder ring.
She is the throat through which we sing.
She is swimming through my eyes.
She is running through my mind all night.
She is whispering herself in my ear.
She is the ashes, the forest, the deer.
She will repeat it, if you did not hear.
She is She is Again and Again.

She is:

A story.

A good one.

I will read I will read Again and Again.
 May 2017 Leah
Arjun Chopra
​Your body

Is my pilgrimage

Of worship

A place

Where my hands reach to

Offer absolutions

I use my silvery tongue

To get you around the bend

And tell you that your flesh

Blesses mine, with a stain

That’s more than just skin deep

So I press my heart against yours

Waiting for the two drums

To beat as one

I press my mouth against yours

And eat the words

That died upon your lips

My mouth traces

Every inch of your skin and bones

Until my hunger is satiated

A sliver of the midnight moon

Bathes us while we

Tangle ourselves deeper into one another

Every heavy breath, a sonnet

Every bite, an ode

Every moan, those three tired words

The air is heavy

With the scent of old perfume

While our two bodies talk

The burden on my hands, absolves

The stars in the sky, dissolves

And the argument our bodies have, resolves

As we bloom synchronously
 May 2017 Leah
Mark Lecuona
I’m willing to sleep in a bed
No matter who makes it
It’s not that I don’t give a ****
Actually I don’t
I believe I’ll wake up anyway

I know more about myself
Maybe that’s why there is no order
I can’t file my thoughts anywhere
So I ask them to stay awake just in case
I think that’s why I’m always tired

I’m checking out now
I’m checking out now
You might not understand it
You might not know how
But I’m checking out
Yea right about now

I’m trying to figure out how to be normal
Whatever that means
I think it’s not falling for too much make-up
Or thinking about somebody’s new car
Maybe it’s just feeling cold when it snows

Being different is just being different
But you can’t think about it
It takes years if you put your mind to it
Then you forget how you used to be
Some people need drugs to do it though

I’m checking out now
I’m checking out now
You might not understand it
You might not know how
But I’m checking out
Yeah right about now

I wish someone would hold ******* up
I’d like to look into their eyes too
Is it just a fad or would they carry a sign
Maybe if they were drafted we would know
But that kind of decision is only for the poor

I don’t have to be twenty to experience the sixties
I wanted us to win the war
I remember a picture of four long hairs
And there was plastic all around
Mine never exploded like Warhol though

I’m checking out now
I’m checking out now
You might not understand it
You might not know how
But I’m checking out
Yeah right about now

If you’re cool enough you can steal a lick
Most people won’t remember it
They just want to feel something
If you look weird they think it’s the future
But you know it’s really just the past

I’m checking out now
I’m checking out now
You might not understand it
You might not know how
But I’m checking out
Yeah right about now
 May 2017 Leah
 May 2017 Leah
I see beauty in dark places
Like diamonds in a mine
Some gems are rough,
In need of polish
But I hate to see waste
And find potential in all
Some sparkle where, in others,
Elegance may be understated
Personally I like those best
The most valuable treasures in life
Are often those which were hardest to find
 May 2017 Leah
the thing about me
is that I crave intimacy.
but I've grown up in this way
of believing that two people can never really connect
when there's fabric between their bodies
so I part my lips,
and I kiss your skin,
desperate to feel like I am part of something.
I listen to our breaths
and feel our bodies synchronize,
reaching out with my mind,
hoping somehow it'll mingle with yours.
But two souls can't connect
when it's just another, "****."
and when I open my eyes,
I allow guilt to settle in
vulnerable and naked,
with remnants of burning fingers on my skin.

— The End —